Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf isn’t as well-known as its competitor, Starbucks, but it offers superior coffee, a cozier atmosphere, and a more enjoyable musical selection. In addition to its excellent gourmet fare, it offers a wide variety of fine teas worldwide. Take a peek at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Philippines Menu, so you know what to expect.

Here is the latest Coffee Bean menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice


Espresso, Single₱115.00
Espresso, Double₱130.00
Macchiato, Single₱125.00
Macchiato, Double₱140.00
Cappuccino, Single₱135.00
Cappuccino, Double₱150.00
Americano, Small₱120.00
Americano, Regular₱135.00
Americano, Large₱150.00
Café Latte, Small₱135.00
Café Latte, Regular₱150.00
Café Latte, Large₱165.00
Mocha Latte, Small₱150.00
Mocha Latte, Regular₱165.00
Mocha Latte, Large₱180.00
Vanilla Latte, Small₱150.00
Vanilla Latte, Regular₱165.00
Vanilla Latte, Large₱180.00
Double Chocolate Latte, Small₱155.00
Double Chocolate Latte, Regular₱170.00
Double Chocolate Latte, Large₱185.00
Caramel Macchiato, Small₱155.00
Caramel Macchiato, Regular₱170.00
Caramel Macchiato, Large₱185.00
White Chocolate Dream Latte, Small₱155.00
White Chocolate Dream Latte, Regular₱170.00
White Chocolate Dream Latte, Large₱185.00
Hazelnut Chocolate Latte, Small₱155.00
Hazelnut Chocolate Latte, Regular₱170.00
Hazelnut Chocolate Latte, Large₱185.00


Today's Fresh Brew, Small₱120.00
Today's Fresh Brew, Regular₱135.00
Today's Fresh Brew, Large₱150.00


Hot Vanilla, Small₱130.00
Hot Vanilla, Regular₱145.00
Hot Vanilla, Large₱160.00
Hot Double Chocolate, Small₱130.00
Hot Double Chocolate, Regular₱145.00
Hot Double Chocolate, Large₱160.00


Hot Tea₱120.00

Ice Blended (Coffee)

The Original Mocha, Regular₱165.00
The Original Mocha, Large₱185.00
The Original Vanilla, Regular₱165.00
The Original Vanilla, Large₱185.00
Double Chocolate, Regular₱175.00
Double Chocolate, Large₱195.00
White Chocolate Dream, Regular₱175.00
White Chocolate Dream, Large₱195.00
Caramel, Regular₱180.00
Caramel, Large₱800.00
Hazelnut Chocolate, Regular₱185.00
Hazelnut Chocolate, Large₱205.00
Mocha Chip, Regular₱185.00
Mocha Chip, Large₱205.00
Dark Chocolate Chip, Regular₱185.00
Dark Chocolate Chip, Large₱205.00


Go Extreme, For Twice the coffee flavor and kick₱20.00
Chocolate covered Espresso Beans,₱30.00
Premium Espresso Jelly,₱30.00

Ice Blended (Coffee Free)

Pure Vanilla, Regular₱165.00
Pure Vanilla, Large₱185.00
Pure Double Chocolate, Regular₱165.00
Pure Double Chocolate, Large₱185.00
Pure Hazelnut Chocolate, Regular₱175.00
Pure Hazelnut Chocolate, Large₱195.00
Sunrise, Regular₱175.00
Sunrise, Large₱195.00
Mango, Regular₱175.00
Mango, Large₱195.00
Matcha Green Tea, Regular₱175.00
Matcha Green Tea, Large₱195.00

Tea Latte

Chai, Small₱155.00
Chai, Regular₱170.00
Chai, Large₱185.00
Matcha Green Tea, Small₱155.00
Matcha Green Tea, Regular₱170.00
Matcha Green Tea, Large₱185.00
Moroccan Mint, Small₱150.00
Moroccan Mint, Regular₱165.00
Moroccan Mint, Large₱180.00
African Sunrise, Small₱150.00
African Sunrise, Regular₱165.00
African Sunrise, Large₱180.00
English Breakfast, Small₱145.00
English Breakfast, Regular₱160.00
English Breakfast, Large₱175.00
Tropical Passion, Small₱145.00
Tropical Passion, Regular₱160.00
Tropical Passion, Large₱175.00
Double Vanilla, Small₱145.00
Double Vanilla, Regular₱160.00
Double Vanilla, Large₱175.00

When it comes to coffee and tea, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has only one focus: excellence. To ensure the highest quality, their coffee master, Jay Isais, chooses only the finest Top 1% Arabica beans from the Americas, Africa, and Oceania. They were also the ones to create ice-blended drinks, and their selection of teas is quite exceptional.

Coffee Bean Best Sellers

Here are some of the crowd-favorites in the Coffee Bean Menu.

Today’s Fresh Brew

Today’s Fresh Brew is a safe bet whenever you dine at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. While Starbucks may have more options for specialty coffees, the straightforward brew at CBTL is where it’s at. The Viennese Blend and the House Blend are some brews to keep an eye out for.

It’s delicious on its own, but many people enjoy it with a mixture of two packets of brown sugar, one packet of white sugar, and some warm milk.

Coffee Bean Brew
Coffee Bean Brew

Matcha Tea Latte

The Matcha Tea Latte at CBTL is fantastic. In contrast to the excessively sugary drinks that most businesses make using matcha powder, CBTL did a great job of bringing out the matcha’s natural flavor (which is more earthy) in their product. You may have it hot, iced, or even as a frappe, but drinking it hot is the best way to experience it.

Coffee Bean Matcha
Coffee Bean Matcha

Classic Flat White

Flat White is a coffee with more milk than actual espresso. It possesses a distinct flavor profile of coffee, which is something that every person who enjoys coffee looks for—recommended for those who want not to have an overpowering taste of coffee but a must to experience for all.

Cookies and Cream Ice Blended

If you like cookies and cream, you should check this out. This delicious drink, which mixes two distinct flavors into one, is certainly something you must try at least once—a definite fan favorite among all the beverages available from the Coffee Bean menu.

Genmaitcha Green Tea

Genmaitcha Green Tea is well-liked because it is a little sweet and aromatic variation of the traditional green tea flavor. This refreshing Japanese green tea drink is flavored with toasted rice for an unexpectedly wonderful twist. No additional sugar or honey, please; it’s perfectly lovely.

For a cheaper alternative, you could also check out Pick Up Coffee.

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Coffee Bean Delivery

It would appear that there are no delivery choices listed on the Coffee Bean website. Because of this, we strongly recommend that you use third-party delivery apps such as foodpanda and GrabFood, as well as other delivery services that are accessible on the market these days if you have a craving for CBTL.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most-asked questions by those looking to try out the Coffee Bean menu.

What is Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf famous for?

Coffee Bean’s signature drinks are renowned for their flavorful take on the coffee shop’s namesake. But they’ve been around for a while, so they also know their coffee lattes and teas inside and out. Their breakfast offerings, especially the cakes, have earned them a stellar reputation.

How much does the Coffee Bean menu cost near me?

Coffee Bean’s pricing ranges from ₱115 to ₱295. If you were wondering, Coffee Bean is somewhat more expensive than Starbucks, but not by much. This means your choice won’t be determined just by cost but by how much you enjoy the two options.

If you want to check out other coffee shops, check out the ever staple Starbucks, Tim Hortons, UCC, Coffee Project, or underdog Jco!

About Coffee Bean in the Philippines

The Coffee Bean was created by Herbert B. Hyman and his wife, Mona, in Los Angeles in 1963. They serve a variety of foods, including sandwiches, that pair well with coffee. The coffee shop franchise grew to include ten additional sites around Southern California by the 1970s. By 1987, people had realized that serving coffee over ice was a great way to cool off. Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired Coffee Bean in July 2019. They are stationed in places as diverse as Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Panama, Paraguay, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Vietnam, the Philippines, and the Middle East.

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