Yabu: House of Katsu introduced high-quality Japanese Katsu to the Filipino taste, and as a result, the restaurant quickly became a household name in the Metro Manila dining scene. Japanese katsu master Chef Kazuya Tekada has educated the cooks at Yabu to make nothing but flawlessly cooked katsu in their Yabu menu.

Here is the latest Yabu menu with prices in the Philippines:


Appetizers and Salad

Furikake Fries₱245.00
Korokke Tamago₱250.00
Chckien Salad₱330.00
Agedashi Tofu₱255.00
Mozzarella Katsu Sticks₱320.00
Cold Appetizers (Wakame and Potato & Egg Salad)₱245.00
Cold Appetizers (Wakame and Wakame)₱245.00
Cold Appetizers (Potato & Egg Salad and Potato Egg Salad)₱245.00

New Masterclass Creations

Kazuya Katsu Curry
Rosu Kurobuta₱780.00

Katsu Sets

Premium Korubuta Sets

Rosu Kurobuta Katsu Set (Pork Loin) 120G₱765.00

Regular Katsu Sets

Rosu (Pork Loin) Sets 180G₱490.00
Rosu (Pork Loin) Sets 120G₱430.00
Rosu (Pork Loin) Sets 80G₱390.00
Hire (Pork Tenderloin) Sets 120G₱450.00
Hire (Pork Tenderloin) Sets 80G₱415.00
Chicken Sets 180G₱440.00
Chicken Sets 120G₱405.00
Chicken Sets 80G₱375.00

Menchi Katsu Sets

Menchi Katsu Set₱430.00
Tori Menchi Katsu Set₱435.00

Seafood Katsu Sets

Salmon Katsu Set₱655.00
Prawn Katsu set₱610.00
Ebi Patty Set₱525.00
Cream Dory Katsu Set 180G₱475.00
Cream Dory Katsu Set 120G₱420.00
Cream Dory Katsu Set 80G₱390.00

Katsu Pairs

Rosu & Prawns₱590.00
Rosu & Oyster₱595.00
Hire & Salmon₱585.00
Hire & Tori Menchi₱435.00
Chicken & Menchi₱435.00
Chicken & Dory₱425.00

Deluxe Mixed Katsu Sets

Deluxe Mixed Set₱715.00
Deluxe Seafood Mixed Set₱715.00

Katsu Curry

Rosu Kurobuta₱795.00
Cream Dory₱435.00
Add Fried Egg₱60.00

Original Katsudon Sets

Prawn & Cream Dory₱515.00

Special Katsudon Sets

Prawn & Cream Dory₱460.00

Katsu Baos

Chicken Katsu Bao₱145.00
Ebi Patty Bao₱145.00
Menchi Katsu Bao₱145.00

Donburi Sets

Salmon Don Set₱685.00
Gyudon Set₱545.00


Signature Oyakodon₱495.00

Katsu Add-Ons

Layu Sauce₱70.00
Fried Egg₱60.00
Curry Sauce₱115.00
Kazuya Curry Sauce₱150.00


Vanila Lava Cake₱230.00
Extra Vanilla Ice Cream Scoop₱75.00
Hire (60G)₱190.00
Rosu (60G)₱190.00
Chicken (60G)₱180.00
Menchi (60G)₱190.00
Tori Menchi (60G)₱185.00
Salmon (60G)₱290.00
Prawn (1PC)₱180.00
Hiroshima Oyster₱230.00
Cream Dory (60G)₱180.00


Bottomless Drinks (House Blend Iced Tea)₱140.00
Bottomless Drinks (Lychee and Peach Iced Tea)₱140.00
Bottomless Drinks (Lemonade)₱140.00
Shakes (Ripe Mango)₱145.00
Shakes (Green Mango)₱145.00
Shakes (Pineapple)₱145.00
Shakes (Watermelon)₱145.00
Canned Soda (Coke Regular)₱100.00
Canned Soda (Coke Light)₱100.00
Canned Soda (Coke Zero)₱100.00
Canned Soda (Sprite)₱100.00
Bottled Water: Hope in a Bottle₱60.00
Asahi Beer₱190.00
San Miguel Beer Pale₱120.00
San Miguel Beer Light₱120.00
Sapporo Beer₱190.00
Yabu Menu
Yabu Menu

Yabu’s continued success may be largely attributed to their unwavering consistency. Yabu has used only the finest ingredients in its Katsu meals for over a decade. To ensure their Katsu meals always have the classic, heaven-sent flavor that keeps customers coming back, Yabu always sticks to the original recipe.

In addition, Yabu offers its delectable Katsu meals with unlimited portions of their famous Koshihikari Rice, which complements the flavorful mix of the Katsu and sauces wonderfully.

Yabu Best Sellers

Where can we even begin with all the delicious Katsu options at Yabu?

Let’s start with Yabu’s two most beloved meals: the Rosu and Hire Katsu Sets.

These two Tonkatsus are Yabu’s most popular items, and they include thick and meaty pork cutlets that have been breaded in fresh panko and fried till golden brown. Hire is a lean pork cutlet, whereas Rosu has had quite a bit of fat trimmed off to enhance the flavor, but that’s the only difference between the two. All you need is some Yabu’s Koshihikari White Rice, some shredded cabbage, some miso soup, and some of their divine Tonkatsu Sauce, and you’ll be set for the day.

Yabu Katsu
Yabu Katsu

In addition to Yabu’s famous Tonkatsu Sets, we recommend trying one of their other Katsu Sets, such as the Chicken, Salmon, Prawn, or Menchi.

It’s worth your time to sample some of Yabu’s many appetizers, including the Agedashi Tofu, cold appetizers, and the restaurant’s signature dish, the Mozzarella Katsu Sticks.

The Oyakodon is another Japanese staple that is available in Yabu. The chicken and eggs on top of the rice make for a delicious meal. Choose from Yabu’s Traditional Oyakodon or their Signature Oyakodon, which comes with Chicken Katsu and an egg.

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What is the Yabu Sauce?

You’ll be given a bowl of sesame seeds to crush to unleash their aroma as you wait for your food. This gives customers something to do while they wait and keeps the katsu sauce tasting its best. You should follow the grinding process with two or three generous scoops of their specialty tonkatsu sauce.

Yabu Katsu Sauce
Yabu Katsu Sauce

Yabu Delivery

There are more than 30 Yabu restaurants in the Philippines, but you can still get your favorite foods delivered to your door using GrabFood. Thankfully, Yabu is one of the many establishments in the country that has joined an online delivery platform since the COVID-19 outbreak began in March 2020.

Most Yabu locations provide long-distance delivery, so you may order from them regardless of where you are within the metro area.

Yabu Branches

Here are the branches of Yabu:

  • SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City: 631-1191
  • SM North Edsa, Quezon City: 351-6983
  • Robinsons Magnolia, Quezon City: 961-4975
  • SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City: 511-7202
  • SM Southmall, Las Pinas City: 551-3511
  • SM Aura Premier, Taguig City: 556-1001
  • Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa: 551-4195
  • Glorietta 5, Makati City: 823-6903
  • Powerplant Mall, Makati City: 241-4872

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unlimited sides at Yabu?

Yes, Yabu has unlimited sides in their Katsu Sets. These refillable sides include shredded cabbage, fruit slices, miso soup, and the special katsu sauce. Remember that not all dishes have these unlimited sides, as it’s usually offered in certain Katsu Sets.

Is there a proper way to make my tonkatsu sauce?

The bowl has ridges inside, so make sure not to pound the sesame seeds with the pestle but to move and grind it down firmly. Make sure to use your chopsticks instead of the pestle to mix the sauce and the sesame seeds.

Yabu House Of Katsu Restaurant
Yabu House Of Katsu Restaurant

About Yabu in the Philippines

John Concepcion and his partners, katsu chef Kazuya Takeda, head chef of Tokyo’s Tonkatsu Takeshin, and restaurateur Teiji Nakamura, came up with the idea for Yabu.

The Yabu menu concept as the first dish-specific katsu restaurant in Manila came to the restaurant’s creator, John Concepcion, in 2006 while he was seated in a little Katsu restaurant beneath a railway station in Japan. In 2011, Yabu debuted its first restaurant in SM Megamall, quickly becoming a popular spot. Within the subsequent three months, they opened a second location. By July 2014, Yabu had become the most popular katsu restaurant in the country, having sold its millionth katsu.

Talk To Yabu Filipino Staff

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