For a long time, Alex the III has been a go-to for those craving authentic Filipino food. It was founded by the same visionaries that launched the successful Philippine restaurant chain Aristocrat. Alex the III is a legendary figure in the business due to their long and successful career. The restaurant has an air of refined elegance that is both traditional and endearing to its diners. Let’s explore why people of all social and professional backgrounds keep returning for Alex the III menu favorites.

Here is the latest Alex III menu with prices in the Philippines:



Sizzling Sisig399
Calamares Fritos485
Chicharon Bulaklak304
Kilawin Tanigue359
Tokwa't Baboy250
Chicharon Balat ng Manok279
Kilawin Tuna359

Soup and Salad

Sotanghon Soup135
Mushroom Soup135
Caesar Salad350
Barbecue Salad Bowl455


Chopsuey Special (Half)355
Chopsuey Special (Whole)615
Pinakbet na Bagnet (Half)365
Pinakbet na Bagnet (Whole)625
Bicol Express sa Bagnet (Half)365
Bicol Express sa Bagnet (Whole)625
Fresh or Fried Lumpia Ubod210
Bicol Laing295


Pancit Palabok320
Pancit Canton (Half)395
Pancit Canton (Whole)620
Sotanghon Guisado360


Steamed Rice75
Java Rice95
Garlic Rice85
Japanese Fried Rice189
Shanghai Rice140

Bestselling Barbecues

Classic Chicken Barbecue (3pcs)389
Classic Chicken Barbecue (2pcs)339
Boneless Chicken Barbecue339
Double Boneless Chicken Barbecue559
Mixed Boneless Chicken and Pork Barbecue405
Premium Pork Barbecue315
Boneless Chicken Barbecue and Prawns699

Old Time Favorites

Inihaw na SMB (Salmon, Manok, Baboy)559
Inihaw na Baboy359
Lengua with Mushroom Gravy625
Boneless Fried Chicken in a Basket375
Lumpiang Shanghai (Half)240
Lumpiang Shanghai (Whole)405
Crispy Bagnet520
Chicken and Pork Adobo585
Kare-Kare Beef Shortribs (Half)465
Kare-Kare Beef Shortribs (Whole)785
Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Half)465
Kare-Kareng Bagnet (Whole)785
Kare-Kareng Oxtail (Half)495
Kare-Kareng Oxtail (Whole)815
Crispy Pata 895

Seafood Choices

Paksiw na Boneless Bangus400
Grilled Prawns 559
Cameron Rebosado (Half)400
Camaron Rebosado (Whole)750
Adobong Pusit (Half)550
Crispy Boneless Bangus595
Grilled Salmon695
Whole Crispy Boneless Lapu-Lapu in Sweet anad Sour Sauce795
Whole Crispy Boneless Pampano with Mango Salsa765
Tanigue Salpicao659

Premium Steak Specialties

Angus Ribeye950
Tenderloin Steak Ala Pobre850
Tenderloin Steak and Grilled Prawns920
Tenderloin Salpicao679

Hotpot Specialties

Hototai Soup (Half)360
Hototai Soup (Whole)545
Sinigang na Ribs ng Baboy sa Sampaloc (Half)395
Sinigang na Ribs ng Baboy sa Sampaloc (Whole)675
Sinigang na Ribs ng Baboy sa Bayabas (Half)395
Sinigang na Ribs ng Baboy sa Bayabas (Whole)675
Sinigang na Boneless Bangus sa Miso (Half)365
Sinigang na Boneless Bangus sa Miso (Whole)675
Sinigang na Boneless Bangus sa Bayabas (Half)365
Sinigang na Boneless Bangus sa Bayabas (Whole)675
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso (Half)395
Sinigang na Salmon sa Miso (Whole)720
Sinigang na Sugpo sa Sampaloc675

All Day Merienda

Arrozcaldong Manok315
Tokwa't Baboy250
Adobo Flying Saucer195

All Day Breakfast

Garlic Pork Adobo435
Chicken Adobo395
Corned Beef Guisado295
Daing na Bangus330
Garlic Longganisa355
Tenderloin Tapa440


Puto Bumbong149
Pandan Jellied Tapioca149
Leche Flan129
Halo-Halo Regular159
Halo-Halo Special219
Saba Con Hielo149
A Scoop of Ice Cream119


Canned Softdrinks99
Bottled Water89
Tropicana Buko Juice119
Dalandan Juice119
Gulaman at Sago129
Bottomless Iced Tea119
Ripe Mango Shake199
San Miguel Pale Pilsen119
San Miguel Beer Light119
Hot Tea99
Hot Chocolate159
Brewed Coffee139
Pineapple Juice119

Instant Celebration Menu

Set 13500
Set 23500
Set 3

Celebration Trays

Boneless Chicken Barbecue Strips1800
Premium Pork Barbecue1250
Chicken Barbecue1250
Lengua with Mushroom Gravy1900
Tenderloin Salpicao1900
Kare-Kare Oxtail2000
Kare-Kare Shortribs1900
Kare-Kare Bagnet1900
Special Pancit Canton1300
Sotanghon Guisado1300
Pancit Palabok with Tokwa't Baboy130
Pinakbet sa Bagnet1700
Fresh Lumpia Ubod960
Pork Dinuguan with Puto1150
Chicken Barabecue Salad1700
Adobo Flying Saucer1300
Java Rice750
Tanigue Salpicao1900

Pre- Order Celebration Trays (Order 2 Days in Advance)

One Whole Chicken De Leche4200
Chicken Relleno2400
Pastel De Lengua2600
Roast Pork with Mushroom Gravy2200
Chicken Adobo1600
Pork Adobo1600
Fish Mediterranean 2200
Fish Fillet with Lemon Caper Sauce2000
Fillet of Lapu-Lapu in Sweet and Sour Sauce2000

Blowout Box

Barbecue Blowout336.25
Barkada Barbecue Blowout1248.75

Sashimi and Sushi

Tuna Sashimi434.5
Kani Sashimi328.9
Tuna Suhsi337.7
Kani Sushi317.9

Maki Selection

Crab Salad Roll Maki361.9
California Maki337.7
Alex III Roll Maki482.9

Alex The III Menu

The famed Aristocrat’s sibling restaurant has been dishing up similar dishes for years, and fans may enjoy them just as much. Appetizers, soups and salads, vegetables, noodles, rice, barbecues, old-school favorites, seafood, steaks, hotpots, merienda, all-day breakfast, desserts, and drinks make up the Alex III menu. This eatery also offers traditional Asian cuisine, including sushi, sashimi, and maki. These mouthwatering dishes provide a memorable eating experience you won’t soon forget.

Alex The III Bestsellers

Classic Chicken Barbecue

Alex III’s grilled chicken is a staple that has stood the test of time thanks to their unique marinade. The chicken is marinated and cooked to perfection, so it stays delicate and juicy while yet keeping its delicious flavor. This classic meal has won the hearts of diners of all ages because of its irresistible combination of flavors and textures. Two- and three-piece servings are available, each of which is a hearty helping. 

You can also check out Aristocrat’s Chicken BBQ, something similar yet different 😉

Pinakbet sa Bagnet

The dish has always been a diner favorite. Squash, string beans, okra, and other vegetables are cooked in a flavorful sauce to make the vegetable dish pinakbet. The mouthwatering pinakbet is garnished with slices of crispy bagnet. The marriage of these popular meals consistently fulfills guests’ desires. Although I don’t like dishes that are mostly vegetables, my partner appeared to like it a lot.

Pinakbet Sa Bagnet
Pinakbet Sa Bagnet

Tenderloin Salpicao

Definitely choose this premium steak special, which is a perfectly grilled tenderloin with a side of vegetables and a special sauce. The lunch consists of crisp Caesar salad, soup of your choosing, tasty rice, and a delicious dessert. If you want to enhance the taste of your dinner, consider pairing it with garlic rice. This bestseller is a must-try for everyone.

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Old-Time Favorites

Popular Filipino cuisine eaten in households around the country may be found on Alex III’s Old Time Favorites menu. These tried-and-true recipes have stood the test of time because they consistently provide satisfying results. Try their Short Ribs Kare-Kare, Bagnet Kare-Kare, or Oxtail Kare-Kare. The menu has grilled pork and SMB (Salmon, Manok, Baboy), chicken and pork adobo, crispy pata, lumpiang shanghai, crispy bagnet, boneless fried chicken in a basket, and lengua with mushroom gravy are just a few of the typical Filipino favorites that will round off your dinner. Alex III is where you go to relive your fondest childhood meal memories.

Alex III Delivery

Alex III restaurant’s delicious dishes may be enjoyed without stress since home ordering has never been simpler. You can order from GrabFood and FoodPanda with a few clicks. You may get their renowned roast beef or other delicious delicacies from home. Online ordering lets you have Alex III’s best dishes delivered to your door. You can also call the individual branches to place your orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many branches does Alex the III have?

Alex the III has three branches as of writing. They are present in: Greenhills, South Fairview, and Tomas Morato. They are open from 11 AM to 9 PM.

What are their contact numbers?

Each branch has its distinct contact numbers, listed below:

  • Greenhills: 8726-4444, 8724-0882, 8724-7794, 0939-252-1112
  • Tomas Morato: 8371-1414, 8371-1415, 8371-1416, 0939-629-3596
  • South Fairview: 8376-6286, 8376-5179, 8275-8139, 0947-699-0330

About Alex III in the Philippines

Alex Iii 1
Alex III

One of the grandchildren of Aristocrat restaurant’s original owners, Justice Alexander “Alex” Reyes and Engracia “Asiang” Reyes, founded Alex III. Inspired by the household patriarch, Alex III continues the culinary history of its forebears in the Reyes family. The restaurant serves a wide variety of traditional and fan-favorite Filipino cuisine. All of the dishes are cooked in the same manner that the matriarch of the Reyes family did back in the day. The restaurant’s cream-colored walls, soft lighting, and wooden furnishings create a cozy, homey atmosphere. Diners can get a feel for how Filipinos relax with family and friends over a delicious dinner thanks to the restaurant’s intimate vibe.

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