Mary Grace is a family-owned restaurant that has slowly become a household name when it comes to decadent fresh-from-the-oven baked goods and tasty hot chocolates and coffees. Started as a bakery, Mary Grace now has a cafe with delicious meals as well. It’s a tita and tito approved restaurant!

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Here is the latest Mary Grace menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice


Mary Grace Ensaymada (Box of 6)₱658.00
Mary Grace Ensaymada (Box of 12)₱1,098.00
Mary Grace Cheese Rolls (Box of 6)₱404.00
Mary Grace Cheese Rolls (Box of 12)₱764.00
Mary Grace Mamon (Box of 6)₱360.00
Mary Grace Mamon (Box of 8)₱480.00
Mary Grace Mamon (Box of 12)₱675.00
Mary Grace Pudding₱728.00


Mango Bene (Whole)₱1,874.00
Chocolate Truffle (Mini)₱522.00
Chocolate Truffle (Whole)₱1,357.00
Carrot Walnut Cake (Whole)₱1,784.00
Chocolate Cake (Mini)₱397.00
Chocolate Cake (Whole)₱1,203.00
Black Velvet (Mini)₱442.00
Black Velvet (Whole)₱1,229.00
Toasted Almond Sans Rival (Mini)₱595.00
Toasted Almond Sans Rival (Whole)₱1,595.00
Limone Santi (Whole)₱1,024.00
Apple Pie With Walnut Crumble (Mini)₱372.00
Apple Pie With Walnut Crumble (Whole)₱1,214.00
Mary Grace Cheesecake (Mini)₱497.00
Mary Grace Cheesecake (Whole)₱1,302.00
Tiramisu (Mini)₱404.00
Tiramisu (Whole)₱1,198.00
Chocolate Mousse (Mini)₱367.00
Chocolate Mousse (Whole)₱1,098.00
Mocha Cake (Whole)₱1,157.00


Brownie Bar (4 Bars)₱228.00
Brownie Bar (8 Bars)₱457.00
Lemon Bar (4 Bars)₱198.00
Lemon Bar (8 Bars)₱378.00
Food for the Gods (4 Bars)₱258.00
Food for the Gods (8 Bars)₱518.00

Ensaymada with a Twist

Caramel And Toasted Cashews₱176.00
Banana Chocolate₱184.00
Cinnamon Apple₱176.00
Three Cheese₱218.00
Laguna Cheese₱218.00

All Day Breakfast

Toasted Vigan Longganisa (w/ scrambled/ sunny side up egg)₱462.00
Toasted Vigan Longganisa (w/ ham/ mushroom omellete)₱552.00
Sirloin Beef Tapa (w/ scrambled/ sunny side up egg)₱484.00
Sirloin Beef Tapa (w/ ham/ mushroom omellete)₱574.00
Pork Tocino (w/ scrambled/ sunny side up egg)₱398.00
Pork Tocino (w/ ham/ mushroom omellete)₱488.00
Fried Boneless Bangus (w/ scrambled/ sunny side up egg)₱438.00
Fried Boneless Bangus (w/ ham/ mushroom omellete)₱538.00
Chicken Inasal (w/ scrambled/ sunny side up egg)₱398.00
Chicken Inasal (w/ ham/ mushroom omellete)₱488.00
Brioche French Toast₱379.00
Eggs Benedict₱398.00
Eggs Royale₱468.00

Savory Starters

Mushroom Pate With Batard Bread₱234.00
Dulong Pate With Melba Chips₱234.00
Cheddar Cheese With Tomatoes & Capers₱219.00
Grilled Kesong Puti With Batard Bread₱214.00
Crispy Cassava Chips With Onion Dip₱258.00
Artichoke Cream Cheese With Melba Toast₱298.00

Hearty Soups

Seafood Chowder₱238.00
Summer Squash₱208.00
Wild Mushroom₱210.00

Fresh Salads

Mary Grace Caesar Salad₱428.00
Fried Kesong Puti & Calamansi Vinaigrette₱374.00
Prawn Salad With Mango Papaya Vinaigrette₱458.00
Grilled Chicken & Oranges With Black Olive Dressing₱392.00
Local Greens With Chili Daing Dressing & Crunchy Garlic₱264.00
Smoked Ham With Almonds, Cranberries & Balsamic Vinaigrette₱342.00

Perfect Plates

Fresh Tomato & Herb Perfect Plate₱538.00
Dory & Saffron Cream Perfect Plate₱524.00
Chorizo Pasta Perfect Plate₱518.00


Mary Grace Mushroom Cream₱452.00
Smoked Salmon & Cream₱417.00
Dory & Saffron Cream₱394.00
Classic Carbonara₱398.00
Chorizo & Olives Pasta₱390.00
Spicy Lemon Scampi₱468.00
Spanish Sardines & Olive Pasta₱394.00
Seafood Pasta₱429.00
Fresh Tomato & Herb Pasta₱387.00
Pasta Amatriciana With Italian Meatballs₱398.00
Grilled Chicken Couscous₱460.00


Vigan Longganisa & Kesong Puti Sandwich₱368.00
Fili Beef & Tomato Sandwich₱368.00
Fish And Bell Pepper Sandwich₱318.00
Chicken Inasal Sandwich With Tomato & Wansoy Salsa₱364.00
Pan-Seared Shrimp Sandwich₱389.00
Vegetables On Focaccia Sandwich₱314.00


Parma Ham & Arugula Pizza (Whole 14")₱594.00
Mushroom & Garlic Pizza (Whole 14"))₱598.00
Margherita Pizza (Whole 14")₱578.00
Chorizo & Basil Pizza (Whole 14")₱587.00
All Cheese Pizza (Whole 14")₱587.00
Italian Sausage Pizza (Whole 14")₱576.00

Iced Tea

Apple & Cinnamon Honey (Glass)₱129.00
Apple & Cinnamon Honey (Pitcher)₱359.00
Peppermint & Apple (Glass)₱129.00
Peppermint & Apple (Pitcher)₱359.00
Peach (Glass)₱129.00
Peach (Pitcher)₱359.00
Wild Rasberry (Glass)₱129.00
Wild Rasberry (Pitcher)₱359.00

Hot Chocolates

Mary Grace Hot Chocolate₱198.00
Valencia Hot Chocolate₱168.00
Mint Hot Chocolate₱168.00
Tsoknut Chocolate₱158.00
Spicy Mexicana Tsokolate₱158.00
Traditional Chocolate₱168.00
White Hot Chocolate₱168.00
Mary Grace Cold Hot Chocolate₱204.00

Premium Coffees & Tea

Iced Mocha₱208.00
Peppermint Iced Mocha₱214.00

Other Drinks

Blackberry Shake₱212.00
Strawberry Shake₱210.00
Mango Shake₱218.00
Banana Shake₱190.00
Bottled Water (Hope In A Bottle)₱50.00
Loose Leaf Teabags₱120.00

Menu Updates

Not much has changed in their menu. Here are some photos of the most up to date menu at Mary Grace Cafe and Bakery:

Mary Grace Bestsellers

Mary Grace has a lot to offer. But for the bestsellers, we will be focusing on what they started out with and are known for – their delicious baked goodies!

Mary Grace Ensaymada

Mary Grace Ensaymada
Mary Grace Ensaymada

One of Mary Grace’s bestsellers is their ensaymada. While it stands at a hefty 109 pesos per piece, it’s worth every cent not only for its large size but also for its unique flavor.

First off, the bread. It’s a soft and delicate piece of classic brioche that’s warm, rich, and buttery. It carries a mild tang with a fine crumb that melts in your warmth if you had your roll warmed beforehand.

Next comes the toppings. It’s crowned with an evenly-spread butter that melts on the surface of the warm bread, a generous sprinkling of finely-grated Edam cheese that perfectly matches the yeast tang of the brioche, and a liberal dusting of sugar granules that gives it a crunch that ties the experience together.

While it may be lighter than the traditional ensaymada that most are used to, it’s a top-notch translation of a true Filipino classic. Balikbayans (returning Filipinos) and titas look for this! I’m sure you will too!

You can also check our the Red Ribbon menu for their Ensaymadas.

Mary Grace Cheese Rolls

Mary Grace Cheese Roll
Mary Grace Cheese Roll

Mary Grace’s cheese rolls are probably what comes to mind first when talking about the pastry.

The restaurant’s rendition of the traditional cheese rolls starts with a pillow-soft melt-in-your-mouth bread that offers a feathery feel, especially when heated before consumption.

A generous amount of cheese is present from the first to the final bite, offering a perfect balance between creaminess and saltiness. Each cheese roll is donned with creamed butter for an extra tang and granulated sugar to provide sweetness and texture.

Some may comment that Mary Grace’s cheese roll is on the smaller side, it’s a rich piece of pastry that serves its purpose just right and hits the spot in every bite.

The Cakes in Mary Grace

Chocolate Truffle

Mary Grace Chocolate Truffle
Mary Grace Chocolate Truffle

Mary Grace’s Chocolate Truffle Cake is a choco lover’s dream come true. The restaurant’s version of good ‘ole chocolate truffle cake highlights the bittersweetness of Callebaut chocolate that’s transformed into a smooth and decadent ganache between layers of moist chocolate cake.

Mango Bene

Mary Grace Mango Bene
Mary Grace Mango Bene

The Mango Bene cake from Mary Grace Philippines’ menu provides comforting goodness that we can only get from homemade desserts. Made with frozen layers of beautiful meringue, decadent custard cream, and fresh mangoes between each layer, it provides a symphony of textures that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Sans Rival

Mary Grace Sansrival
Mary Grace Sansrival

Mary Grace’s take on the Sans Rival gives it an extra crunch — the Toasted Almond Sans Rival. This was once a limited-edition offering, but it was too good not to be on the regular menu. Each cake is topped with almond flakes that have been lightly roasted so that their butteriness seeps through.

Strawberry Shortcake

Mary Grace Strawberry Shortcake
Mary Grace Strawberry Shortcake

Mary Grace’s version of a strawberry shortcake stays true to its deceptively simple yet delicious roots. This cake is a heavenly combination of plump and sweet strawberries and fluffy whipped cream between layers of moist sponge cake, then topped with more strawberries.

Do try the Chocolate Truffle cake or the Mango Bene! We love those!

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Celebration Cakes

Mary Grace Celebrations
Mary Grace Celebrations

For the birthdays, graduation, anniversaries etc, Mary Grace’s bespoke celebration cakes are great addition to the celebrations! Currently, the celebration cakes are only available on their website.

You can choose from three styles, six flavors, eight sizes, nine designs, seven icing colors, and up to three lines of dedications. It has a two-day lead time, and up to three days if the order is placed in a peak season.

Looking for other cakes? Try Contis cakes! or how about Banapple’s Banoffee? Or hey, what about Wildflour’s Tres Leches or Purple Oven’s Honecomb Crunch Cake?

Baked Goodies

Mary Grace Lemon Bars
Mary Grace Lemon Bars

Mary Grace has a wide variety of baked goodies to choose from, like the classic mamon, fruit cakes, puddings, brownie bars, lemon bars, and food for the gods. If you don’t consume them as soon as you buy them, it’s recommended that you refrigerate them immediately.

Mary Grace Delivery

You can order directly from their website, for pickup, delivery, or if you’re sending it to a friend. They are also available on food delivery apps such as Pickaroo and GrabFood.

About Mary Grace Philippines

Momtrepreneur and namesake Mary Grace Dimacali started this venture at her kitchen. In 1994, Mary Grace started selling her baked goods in her village and in bazaars where she offered her first two products – ensaymada and cheese roll.

In 2002, Mary Grace got to open her first kiosk. And four years later, opened her first cafe! Now, Mary Grace Cafe has grown to having over 38 kiosks and 44 cafes nationwide, serving the ‘Goodness of Home’ in each every slice and cup.

Talk To Mary Grace Filipino Staff

Want to know more about the Mary Grace menu in the Philippines? Forward a message to them on social media:

Otherwise, you can find one of their stores and contact a Mary Grace branch near you. Or you can send them a message on their website.

For any more questions you may have about the Mary Grace menu Philippines, leave a comment below.