When most folks think of eating steak, they think of a dish that is tasty and of great quality but also expensive, which is often saved for when they are celebrating a special event. However, the Pepper Lunch menu tried to take the steak concept and transform it into a more reasonably priced, full meal that customers could have whenever they wished.

Here is the latest Pepper Lunch menu with prices in the Philippines:


Premium Steak

The Giant₱717.00
Tokusan Rib Eye Steak₱665.00
Pepper Steak₱625.00
Chicken Steak & Pepper Steak₱717.00

Premium Steak Upgrade

Upgrade to Mixed Pepper Rice₱60.00

Teriyaki & Yakiniku

Teriyaki Beef with egg₱360.00
Beef Yakiniku₱335.00
Pepper Chicken Steak with Egg₱360.00
Teriyaki Double Salmon₱425.00

Pepper Rice

Jumbo Beef Pepper Rice₱345.00
Beef Pepper Rice₱245.00
Chicken Pepper Rice₱245.00
Salmon Pepper Rice₱310.00
Curry Beef Pepper Rice with Cheese₱260.00
Teriyaki Beef Pepper Rice with Egg₱275.00
Garlic Beef Pepper Rice₱255.00

Combo Special

Meat Trio Deluxe₱390.00
BBQ Beef & Sausage₱350.00
BBQ Beef & Chicken Steak₱375.00
Salmon & Chicken Steak₱395.00
BBQ Chicken Steak & Sausage₱350.00

Cheesy Omelette

Cheesy Omelette with Beef (curry sauce)₱450.00
Cheesy Omelette with Beef (creamy brown sauce)₱450.00
Cheesy Omelette with Chicken Steak (curry sauce)₱450.00
Cheesy Omelette with Chicken Steak (creamy brown sauce)₱450.00

Cheesy Sizzling Rice

Beef (cheese curry sauce)₱455.00
Beef (cheese creamy brown sauce)₱455.00
Beef & Sausage (cheese curry sauce)₱455.00
Beef & Sausage (cheese creamy brown sauce)₱455.00
Chicken Steak (cheese curry sauce)₱455.00
Chicken Steak (cheese creamy brown sauce)₱455.00

Teppan Pasta

Beef Aglio Olio₱300.00
Chicken Aglio Olio₱300.00
Chicken Tomato Pasta₱340.00
Salmon Cream Pasta₱429.00

The restaurant has earned a reputation for its do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to cooking, in which patrons prepare their meals at their respective tables. With their mouthwatering steaks, pasta, pepper rice, and cheese curry rice offered at unbelievable pricing, the Pepper Lunch menu offers customers an experience that is both unique and memorable.

Pepper Lunch Best Sellers

Whether you’re a seasoned Pepper Lunch customer or just trying out the fast food chain for the first time, you should add some of these items to your next order.

Beef Pepper Rice

The Beef Pepper Rice is a favorite among Filipinos and a staple of the country’s Pepper Lunch. Mixing the steak, butter, and corn into the rice frying creates a satisfying meal. If you’re hungry, upgrade it to the Jumbo size or add an egg to this rice.

Pepper Lunch Beef Pepper Steak
Pepper Lunch Beef Pepper Steak

Salmon Pepper Rice

Fish eaters don’t have to worry because the Salmon Pepper Rice is another best-seller at Pepper Lunch. It’s just as tasty whether you want to grill the salmon gently or cook it in a sauce and butter. To complete your Japanese meal, try some miso soup or Kani salad.

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What is Pepper Lunch Express?

You might have seen stores with Pepper Lunch on the storefront, with some saying Pepper Lunch Express. Essentially, Pepper Lunch stores are full-service restaurants with seats inside. Pepper Lunch Express is usually smaller and set up in foodcourt settings where you buy and pay for your meal and find your seat. The prices and serving sizes on Pepper Lunch Express outlets tend to be lesser. You can check out the Pepper Lunch Express menu below – it’s slightly different from their regular menu.

Pepper Lunch Delivery

Pepper Lunch may be ordered through popular food delivery apps like Foodpanda or GrabFood if you don’t feel like going out to eat or if there isn’t a Pepper Lunch location near you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you eat a Pepper Lunch meal?

The first step is to combine the meat and egg with the rice properly. The meat should be cooked through, and the egg should have no runny parts and no translucent whites. It’s preferable to wait until the steak is fully cooked before adding the sauce so that you can tell it’s no longer raw.

If you give it a good stir, you can recreate the texture and flavor of a classic Don with some very delicious slices of beef.

What are the sauces in Pepper Lunch?

Amakuchi Honey Soy Sauce is one option. Karakuchi, a spicy garlic soy sauce, is the second option. When your sizzling hotplate is delivered to the table, you must add the sauces to your liking and combine them with the food.

Does Pepper Lunch offer desserts?

Yes, Pepper Lunch offers ice cream and seasonal desserts. However, keep in mind that the availability of dessert options may vary at Pepper Lunch Express outlets.

Pepper Lunch
Pepper Lunch

About Pepper Lunch in the Philippines

In 1990, Pepper Lunch was founded by Kunio Ichinoso, a world-class chef who envisioned a world where everyone could eat gourmet meals without the assistance of a chef. A year later, in 1995, he launched the first Pepper Lunch location in Ofuna, Kanagawa, after presenting the idea at the Hotel & Restaurant Exhibition in Tokyo.

As demand increased across Japan, new Pepper Lunch locations were created so that customers could take advantage of the notion of eating and making one’s lunch at one’s table. In June 2005, the Japan Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Department honored Pepper Lunch with a trophy for New Business Development in recognition of the company’s extraordinary success. The first Philippine outpost of this Japanese steak concept opened in Rockwell, Philippines, in 2008. Pepper Lunch now has over twenty locations around the country.

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