Tiong Bahru is a historic neighborhood in Singapore known for its unique retro vibe and its bustling wet market. It’s a major draw for native foodies and tourists seeking legitimate regional cuisine. Now that Tiong Bahru Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice is available in the Philippines, its renown will spread further. Let’s explore just what the Tiong Bahru menu has to offer.

Here is the latest Tiong Bahru Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Main Dishes

Hainanese Chicken (Half)540
Hainanese Chicken (Whole)540
Roasted Chicken (Half)980
Roasted Chicken (Whole)980

Single Servings

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Single Serving)295
Roasted Chicken Rice (Single Serving)295
Hainanese Rice (1 Cup)70
Hainanese Rice (2 Cups)135
Jasmine Rice60

Side Dishes

Veggie Fritters165
Broccoli with Oyster Sauce240
Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce220
TB Style Chicken Feet Skin195
Kailan with Oyster Sauce230
TB Style Fried Tofu230

Add Ons

Extra Sweet Soy Sauce 40g30
Extra Chili Ginger Sauce 40 g30
Extra Ginger Sauce 40g30
Side Soup35


Assorted Platter485
Fish Tofu195
Squid Tempura195
Curry Chicken (Quarter)380
Chicken Curry (Half)690
Vegetable Curry520
Fish Head Curry888
Fish Tail Curry888
Mayonnaise Chicken285
Lemon Chicken285
Curry Chicken Noodle 250
Chicken Congee with Century Egg250


Avocado Smoothie130
Ripe Mango Smoothie130
Ripe Mango Shake120
Coke Zero85
Singaporean Lemon Iced Tea120
Barley Blend120
Green Mango Shake120
Red Bean with Fresh Coconut Milk130
Coke Regular85
Distilled Bottled Water 500 ml55
San Miguel Pale Pilsen99
San Miguel Light99

Tiong Bahru Menu

Tiong Bahru is well-known for serving a boneless version of the traditional Hainanese chicken rice dish. They also provide other traditional Singaporean hawker food, such as curries, tofu, and all the other delectable items that contributed to their receipt of the Michelin Bib Gourmand distinction, which is well deserved.

Tiong Bahru Bestsellers

Hainanese Chicken Rice

Make sure you sample some of the Hainanese Chicken Rice while you’re in Tiong Bahru since it’s legendary. The chicken skin is light and delicate. It virtually melted in the mouth, although it was not as fat as its Singaporean cousin. The chicken is tender but does not have the robust flavor you would have been expecting; nonetheless, the rice more than makes up for this shortfall.

My secret trick is combining the chilies, ginger, and hoisin sauces. You’ll get a bite of delicious, real Hainanese Chicken Rice that is truly worthy of being served in Tiong Bahru if you dab the sauce mix over the boneless chicken. Cucumbers and tomatoes provide crispness, while coriander imparts freshness.

Hainanese Chicken 1
Hainanese Chicken

Fish Head Curry

Not all foodies love fish heads. If you’re dining in Tiong Bahru, don’t knock their Fish Head Curry until you’ve tried it. 

The fish head is tender and hearty, and it floats in a rich, perfectly thick, and somewhat spicy coconut-based sauce. The veggies and the fried beancurd skin provide unique textures, while the tangy tomatoes round off the dish. It’s almost ideal, but for the fact that some may miss the sweetness that is often included in Filipino curries. The steaming rice and gelatin from the fish head will always make for a delicious meal.

Fish Head And Tail Curry 1
Fish Head And Tail Curry

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Curry Chicken Noodle

Curry Chicken Noodle is another Singaporean staple that you may order here. It is a bowl of noodles served in a curry-flavored broth with chicken. Although Laksa usually steals the show, you should try this one.

The aroma will transport you to the famous hawker centers in Singapore. The broth is best described as silky, flavorful, somewhat salty, and mildly spicy. The noodles are supple, and the chicken is the same kind they use for their chicken rice. The egg, fried beancurd peel and potatoes round out the textural profile. It’s one of the best noodle dishes I’ve tried, and I wholeheartedly recommend you try it out.

Chicken Curry Noodle 1
Chicken Curry Noodle

Tiong Bahru Delivery

Tiong Bahru has a website (https://www.tiongbahru.ph/menu) that doubles as an online ordering system, so you may have their excellent food delivered right to your door. You may order your go-to items there and keep tabs on the delivery progress. You can also reach them at 09270249187 or look for them on meal delivery apps like Foodpanda and GrabFood to place an order. Availability might be conditional depending on your location.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can I use to order through the Tiong Bahru website?

You can use debit cards, VISA and Mastercard credit cards, GCash, or GrabPay. Cash on Delivery is only available after three successful deliveries from the primary address registered on their system.

Is it safe to input my payment details into the website?

Yes. Tiong Bahru accepts payments using the Paymongo portal. With Paymongo, you don’t have to worry about fraud since their sophisticated fraud detection engines prevent 99.9% of it.

Tiong Bahru Hotlines
Tiong Bahru Hotlines

About Tiong Bahru in the Philippines

Tiong Bahru is Singapore’s oldest estate, a charming neighborhood with an unusual blend of old and contemporary. Long lines form daily at TIONG BAHRU HAINANESE BONELESS CHICKEN RICE, honored with a Michelin Bib Gourmand Award for five years running (2017, 2018, 2019, 2021, and 2022).

First established in Singapore by Chefs Koh Kim Hock and Cheong Weng Wah, genuine Singaporean Hawker fare is now available in Manila. In August 2019, it had its first overseas franchise location in the Met Live Mall on the second floor at Macapagal Avenue and EDSA Extension in Pasay City, Philippines.

To further serve its community, Tiong Bahru has opened five new locations in recent years: one in Salcedo Village, Makati; one in Scout Torillo, Quezon City; one in BGC’s Uptown Place Mall in Taguig City; one in Pasig City’s Estancia East Wing Mall; and one in Muntinlupa City’s Alabang Town Center.

Tiong Bahru Restaurant Pasay
Tiong Bahru Restaurant Pasay

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