Do you know what’s one of the best ways to beat the scorching heat in the Philippines? A delightful trip to Dairy Queen! You’re in for a treat if you haven’t heard about it yet. Dairy Queen is like a sweet oasis where you can dive into a world of tasty ice creams, mouthwatering blizzards, and fantastic frozen treats.

Here is the latest Dairy Queen Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Blizzard Classic

Chocolate Chip69.00
Chocolate Chip89.00
Chocolate Chip109.00
Chocolate Chip139.00

Blizzard Special

Chocolate Almond79.00
Double Dutch79.00
Brownie Temptation79.00
Chocolate Extreme79.00
Chocolate Kitkat79.00
Mango Cheesecake79.00
Rocky Road79.00
Chocolate Almond99.00
Double Dutch99.00
Brownie Temptation99.00
Chocolate Extreme99.00
Chocolate Kitkat99.00
Mango Cheesecake99.00
Rocky Road99.00
Chocolate Almond129.00
Double Dutch129.00
Brownie Temptation129.00
Chocolate Extreme129.00
Chocolate Kitkat129.00
Mango Cheesecake129.00
Rocky Road129.00
Chocolate Almond159.00
Double Dutch159.00
Brownie Temptation159.00
Chocolate Extreme159.00
Chocolate Kitkat159.00
Mango Cheesecake159.00
Rocky Road159.00

Blizzard Royal

Royal Oreo109.00
Royal New York Cheesecake109.00
Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie109.00
Royal Oreo149.00
Royal New York Cheesecake149.00
Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie149.00
Royal Oreo189.00
Royal New York Cheesecake189.00
Royal Ultimate Choco Brownie189.00

Blizzard Red Velvet Delights

Red Velvet Nutty Chip89.00
Red Velvet Dream89.00
Red Velvet Cheesecake89.00
Red Velvet Nutty Chip109.00
Red Velvet Dream109.00
Red Velvet Cheesecake109.00
Red Velvet Nutty Chip149.00
Red Velvet Dream149.00
Red Velvet Cheesecake149.00
Red Velvet Nutty Chip189.00
Red Velvet Dream189.00
Red Velvet Cheesecake189.00


Small (12oz)
Strawberry Oreo169.00
Mango Cheesecake169.00
Tripple Chocolate169.00
Double Cocoa Fudge169.00
Large (16oz)
Strawberry Oreo189.00
Mango Cheesecake189.00
Tripple Chocolate189.00
Double Cocoa Fudge189.00


Small (8oz)
Double Cocoa Fudge99.00
Medium (12oz)
Double Cocoa Fudge169.00
Large (16oz)
Double Cocoa Fudge189.00

Sweet Deals

Sundae - 5oz. Caramel89.00
Sundae - 5oz. Chocolate89.00
Sundae - 5oz. Strawberry89.00
Sundae - 5oz. Mango89.00
Dilly Bar - 1pc.79.00
Dilly Bar - 6pcs.469.00
DQ Sandwich - 1pc.79.00
DQ Sandwich - 6pcs.469.00
Cones - 3oz.39.00
Cones - 5oz.69.00
Cones - + Choco Vippeil10.00

Premium Cakes

Choco Extreme - 6 inches 899.00
Choco Extreme - +400 for 8 inches 1,299.00
Mango Kitkat - 6 inches 749.00
Mango Kitkat - +450 for 8 inches 1,199.00
Strawberry Kitkat - 6 inches 749.00
Strawberry Kitkat - +450 for 8 inches 1,199.00
Chocolate Kitkat - 6 inches 749.00
Chocolate Kitkat - +450 for 8 inches 1,199.00

Blizzard Cakes

Oreo - 6 inches 749.00
Oreo - +450 for 8 inches 1,199.00

Ice Cream Cakes

Rainbow Blue - 8 inches 1,099.00
Pink Birthday Cake - 8 inches 1,099.00
Flower Yellow - 8 inches 1,099.00
Choco Shavings - 8 inches 1,099.00

To-Go-Tin Cakes

Comes in reusable Tin Cans
Strawberry Cashew Cheesecake439.00
Mango Cheesecake439.00
Choco Oreo439.00

The Philippines is known for its warm and humid weather, so Dairy Queen has become a go-to spot for locals and tourists alike to cool down and indulge in some creamy goodness. Whether strolling through the mall or hanging out with friends, you’ll likely come across a Dairy Queen branch inviting you in with its mouthwatering menu.

Best Sellers of Dairy Queen

Below are some of the crowd-favorites on Dairy Queen’s menu. Of course, there’s the classic Oreo Blizzard. But we all know that right? Let’s explore their other yummy offerings! 😉

1. Chocolate Chip Blizzard Treat

Get ready to fall in love with the Chocolate Chip Blizzard Treat, the ultimate dream for chocolate lovers! This delectable concoction combines the rich and creamy Dairy Queen soft serve with a generous blend of mouthwatering chocolate chips. 

But that’s not all; to take it to the next level, it’s all swirled with a velvety chocolate cone coating that adds a delightful crunch to every spoonful. It’s a sweet symphony of textures and flavors that will have you coming back for more, bite after bite.

2. Mango Cheesecake Blizzard Treat

Look no further than the Mango Cheesecake Blizzard Treat for a taste of pure tropical bliss. Imagine sinking your spoon into a heavenly mix of sweet cheesecake chunks and fresh, juicy mangoes. 

This delightful goodness is perfectly blended with Dairy Queen’s signature vanilla ice cream, creating a luscious harmony of flavors that will transport you to dessert paradise. It’s like savoring the best of both worlds – your favorite cake and the creamiest ice cream – all in one satisfying Blizzard.

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3. Double Dutch Blizzard Treat

Calling all chocoholics and nutty fans, the Double Dutch Blizzard Treat is your ultimate guilty pleasure! This indulgent creation combines the goodness of chocolate cone coating, the satisfying crunch of cashews, the delightful sweetness of mallows, and the irresistible allure of chocolate chunks. 

All of these delectable ingredients are masterfully mixed with Dairy Queen’s velvety soft serve, delivering an explosion of flavors in every spoonful. It’s a dessert adventure that will leave your taste buds dancing joyfully!

Dairy Queen Delivery

Dairy Queen’s delivery service is a game-changer for those craving delightful treats from their homes. With a simple online ordering system or a quick phone call, customers can enjoy the same delicious Dairy Queen goodness without leaving their doorstep.

Dairy Queen Branches

Dairy Queen had several branches scattered across the Philippines.

About Dairy Queen in the Philippines

Dairy Queen in the Philippines is a well-loved fast-food chain specializing in delicious ice cream treats and frozen desserts. It is operated by the Philippine franchisee, the Dairy Queen International Group, Inc., part of the International Dairy Queen (IDQ) organization.

Dairy Queen offers a diverse menu that caters to ice cream enthusiasts of all ages. Their popular offerings include Blizzards, Soft Serve Ice Cream, Ice Cream Cakes, MooLattes, and Shakes.

Talk To Dairy Queen Filipino Staff

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