Last June 18, 2021, fans of the KPOP Boy Group, BTS, or Army as what they call themselves, were ecstatic as finally, the BTS Meal of McDonald’s has reached the Philippines. Fans have waited patiently at McDonald’s branches to finally get their hands on the most awaited meal.

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McDonald’s has partnered with BTS to create a meal set for their Famous Orders Program that was launched in 2020. McDonald’s believes that in every country they operate, everyone has a go-to McDonald’s meal. BTS is the first celebrity signature order that McDonald’s has featured, and that meal was made available all over the world.

Mcdonalds BTS Partnership

Although some might think that it is an unexpected collaboration, McDonald’s created this genius marketing campaign to reach BTS fans. After having a successful collaboration with the American rapper, Travis Scott, McDonald’s decided that it’s time to take their pop culture game to the next level. That is probably why they got the most famous boyband in the world right now.

BTS Meal Inclusions

The BTS meal set includes all the items that the famous boy group orders whenever they are in McDonald’s. This includes 10 or 9 pieces of Chicken McNuggets® – depending on the market. Medium size of the world-famous fries® and a medium coke. McDonald’s also includes 2 dipping sauces, which recipes are from McDonald’s South Korea, the Sweet Chili, and Cajun sauce.

More than the meal itself, fans are raving about the packaging of this meal set. The packaging of the BTS meal is in BTS Army’s signature color, purple. And aside from McDonald’s logo, the logo of BTS can be seen in all the packaging of the meal set as well. From its paper bag to the paper cup and carton, and even in the cover of the dipping sauce, BTS vibes are very visible which is why the BTS fans are very happy to buy the meal.

McDonalds BTS Meal Philippines

McDonalds BTS Meal Philippines


The McDonald’s BTS Meal is available in 50 countries including UAE, Bahrain, and Oman. The roll-out of the menu will start on May 26 in America, and it will have different launch date in each country. However, fans of BTS from Japan and China are disappointed because the BTS meal would not be available in their country.

BTS Meal in the Philippines

It is not a secret that there are plenty of BTS Armies here in the Philippines. The moment they have launched the BTS meals, fans from the Philippines have been posting their orders on their social media accounts here and there. And since McDonald’s Philippines opened a pre-order option on their delivery app, some fans opt to go for this just so they could be one of the first ones to taste the famous BTS meal.

McDonald’s Philippines had prepared for the launch carefully. McDonalds branches had decorated the stores with purple balloons and lights to celebrate the launch of the BTS Meal. They considered pandemic restrictions too. In anticipation of a high volume of orders, they want to make sure that all their crew and customers will be safe. And to avoid hoarding, McDonald’s limits the orders to maximum of 5 orders per transaction.

Mcdo Bts Meal Lucky Ride Promo

Here in the Philippines, the McDonalds BTS Meal is priced at P260 if bought in the store and P270 if bought by delivery. The meal includes 10 pieces Chicken McNuggets®, medium world class fries® and coke, and the 2 delicious dipping sauces – the Sweet Chili, and Cajun sauce. Of course, these are wrapped in a limited edition BTS inspired packaging.

If you want to check out the Philippine McDo menu for their other items, check out the McDonalds menu here.

BTS Meal Sales

If we’re talking sales, well, it sure has been great for McDonald’s! In the Philippines alone, in a matter of 1 week from the launch, McDonald’s got almost a million BTS Meal orders! In some branches, they got 1,000 orders in a day!

That’s the power of the BTS Army!

BTS Fan Reception

The Philippine BTS Fans are very happy with the launch of the BTS meal. And even after eating the delicious meal offered by McDonald’s, they cleaned and recycled the packaging so they could keep it as their memorabilia.

True to the signature Filipino creativity, some opted to go the extra mile and get creative with these BTS inspired packaging. You can see from many social media accounts of fans that they have come up with different ways to reuse the packaging. Some framed it or laminated it, others put it in their cellphone cases. Others had found ways to put it in their coffee tumblers. And who would have thought – a fan created a small handbag out of the nuggets’ carton! Creative fans were able to create a more elaborate artwork from the packaging.

Photo credits to the Original Owners

Of course, this was a favorite – Julia Ramirez, a fan used photoshop and made her own imagined Funko pop box to feature the McDo BTS Meal packaging!

Mcdonalds KPOP BTS Meal Funko Pop DIY Craft of a Fan from the Philippines
Mcdonalds KPOP BTS Meal Funko Pop DIY Craft of a Fan from the Philippines

Have you seen other creative ways the fans used the packaging? Let us know about it!

Social media is bombarded with postings that they have finally ordered the most coveted meal that day. You can see delivery guys from Food Panda and Grab food are lining up in every McDonald’s branch. Teenagers who are not allowed to go outside yet are requesting adults from their homes to buy it from them. Adult fans are patiently waiting and lining up to the branch.

Although there are some issues here and there, you could say that the BTS meal launch had received a warm welcome from the armies in the Philippines. The sweetest BTS Armies even gave thank-you notes and candies to the McDonald’s crew members as a sign of their appreciation!

Look at how some of the BTS army fans tweeted about the launch!

There is no doubt that the campaign for McDonalds and BTS collaboration is a huge success. Armies are passionate and would go a long way for their idols. This is probably the reason why McDonald’s choose them to be the first celebrity signature order to be available all over the world. In the Philippines, we have seen that even those who are not a fan are buying the meal because they are curious.

Were you able to try it yourself? Tell us about your own experience!