Army Navy in the Philippines has a range of delicious food on their menu. From burgers, sandwiches, and burritos to hard tacos, soft tacos, chicken, pasta, and tasty quesadillas.

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Here is the latest Army Navy menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu ItemPrice


Classic Burger₱210.00
Double Burger₱280.00
Bully Boy Burger₱350.00
California Burger Single₱280.00
California Double Burger₱370.00


Starving Sailor Sandwich - Steak₱295.00
Starving Sailor Sandwich - Chicken₱275.00
Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich₱230.00


Steak Burrito₱245.00
Chicken Burrito₱220.00
Carnitas Burrito₱230.00
P.I. Burrito (Adobo Flakes)₱230.00
P.I. Burrito Sisig Baboy₱230.00
Vegetable Burrito₱220.00
Naked Burrito Chicken₱245.00
Naked Burrito Carnitas₱245.00
Naked Burrito Adobe Flakes₱245.00
Naked Burrito Sisig Baboy₱245.00
Naked Burrito Chorizo₱245.00
Breakfast Burrito Steak₱250.00
Breakfast Burrito Longganisa₱250.00


Soft Tacos (3pcs) Steak₱220.00
Soft Tacos (3pcs) Chicken₱200.00
Soft Tacos (3pcs) Carnitas₱210.00
Soft Tacos (3pcs) Sisig Baboy₱220.00
Crunchy Taco (2pcs)₱200.00


Steak Quesadilla₱230.00
Chicken Quesadilla₱220.00
Cheese Quesadilla₱145.00

Querida Mia

Querida Mia Plain₱170.00
Querida Mia Baja Chicken₱230.00
Charlie Bravo (Cheese & Bacon)₱240.00
Querida Mia Vera₱260.00
Querida Mia Baja₱190.00


Classic Hot Wings (2pcs drummettes and 2pcs wingettes)₱215.00
Chipotle BBQ Hot Wings (2pcs drummettes and 2pcs wingettes)₱215.00
3pcs Chipotle BBQ Wings & 3pcs Buffalo Wings₱310.00


Pasta and Meatballs₱215.00
Carbonara Pasta₱215.00

All Day Breakfast

Longganisa (served with garlic rice and egg)₱230.00
Bacon (served with garlic rice and egg)₱220.00
Adobo Flakes (served with garlic rice and egg)₱220.00
Classic Pancake (Topped with maple syrup and butter)₱140.00
Hungarian Sausage (served with garlic rice and egg)₱220.00
Tapa (served with garlic rice and egg)₱230.00
Bangus (served with garlic rice and egg)₱230.00
Tocino (served with garlic rice and egg)₱220.00


Freedom Fries₱95.00
Bacon Cheese Fries₱115.00
Onion Rings₱85.00
Skin on Fries₱85.00
Tortilla Soup₱140.00
Clam Chowder₱140.00


Libertea Iced Tea₱115.00
Coca Cola Can₱65.00
Minute Maid₱60.00
Bottled Water₱40.00

Despite already having some of the best burgers and burritos in the Philippines, Army Navy has to consistently changed update their menu in order to stay in front of any emerging competitors.

With that being said, it can be a little tough to keep up to date with the latest menu. So, you can either read through the menu above, or see some of the most up-to-date photos here:

New Army Navy Birria Menu

There’s a new food on the block! It’s Army Navy’s Birria line. Recently launched, it’s sure to catch Filipino foodies’ attention.

If you’ve never heard of Birria, you’re not alone! It’s not typical dish you’d find here in the Philippines. Birria has been popular recently from the Latin communities in Los Angeles and is trending on Instagram and Tiktok. Traditionally, Birria is a goat meat stew cooked with a medley of chiles and spices like oregano, thyme, and cumin. It originated from Jalisco, Mexico and families pass down their own recipes to the next generations. Birria Tacos was said to have first originated in Tijuana, Mexico – probably adapted for the tourist crowd. And Birria Tacos being dipped into the stew or the consommé? Seems like that trend started in Los Angeles. Dipping the Birria tacos in the consommé truly makes it a unique (and instagrammable) experience!

Army Navy Birria Naked Burrito is priced at P285, the Beef Birria Taco is P315 (which comes with 2 tacos), and the Beef Birria Quesadilla is P345. Of course, they all come with the consommé to go with your Birria!

Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can choose from the 3 and your tastebuds will surely thank you for it! Of course, it’s not the 100% ultimate authentic Mexican experience but Army Navy is known for giving you the best quality and tasting food at an affordable price – that’s hard to beat!

Army Navy's Mexican Birria Naked Burrito, Taco, and Quesadilla
Army Navy’s Mexican Birria Food
Taken from Army Navy Philippines’s Facebook

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Food On The Army Navy Menu

The Army Navy menu is quite extensive, so there’s something for small and big appetites alike. They offer a variety of juicy burgers, plus freshly made and filling sandwiches such as the Starving Sailor Steak Sandwich, the Starving Sailor Chicken Sandwich, and the Chipotle Crispy Chicken Sandwich.

Sample Of Sandwiches On The Army Navy Menu
Sample Of Sandwiches On The Army Navy Menu

But of course, if you’re hungry for Mexican food, you can get your fix at Army Navy! Their steak burritos are delicious and very filling. They serve it with salsa and you can opt to put their white sauce to pair with the burrito.

They have several variations of burritos, crunchy and soft tacos, and scrumptious quesadillas served with salsa. The Querida Mia line of Mexican pizzas is also a crowd pleaser. The crust, an open-faced quesadilla, is topped with loads of cheese right to the edges, and depending on the type of pizza you order, other savory ingredients like bacon or chicken.

The chicken line-up on the Army Navy menu features Classic Buffalo and Chipotle Barbecue Chicken—which are available in 4-piece and 6-piece orders, and the crispy Fearless Fried Chicken. These can be paired with the classic Pasta and Meatballs or the Carbonara Pasta, or any of the side dishes such as onion rings, nachos, freedom fries, and bacon cheese fries.

The breakfast menu is available all day, and includes classics such as pancakes with whipped butter, as well as traditional Filipino breakfasts such as longganisa , beef tapa, and tocino. These are served with garlic rice, a fried egg, and some atchara.

Army Navy Burritos

This. The Army Navy Burrito is an absolute favorite. Start your day off right by ordering a breakfast burrito from the Army Navy menu, a flour tortilla wrapped around either bits of steak or longganisa, toasted hash browns, and scrambled eggs. There’s also the P.I. Burrito, which comes with adobo flakes, Spanish rice, and scrambled eggs. Vegetarian? The Vegetable Burrito, packed with Spanish rice, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and green bell pepper, has your name on it.

For something a bit different, try one of the Naked Burritos. It’s a colorful bowl containing an unwrapped burrito, with your choice of meat—chicken, adobo flakes, carnitas (pork), or chorizo—plus Spanish rice, tortilla chips, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, frijoles, and a wedge of lime.

Personally, a must try is Army Navy’s steak burrito! Yes, it’s common but it’s a classic goodie. Drench your steak burrito in Army Navy’s sauce, put on salsa, and drizzle lime juice on it, HEAVEN. A very filling heaven!

Best Burgers At Army Navy

Army Navy is famous for its Bully Boy Burger, a gargantuan creation featuring three juicy quarter-pound beef patties, fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, and ketchup, all packed between toasted sesame seed Kaiser buns. It’s also available in single-patty and double-patty versions.

For a small fee, you can add toppings like bacon, eggs, and jalapeño peppers to any of Army Navy’s burgers.

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Army Navy’s Libertea Iced Tea

Typically, you won’t be hearing much news about the drinks of a restaurant. But at Army Navy, their iced tea is iconic. Loyal fans love it so much that Army Navy Libertea Iced tea now comes in a 940ml jar for only P190! Try it when you get a chance!

Here’s a tip: You can buy voucher’s for Army Navy Libertea Iced Tea on Lazada!

Army Navy Libertea Iced Tea Big Menus Ph
Army Navy Libertea Iced Tea Big From Facebook

Army Navy Delivery

You may call their hotline at 8-333-3131, order from their website , or from delivery apps like Grab, FoodPanda, and Pickaroo!

Unfortunately, not all their branches deliver but they do have a lot of stores in the Metro.

Do Other Filipinos Like The Army Navy Menu?

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It’s almost the weekend. Thank you Universe for creating fried chicken and @armynavyburgerburrito for making them Fearless + Cheese Quesadilla is plain love. ????

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#SADAKOyum: The plain Querida Mia from Army Navy is like a thin crust pizza. So I like it. ????

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About Army Navy Philippines

The first Army Navy store opened in March 2009 in Tagaytay City, and today the company operates more than 70 branches throughout the Philippines. Each store’s design is inspired by the Quonset huts used by the military during World War I, and features an open kitchen that allows customers to see how their food is prepared right after they order.

Army Navy has grown to become the third-largest fast casual burger and burrito restaurant chain in the Philippines mostly through word-of-mouth instead of traditional advertising, thanks to its tasty Army Navy menu, premium offerings and outstanding customer service, which keep people coming back for more.

Where to find Army Navy Philippines

From their humble beginnings in Tagaytay, Army Navy has now branched out to several branches. Not surprising considering their consistently tasting burritos.

They have branches in Jupiter, Dela Rosa Carpark, Dela Rosa Solaris, Glorietta, Valero, WalterMart Makati, Circuit, BGC, Netquad, Market! Market!, McKinley, VistaMall Taguig, MegaMall, Shaw, Emerald Ave., Greenhills, Pearl Place, Hampton Gardens, Commerce Ave., Petron NLEX Marilao, Petron NLEX Bocaue, Banawe, NLEX Drive & Dine, UP TechnoHub, & Visayas Ave.

They also have branches nationwide like in Binan Laguna, Dagupan Pangasinan, Baguio, Mariveles Bataan, Subic, Tagaytay Cavite, Tarlac and more!

And great news! For the travelers and balikbayans out there, they have a branch at the NAIA Terminal 3 Level 1. What are you waiting for? Get your burrito fix!

Talk To Army Navy Filipino Staff

Do you still have questions about the Army Navy menu? Feel free to send their team a message on social media:

If you don’t want to do that, you can send them a message on their website to find an Army Navy near you.

If you’re looking to have Army Navy delivered, you can check out GrabFood to see if there’s one delivering near you.

For all other questions you have about the Army Navy menu, leave a comment below.