Craving some mouthwatering Chinese cuisine that’s both comforting and delicious? Look no further than Hapchan, the beloved teahouse satisfying Filipino taste buds since 1997. With over a hundred branches nationwide, it’s no wonder they’ve become a household name in the Philippines.

Here is the latest Hapchan Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Set Meals (Good for 6 Pax)

Set A - includes Yang Chow Fried Rice, Polonchay Soup, Birthday Noodle, Crispy Fried Chicken, Fried Squid w/ Salt & Pepper, Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet, Sauteed Beef w/ Broccoli Flower, Butchi (2 orders)3,400.00
Set B - includes Yang Chow Fried Rice, Nido Soup w/ Sweet Corn, Mixed Meat Canton, Crispy Fried Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Fish Fillet w/ Taufu, Fried Spareribs w/ Salt & Pepper, Butchi (2 orders)3,350.00

Set Meals (Good for 10 Pax)

Set A - includes Yang Chow Fried Rice (2 orders), Mixed Meat Canton (2 orders), Crispy Fried Chicken, Nido Soup w/ Sweet Corn (2 orders), Sweet & Sour Pork (2 orders), Sauteed Beef w/ Broccoli Flower (2 orders), Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Garlic (2 orders), Fried Shrimp (Camaron) (2 orders) and Butchi (4 orders)7,250.00
Set B - includes Yang Chow Fried Rice (2 orders), Polonchay Soup (2 orders), Birthday Noodle (2 orders), Fried Buttered Chicken (2 orders), Beef Steak Chinese Style (2 orders), Fried Squid w/ Salt & Pepper (2 orders), Lumpia Shanghai (2 orders), Fish Fillet w/ Taufu (2 orders) and Butchi (4 orders)7,199.00


Shrimp Siomai160.00
Chicken Feet218.00
Shark's Fin Dumpling128.00
Pork & Vegetable Dumpling170.00
Quail Egg Siomai138.00
Asado Siopao138.00
Bola Siopao138.00
Jumbo Siopao180.00
Radish Cake100.00
Spareribs with Tausi Sauce190.00
Dimsum Platter - includes Cuapao Steamed or Fried (4 pcs.), Hakaw (2 pcs.), Pork & Vegetable Dumpling (2 pcs.), Shark's Fin Dumpling (2 pcs.) and Shrimp Siomai (2 pcs.)438.00

Noodle Soup

Wanton Noodle - S178.00
Wanton Noodle - R288.00
Beef Brisket Noodle - S188.00
Beef Brisket Noodle - R318.00
Asado Noodle - S198.00
Asado Noodle - R318.00


Pork w/ Century Congee208.00
Sliced Chicken Congee208.00
Meat Ball Congee208.00
Slicled Beef Congee208.00
Special Congee220.00

Beef Classic Selection

Sauteed Beef w/ Broccoli Flower438.00
Beef Steak w/ Chinese Style598.00
Sliced Beef w/ Mango488.00
Beef Steak w/ Black Pepper Sauce598.00
Beef Steak w/ Ginger Onion598.00

Chicken Classic Selection

Hap Chan Crispy Fried Chicken658.00
Fried Chicken Fillet w/ Lemon408.00
Sweet & Sour Chicken Fillet378.00
Fried Buttered Chicken398.00

Pork Classic Selection

Sweet & Sour Pork448.00
Lumpiang Shanghai398.00
Chop Suey Guisado368.00
Fried Spareribs w/ Salt & Pepper588.00
Fried Spareribs w/ OK Sauce588.00

Seafood Classic Selection

Steamed Fish Fillet w/ Garlic640.00
Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet498.00
Fried Fish Fillet w/ Salt & Pepper498.00
Fried Shrimp (Camaron)578.00
Fried Squid w/ Salt & Pepper388.00

Rice & Noodles

Yang Chow Fried Rice448.00
Diced Chicken w/ Salted Fish Fried Rice338.00
Mixed Meat Canton348.00
Fried Bihon Singaporean Style368.00
Minced Beef Fried Rice348.00
Garlic Fried Rice208.00
Sliced Beef Fried Ho Fan368.00
Pancit Bihon Guisado318.00
Birthday Noodle388.00

Hot Pot

Lechon Kawali w/ Taufu428.00
Fish Fillet w/ Taufu450.00


Broccoli Flower w/ Garlic288.00
Taiwan Pechay w/ Garlic258.00
Kaylan w/ Garlic258.00


Roasted Pork Asado430.00
Jellyfish w/ Century Egg528.00
Lechon Macau588.00
Assorted Cold Cuts - 3 kinds488.00
Assorted Cold Cuts - 5 kinds698.00


Ho To Tay Soup - S348.00
Ho To Tay Soup - R548.00
Polonchay Soup - S418.00
Polonchay Soup - R698.00
Nido Soup with Sweet Corn - S248.00
Nido Soup with Sweet Corn - R408.00


Mango Sago125.00
Black & White Gulaman105.00
Almond Jelly100.00
Almond Jelly with lychee110.00


Mango Shake145.00
Watermelon Shake145.00
Hong Kong Iced Milktea110.00
Hong Kong Iced Lemonade110.00
Hong Kong Iced Lemon Tea130.00
Iced Calamansi Juice110.00
Softdrinks in Can110.00
Mineral Water70.00
1 Liter Houseblend Iced Tea185.00


Family Size (Good for 5-6 persons)
Shrimp Siomai650.00
Shark's Fin Dumpling500.00
Chicken Feet868.00
Party Size (Good for (10-12 persons)
Shrimp Siomai960.00
Shark's Fin Dumpling750.00
Chicken Feet1,740.00

Rice & Noodles

Family Size (Good for 5-6 persons)
Yang Chow Fried Rice665.00
Minced Beef with Fried Rice510.00
Diced Chicken with Salted Fish500.00
Pancit Bihon Guisado470.00
Birthday Noodle575.00
Mixed Meat Canton510.00
Party Size (Good for (10-12 persons)
Yang Chow Fried Rice1,340.00
Minced Beef with Fried Rice1,040.00
Diced Chicken with Salted Fish1,010.00
Pancit Bihon Guisado950.00
Birthday Noodle1,160.00
Mixed Meat Canton1,040.00

Chinese Classic

Family Size (Good for 5-6 persons)
Sweet and Sour Pork850.00
Sweet and Sour Fish980.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken740.00
Fried Spareribs with Salt & Pepper1,170.00
Fish Fillet with Salt & Pepper970.00
Lumpia Shanghai780.00
Fried Buttered Chicken780.00
Chop Suey Guisado730.00
Sauteed Beef with Broccoli Flower860.00
Roasted Pork Asado1,270.00
Shanghai Sweet Spicy Chicken Fillet730.00
Fried Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce900.00
Party Size (Good for 10-12 persons)
Sweet and Sour Pork1,750.00
Sweet and Sour Fish1,940.00
Sweet and Sour Chicken1,460.00
Fried Spareribs with Salt & Pepper2,300.00
Fish Fillet with Salt & Pepper1,950.00
Lumpia Shanghai1,550.00
Fried Buttered Chicken1,540.00
Chop Suey Guisado1,450.00
Sauteed Beef with Broccoli Flower1,750.00
Roasted Pork Asado2,120.00
Shanghai Sweet Spicy Chicken Fillet1,460.00
Fried Fish Fillet with Corn Sauce1,850.00


Family Size (Good for 5-6 persons)
Butchi (12 pcs.)370.00
Party Size (Good for (10-12 persons)
Butchi (24 pcs.)620.00

Combi Tray

Dimsum Combination - includes Shrimp Siomai, Shark's Fin Dumpling, Hakaw, Chicken Feet and Kikiam1,518.00
Roasting Combination - inlcudes Roasted Pork Asado, Lumpia Shanghai, Lechon Macau, Kikiam and Atchara1,338.00
Chinese Classic Combo 1 - includes Fried Squid with Salt and Pepper, Sweet and Sour Pork Buttered Chicken, Fried Wanton and Buchi1,678.00
Chinese Classic Combo 2 - inlcudes Spareribs with Salt and Pepper, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Beef Steak with Black Pepper Sauce, Fried Squid in Honey Garlic Sauce and Buchi2,228.00

Holiday Season Treats

Packed Meal 1 - includes Chopsuey Guisado, Lumpia Shanghai, Plain Rice and Butchi330.00
Packed Meal 2 - includes Hap Chan Fried Chicken, Shrimp Siomai, Plain Rice and Butchi300.00
Packed Meal 3 - includes Sweet & Sour Pork, Mixed Meat Canton, Plain Rice and Butchi340.00
Packed Meal 4 - includes Sauteed Beef with Broccoli Flower, Fried Buttered Chicken, Plain Rice and Butchi350.00

Frozen Packs

Shrimp Siomai (12 pieces)499.00
Shrimp Wanton Dumpling (12 pieces)399.00
Shark's Fin Dumpling (12 pieces)329.00
Spareribs with Tausi (500 grams)879.00
Bola-Bola Siopao (4 pieces)229.00
Asado Siopao (4 pieces)229.00
Jumbo Siopao (1 piece)149.00
Radish Cake (12 pieces)229.00
Hakaw (20 pieces)799.00
Chicken Feet (500 grams)599.00
Kikiam (2 rolls)289.00
Lumpia Shanghai (12 pieces)359.00
Roasted Pork Asado (500 grams)819.00
Pork Vegetable Dumpling (15 pieces)559.00

Hap Chan is all about delivering great food and exceptional service in a modern and contemporary Chinese ambiance. The team of Hong Kong cooks, led by principal shareholder Kwok Man Wah, has been perfecting their craft for over 30 years, constantly developing new dishes and methods to delight their loyal customers.

Hapchan Best Sellers

Below are some of the crowd-favorites on Hapchan’s menu.

Chopseuy Guisado

Hapchan’s Chopseuy Guisado is a delightful stir-fry dish that combines a medley of fresh vegetables and tender meat, expertly cooked to perfection. It’s a savory and satisfying option for those seeking a taste of authentic Filipino cuisine.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Hapchan’s Yang Chow Fried Rice is the stuff of legends for a good reason. This dish is a flavor-packed masterpiece featuring fragrant rice, succulent shrimp, tender chicken, and crisp vegetables. The real magic happens in the sizzling wok, where these ingredients combine to create a symphony of flavors you won’t soon forget.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Hapchan’s Sweet and Sour Pork should be at the top of your list if you’re all about that sweet and tangy goodness. Imagine tender chunks of pork deep-fried to crispy perfection and generously coated in a luscious sweet and sour sauce. It’s a delightful dance of flavors and textures that will leave your taste buds begging for an encore.

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Beef Broccoli

Are you craving something hearty and nutritious? Hapchan’s Beef Broccoli is the answer. You’ll find tender strips of beef stir-fried with fresh broccoli florets in a savory brown sauce. It’s a simple yet incredibly satisfying dish for those seeking a healthy and tasty option.

Hapchan Delivery

Now, you might be wondering how to get your hands on these delectable dishes. Well, Hapchan has got you covered with convenient delivery services. They offer delivery through popular third-party platforms like GrabFood and FoodPanda. Plus, they have their delivery service to ensure you get your Hapchan fix wherever you are.

Hapchan Branches

With Hapchan’s extensive network of branches, you’re never too far from a delicious meal. Some of their notable locations include:

  • Evia Lifestyle Mall
  • Pamplona, Las Piñas
  • SM Manila
  • Ayala Mall the 30th
  • SM San Lazaro

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With over a hundred branches across the Philippines, you will find one near you.

About Hapchan in the Philippines

Hap Chan Teahouse started as a small tea house in Manila in 1997, serving Filipino-Chinese favorites like Mami, congee, and dim sum. It quickly gained popularity and began franchising its restaurant chain in 1999 through Hap Chan Trading and Management Corporation. Over the years, they’ve expanded their menu while staying committed to offering authentic Hong Kong teahouse cuisine at affordable prices.

So, whether you’re a longtime fan or a first-timer, Hapchan is here to serve up a delicious taste of Hong Kong teahouse cuisine with a Filipino twist. With their best sellers, convenient delivery options, and numerous branches, you’re in for a treat that’s both satisfying and affordable. Don’t miss out on the Hapchan experience!

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