With Coco Ichibanya, you may customize your curry order any way you like. First, decide how much rice you’d like with your meal, then pick how spicy you’d want the curry sauce, and last, pick one of several available entrees.

For an extra charge, you can “upgrade” your set menu by adding your choice of soups, salads, beverages, or desserts. The Coco Ichibanya menu is an experience on top of the meal, and it’s certainly worth a try.

Here is the latest Coco Ichibanya menu with prices in the Philippines:



Fried Shrimp Salad₱310.00
Mixed Salad₱260.00
Fried Chicken Salad₱300.00
Sausage Salad₱300.00
Fried Squid Salad₱280.00
Corn Salad₱160.00
Tuna Salad₱180.00
Egg Salad₱160.00


Chicken Nuggets₱220.00
French Fries₱190.00
Seafood Basket₱290.00


Shrimp Curry Rice Gratin₱360.00
Chicken Curry Rice Gratin₱340.00
Spinach & Eggplant Curry Rice Gratin₱300.00


Multigrain Rice₱30.00
Turmeric Rice₱30.00

Naan Bread

Naan Bread₱230.00
Currey Naan Bread Set₱290.00

Omelette Curry

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry₱420.00
Clam & Tomato Omelette Curry₱420.00
Beef Omelette Curry₱490.00
Fried Chicken Omelette Curry₱420.00
Vegetable Omelette Curry₱330.00
Okra Tofu Omelette Curry₱300.00
Stewed Shrimp Omelette Curry₱370.00
Creamed Mushroom Omelette Curry₱390.00
Creamed Chicken Omelette Curry₱390.00

Vegetable Curry

Vegetable Curry (Regular Rice)₱290.00
Vegetable Curry (Multigrain Rice)₱320.00
Vegetable Curry (Turmeric Rice)₱320.00
Kimchi Curry₱260.00
Okra Tofu Curry₱260.00
Eggplant Curry₱260.00
Spinach Curry₱260.00

Seafood Curry

Shrimp Cutlet Curry₱390.00
Stewed Shrimp Curry₱330.00
Fried Fish Curry₱360.00
Seafood Curry₱380.00
Fried Shrimp Curry₱390.00
Fried Squid Curry₱360.00
Clam Curry₱330.00

Meat Curry

Pork/Chicken Cutlet Curry Regular Rice₱380.00
Pork/Chicken Cutlet Curry Multigrain Rice₱410.00
Pork/Chicken Cutlet Curry Turmeric Rice₱410.00
Fried Chicken Curry₱380.00
Stewed Chicken Curry₱330.00
Hamburg Steak Curry₱360.00
Hamburg Steak with Cheese Curry₱390.00
Grilled Pork with Kimchi Curry₱330.00
Beef Curry₱450.00
Meatballs Curry₱380.00
Sausage Curry₱380.00
Sliced Beef Curry₱330.00
Sliced Pork Curry₱300.00


Natto Curry₱290.00
Cheese Curry₱300.00
Scrambled Egg Curry₱260.00
Mushroom Curry₱330.00
Creamed Croquette Curry₱330.00

Mixed Curry

Pork Cutlet and Vegetable Curry₱120.00
Fried Fish, Spinach & Stewed Shrimp Curry (regular rice)₱550.00
Fried Fish, Spinach & Stewed Shrimp Curry (multigrain rice)₱580.00
Fried Fish, Spinach & Stewed Shrimp Curry (turmeric rice)₱580.00
Pork Cutlet & Cheese Curry₱480.00
Beef Vegetable Curry₱540.00
Fried Fish & Vegetable Curry₱450.00
Hamburg Steak, Spinach & Tomato Curry₱470.00
Eggplant, Vegetable & Spinach Curry₱410.00
Clam, Spinach & Tomato Curry₱440.00
Hamburg Steak & Tomato Curry₱410.00
Vegetable & Spinach Curry₱350.00
Fried Fish & Spinach Curry₱420.00
Scrambled Egg & Creamed Croquette Curry₱390.00
Creamed Croquette & Cheese Curry₱430.00

Rice Options

150g Regular Rice₱20.00
150g Multigrain₱10.00
150g Turmeric₱10.00
250g Regular Rice₱20.00
250g Multigrain₱30.00
250g Turmeric₱30.00
350g Regular Rice₱40.00
350g Multigrain₱70.00
350g Turmeric₱70.00
450g Regular Rice₱80.00
450g Multigrain₱110.00
450g Turmeric₱110.00
550g Regular Rice₱120.00
550g Multigrain₱150.00
550g Turmeric₱150.00


Boiled Egg₱40.00
Half Boiled Egg₱50.00
Scrambled Egg₱60.00
Okra Tofu₱60.00
Mixed Cheese₱100.00
Sliced Pork₱100.00
Creamed Croquette₱130.00
Grilled Pork & Kimchi₱130.00
Sliced Beef₱130.00
Stewed Chicken₱130.00
Stewed Shrimp₱130.00
Fried Fish₱160.00
Hamburg Steak₱160.00
Fried Squid₱160.00
Fried Chicken₱180.00
Japanese Sausage₱180.00
Cheese Hamburg Steak₱190.00
Shrimp Cutlet₱190.00
Fried Shrimp₱190.00

Set Menu Add-ons

Choice of 2 items (Soup of the day, Mini Salad, Drink, or 2 kinds of Ice Cream)₱120.00
Choice of 3 items (Soup of the day, Mini Salad, Drink, or 2 kinds of Ice Cream)₱140.00
Choice of 4 items (Soup of the day, Mini Salad, Drink, or 2 kinds of Ice Cream)₱160.00
Changed dessert to triple scoop₱50.00

Cocoichi Curry Udon

Curry Udon₱340.00
Curry Udon (Onsen Egg)₱390.00
Curry Udon (Rice Bowl)₱390.00
Curry Udon (Rice Bowl-15 grain rice)₱420.00


Shrimp Cutlet₱190.00
Pork Cutlet₱180.00
Chicken Cutlet₱180.00
Fried Chicken₱180.00
Creamed Croquette₱130.00
Fried Fish₱160.00
Fried Squid₱160.00


Coffee Jelly₱100.00
Ice Cream-2 flavors₱100.00
Ice Cream-3 flavors₱150.00


Bottled Water₱40.00
Coke/Coke Light₱80.00
Sparkling Water₱100.00
Orange Juice₱100.00
Calamansi Iced Tea₱100.00
Calamansi Juice₱100.00
Calamansi Soda₱100.00
Apple Juice₱100.00
Lemon Tea₱100.00
Milk Tea₱100.00

Coffee Float Creations

Cookies & Cream Iced Coffee Float₱150.00
Chocomilk Iced Coffee Float₱150.00
Brown Caramel Iced Coffee Float₱150.00

Pearl Milk Tea Refreshers

Hokkaido Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00
Okinawa Pearl Milk Tea with Cream Mousse₱180.00
Taro Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00

Extra Topping

Cream Mousse₱40.00
Nata de Coco₱40.00
Coffee Jelly₱40.00

Coco Ichibanya specializes in authentic, “fire-hot,” and delectable Japanese curry meals. Thanks to this curry-savvy restaurant, you can get “real deal” set dinners with varying degrees of spice, from moderate to extremely spicy. If you want to wipe away sweat and tears, be sure to have extra napkins on hand, or even better, ask for wet tissue.

Coco Ichibanya Best Sellers

You may tailor your curry to your tastes, and there are choices for folks who don’t eat meat or rice. Providing a genuine and unadulterated taste of Japanese curry, most ingredients are brought from Japan.

Pork Cutlet Omelette Curry

A delightful and unexpected treat, this omelette curry is stuffed with hot Japanese rice and is soft and airy. It is the perfect accompaniment to the crispy pork cutlet. You have the option of customizing the heat level of your curry sauce as well.

Hamburger Curry

You might want to give this a shot if you like beef burgers. Even if the patty may not be the best out there, when combined with the mouthwatering curry, this dish is one of the best found on the Coco Ichiban menu.

Shrimp Cutlet

Although it was called a shrimp patty, it didn’t look like processed, breaded shrimp. Instead, you might find yourself pleasantly pleased to find juicy pieces of real shrimp hidden among the Panko. You can have it with a portion of sausage, which goes particularly well with the curry sauce’s cheese and mushrooms.

Pari Pari Chicken Curry

Pari Pari Chicken Curry is popular because of its mildly spicy curry sauce. The aroma transports you to a tropical paradise without booking a trip. The chicken was flawlessly cooked. The meat is delicious and tender, and the skin retains its crispiness. The heat level is just right; it wouldn’t overpower the dish.

Shrimp Curry Rice Gratin

If you’re looking for a little out-of-the-ordinary dish, try the Shrimp Curry Rice Gratin. The somewhat sweet flavor of this Japanese curry rice gratin pairs wonderfully with the shrimp. However, the heat level cannot be modified during cooking, unlike other Coco Ichibanya meals. Curry powder is already on the table, so spice aficionados can add that if they feel the need.

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Coco Ichibanya Delivery

If you’re craving Coco Ichibanya menu items but are too busy or just want to stay home, you can have your favorites delivered to your doorstep. Simply open your favorite delivery app like GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Pick-a-Roo, search for Coco Ichibanya, and pay using your preferred payment method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coco Ichibanya have a world record?

As the largest curry franchise in the world, with more than 1,400 locations, Curry House CoCo Ichibanya has been honored with a Guinness World Records title.

How much do Coco Ichibanya meals cost?

Coco Ichibanya can cost ₱44 to ₱1177. The cheapest you can get is a bottle of water at ₱44 up to the ₱1177 Family Set D, which comprises a Shrimp Cutlet, Cheese Hamburg Steak, Fried Chicken, and Creamed Croquette.

About Coco Ichibanya in the Philippines

CoCoICHI is short for “CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA,” a chain of restaurants that serves curry rice in the manner popularized in Japan.  Approximately 40 different toppings and rice sizes are available for your CoCoICHI curry, and many people prefer designing their own unique dish.

Three little stores in a Nagoya neighborhood among rice fields gave birth to the “CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA” in 1978. Supported by a loyal consumer base over the past four decades, they continue to expand through different continents.

All in all, the brand has direct and franchise restaurants in eleven different countries and territories, including the USA, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vietnam, the UK, the Philippines, Japan, and India.

Franchised by Hubert Young of UCC Philippines and Mitsuyado Seimen renown, the very first store in Manila ultimately opened on Basement 1 of Estancia Mall.

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