If you’re on the hunt for a dining experience that combines the rich flavors of Spain with a touch of sophistication, then you’re in for a treat. We’re diving into the world of Barcino Menu, a top-rated tapas and wine bar that’s all about serving up an unforgettable taste of Spain.

Here is the latest Barcino Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Cochinillo Estilo Segoviano

1/4 Cochinillo (good for 4-6 pax)2,690.00
Whole Cochinillo (good for 8-10 pax)8,950.00

Nuevos Platos

Paella Valenciana820.00
Paella de Chorizo y Pollo890.00
Pulpo a la Vinagreta1,200.00
Salpicon de Pulpo1,380.00
Chorizo a la Sidra480.00
Patatas con Aioli370.00
Pintxos de Donosti - a platter of assorted pintxos1,550.00
2 pieces per order
Ensaladilla Rusa con Aceituna Verde y Pimento200.00
Sobrasada de Mallorca con Nueces y Picada200.00
Atun con Mayonesa y Aceituna Negra310.00
Morcilla con Pimientos con Ajo Tostado410.00
Queso de Cabra con Cebolla Caramelizada y Mermelada de Fresa480.00
Calamares y Aros de Cebolla Rebozados450.00
Macarrones a la Crema con Espinacas y Pollo560.00
Fettuccini con Albondigas510.00
Torreznos con Pure de Patata690.00

Fiesta de Paellas

Paella De Cochinillo1,330.00
Paella Cerdo En Adobo 850.00
Arroz Del Senyoret 920.00
Paella Negra con Carpaccio De Gambas1,290.00
Paella Mixta1,100.00
Paella Negra790.00
Paella De Pollo y Setas850.00
Paella De Rabo De Toro1,080.00
Paella Marinera1,210.00

Para Picar

Cesta de Pan100.00
Pan con Tomate120.00
Aceitunas con Anchoa220.00
Chorizo Iberico450.00
Jamón Reserva Carving 50g640.00
Jamón Reserva Carving 100g1,240.00


Montaditos de Jamón Serrano y Queso Manchego720.00

Tapas Caliente

Tortillitas de Camarones300.00
Patatas Bravas360.00
Berenjenas Finas Rebozadas380.00
Huevos Rellenos Gratinados380.00
Almejas a la Bilbaína410.00
Setas Rebozadas410.00
Tortilla de Patatas540.00
Coca de Jamon y Queso540.00
Mejillones Tigres Rellenos580.00

Tapas Frias

Boquerones en Vinagre420.00
Atun Rojo con Salmoreja490.00


Croquetas de Espinacas350.00
Croquetas Negras410.00
Croquetas de Queso Azul410.00
Croquetas de Queso Manchego410.00
Croquetas Setas440.00
Croquetas de Chorizo440.00
Croquetas Pollo y Jamón460.00
Croquetas Mixtas490.00
Croquetas de Gambas550.00

Queso y Embutidos

Cheese Platter1,100.00
Chorizo and Cheese Platter2,040.00

Tapas Tradicionales

Chopitos Fritos670.00
Gambas al Ajillo (350g)990.00
Gulas con Gambas al Ajillo1,190.00


Sopa de Ajo400.00
Sopa de Cebolla490.00
Sopa de Pescado610.00


Ensalada de Pollo y Mango370.00
Ensalada Mixta470.00
Ensalada de Queso de Cabra690.00
Ensalada de Salmón y Langostinos710.00


Spaguettis a la Marinera490.00
Spaguettis a la Carbonara520.00
Macarrones a la Bolognesa570.00
Spaguettis con Gambas al Ajillo1,020.00

Pescados y Mariscos

Salmón con Ensalada740.00
Frituras de Pescado1,360.00


Albondigas de la Abuela590.00
Pimientos del Piquillo Rellenos de Carne590.00
Callos a la Madrileña820.00
Parillada de Verduras990.00
Pulpo con Crema de Patata1,100.00
Lengua Estofada con Patatas1,260.00
Cocido Madrileño1,290.00


Pollo al Ajillo510.00
Solomillitos con Salsa de Setas790.00
Parillada de Carnes1,990.00
Pollo al Vino1,500.00
Entrecot de Lomo Alto2,190.00
Salpicao con Pure de Patata2,280.00
Txuletón de Buey4,980.00


Churros con Chocolate300.00
Crema Catalana300.00
Trufas de Chocolate300.00
Pastelitos de San Nicolas300.00
Tartita de Queso Manchego370.00
Miguelitos con Frambuesa430.00
Tarta de Chocolate470.00
Tarta de Manzana510.00


Sangria Tinto370.00
Sangria Blanco370.00
Sangria Rosado370.00
Sangria Bliss370.00
Tropical Sangria370.00
Paradise Sangria400.00
Sangria Azul400.00
Sangria de Rosa Espumoso400.00
Sangria de Luisita400.00
Sangria Tinto980.00
Sangria Blanco980.00
Sangria Rosado980.00
Sangria Bliss980.00
Tropical Sangria980.00
Paradise Sangria980.00
Botella 500ml
Sangria Tinto550.00
Sangria Blanco550.00
Sangria Rosado550.00
Sangria Bliss550.00
Tropical Sangria550.00
Paradise Sangria550.00
Botella 1L
Sangria Tinto1,000.00
Sangria Blanco1,000.00
Sangria Rosado1,000.00
Sangria Bliss1,000.00
Tropical Sangria1,000.00
Paradise Sangria1,000.00

Signature Cocktails

Barcino Spritz340.00
Rosado Gin Tonic390.00
Tinto Mojito320.00
Green Gringo470.00
La Chica490.00
Hale Naua320.00
Señorita Mule510.00

Classic Cocktails

Moscow Mule420.00
Vesper Martini420.00
Classic Martini490.00
Whiskey Sour540.00


Estrella Galicia Cerveza Especial190.00
Estrella Galicia 1906 Reserva Especial240.00
Estrella Galicia 1906 Red Vintage250.00
Estrella Galicia 1906 Black Coupage260.00
San Mig Premium250.00


Sparkling Water
Perrier 330ml190.00
Magma con Gas 75cl220.00
Fresh Juices / Shakes - choices of: Watermelon, Mango, Apple, Orange, Lemon210.00
Cabreiroa 33cl140.00
Cabreiroa 50cl160.00
Cabreiroa 1L190.00


Maeloc 33cl225.00
Dulce - Sweet Apple Cider
Seca - Sweet & Dry Cider


Cafe Bombon150.00
Cafe con Leche (Café Latte)150.00
Cafe Solo
Single Shot Espresso110.00
Double Shot Espresso190.00

Picture this: cozy evenings filled with mouthwatering tapas, a selection of fine wines, and an ambiance that’ll transport you straight to the streets of Barcelona. Barcino Menu isn’t just a restaurant; it’s a culinary journey waiting to happen.

They’ve mastered the art of delivering authentic and traditional Spanish cuisine, and it’s all brought to your table with a side of warm hospitality. From classic paella to delightful churros, their menu is a celebration of flavors that will have your taste buds dancing in delight.

Barcino Best Sellers

Barcino Menu isn’t here to break the bank. You’ll find their prices as pleasing as their food, making it the perfect spot for both date nights and casual hangouts with friends.

Below are some of the crowd-favorites on Barcino’s menu.

Paella Valenciana

If you’ve never tried paella, you’re in for a treat. Barcino’s Paella Valenciana is a crowd favorite. Imagine a saffron-infused rice dish cooked with a medley of chicken, rabbit, vegetables, and snails (don’t worry, they’re optional!). It’s a hearty and flavorful dish that’s perfect for sharing with friends and family.

Gambas al Ajillo

Seafood lovers, this one’s for you. Barcino’s Gambas al Ajillo is a sizzling plate of succulent shrimp cooked with garlic and chili peppers. The flavors are bold and zesty, making it an irresistible appetizer or main course.

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Churros con Chocolate

We can’t forget dessert, and Barcino’s Churros con Chocolate is a sweet delight. These crispy, deep-fried dough sticks are served with a rich and velvety chocolate dipping sauce. Dunk, bite, repeat – it’s pure indulgence!

Barcino Branches

Barcino has strategically placed its branches across the Philippines to ensure you can savor their delectable dishes no matter where you are. Here are some of their branch locations:

  • Alabang Country Club
  • Ayala Malls The 30th
  • Ayala Malls Vertis North
  • City Golf Plaza, Ortigas
  • One Eastwood
  • And 11 more branches in the Philippines

Barcino Delivery

To cater to the evolving needs of their customers, Barcino offers a seamless delivery service. Whether you want to indulge in their cuisine from the comfort of your own home or want to surprise a loved one with a Spanish feast, their delivery service makes it possible. They’ve also partnered with GrabFood and Foodpanda, making it even more convenient to satisfy your Spanish cravings.

About Barcino in the Philippines

Barcino is a Spanish-themed restaurant that has become popular in the Philippines for its authentic Spanish cuisine. It draws inspiration from the culturally rich Barcelona, Spain, known for its vibrant and lively streets, delicious food, and unique architecture.

Experience abundant servings of Barcino’s iconic dishes in an effortlessly elegant yet refined dining setting. Ideal for savoring alongside a chilled bottle of wine or a pitcher of Sangria, complemented by the dulcet tones of sophisticated background music. At Barcino, each dining occasion transforms into a joyous celebration!

Talk To Barcino Filipino Staff

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