If you’re a yogurt fan, you undoubtedly have your favorite brand you always turn to first. Some prefer the tin-lid grocery version for a more intense yogurt flavor, while others prefer the colder, lighter soft-serve variety. Some people choose smooth beverages in tetra packs for a quick yogurt boost. The Koomi menu makes it possible to have all of them in one satisfying drink.

Here is the latest Koomi menu with prices in the Philippines:


Kilig Kombo Series

Jack of All Dates yogurt x langka x dates170
You're All I Avo Wanted yogurt x avocado x mango185
Kitkat to Believe in Berries yogurt x made with kitkat strawberry185
That’s Taro-Rific yogurt x taro x purple rice155
Havana Go-Nana175

Koomi Yogurt Cake

Avo Nice Day Yogurt Cake yogurt x avocado almond dacquoise pistachio175
Will Ube Mine? Yogurt Cake yogurt x macapuno strips ube x almond dacquoise desiccated coconut175
Waterberry Wonder Yogurt Cake yogurt x strawberry watermelon x pistachio almond dacquoise175
Mango Choco Yogurt Cake yogurt x mango x almond dacquoise chocolate175

Best Sellers

Stick-On-Me Purple Rice yogurt x purple rice125
Will Ube Mine? Yogurt x ube x nata cheese foam 170
Mango Moo yogurt x mango155
Avo Nice Day yogurt x avocado185
Cookies N Dream yogurt x cookies 135
You're The Berry Best yogurt x strawberry155


Kitkat You Outta My Head yogurt x made with Kitkat chocolate180
Berry Kiwissable yogurt x kiwi x strawberry175
Banana Boombastic Nuttella Fantastic yogurt x banana x Nuttela180
Banana Dance With Some Berries yogurrt x blueberry strawberry x banana175
I'm Berry Blue Without You yogurt x blueberry175
Nuts About You yogurt x almon pistachio170
Mango Cracker Rocker yogurt x mango x graham170
A Melon Reasons Why I Lychee yogurt x lychee x melon145
Chocnut Ka Biscoff? Yogurt x chonut x biscoff175
Simply Koomi yogurt x fruit honey120

Koomi Froyo

Simply Koomi Froyo (Without Toppings) Small99
Simply Koomi Froyo (Without Toppings) Medium129
Simply Koomi Froyo (Without Toppings) Large159
Waterberry Wonder Froyo (Without Toppings) Small109
Waterberry Wonder Froyo (Without Toppings) Medium139
Waterberry Wonder Froyo (Without Toppings) Large169
Simply Koomi Froyo (With Toppings) Small129
Simply Koomi Froyo (With Toppings) Medium179
Simply Koomi Froyo (With Toppings) Large219
Waterberry Wonder Froyo (With Toppings) Small139
Waterberry Wonder Froyo (With Toppings) Medium189
Waterberry Wonder Froyo (With Toppings) Large229

Add Ons

Purple Rice20
Cheese Foam40
Boba Pearl30
Red Bean20
Dragon Fruit30
Cookies N Dream25
Popping Boba30
Dark Choco25
Aloe Jelly30
Apple Juice40
Orange Jam40
Strawberry Mochi40
Koomi Menu 1
Koomi Menu 1

Australian company Koomi has made a name in the probiotic yogurt drink market with its line of delicious, healthful, and freshly made beverages. Koomi provides two different yogurt bases, one with a stronger and sourer taste profile (Australian) and a second with a sweeter flavor profile (Filipino), to appeal to the local market.

Koomi Yogurt
Koomi Yogurt

Koomi Best Sellers

Below are some of the crowd-favorites on Koomi’s menu.

Stick-On-Me Purple Rice

When first trying the Koomi brand, the Koomi Purple Sticky Rice is the best option. At first taste, it’s easy to understand why this is one of their most well-liked recipes. It’s simple and drinks quite smoothly. Not only that but using purple rice in a drink is a novel take on a culturally significant staple food in a country where white rice is revered. And the rice makes it a hearty drink.


The langka (also known as jackfruit), cashews, cream cheese, and a base of fresh yogurt are combined to make this deliciously refreshing beverage. Likely, the jackfruit tastes aren’t as strong as you’d want them to be, but the cashew pieces provide a delightfully chewy texture that makes the drinking experience more pleasant.

Banana Dance with Some Berries

If you’re the kind of person who can’t help but swoon over blueberries and strawberries, The Banana Dance with Some Berries is a no-brainer. When mixed with fresh yogurt and natural honey at Koomi, these ingredients create a rare and delightful sweetness and acidity. Remember that this drink is more sour than sweet, and we would not advocate it to anybody with a sweet tooth.

Koomi Mango
Koomi Mango

Mango Moo

Koomi’s Mango Moo is another tart product that combines flavorful yellow mangoes, fruit honey, and drinkable yogurt. To hear it from Koomi’s top executive, this matches the rice and nata de coco add-on offerings well. It’s reminiscent of the mango sticky rice popular in Thailand, but not quite as much.

Koomi Oreo
Koomi Oreo

Cookies ‘N Dream

To balance out our previous entries, here’s something for those with a sweet tooth. Oreo cookies and yogurt may not seem like a natural pairing, but the sweetness of the fruit honey and cookies will help to balance out the tang of the yogurt.

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Mango Choco Moo Yogurt Cake

The Mango Choco Moo is what you’d get if a mango float and a chocolate mousse had a kid. It comprises mangoes, chocolate, almond dacquoise (baked meringue), and fresh Koomi yogurt.  Interestingly, the sweetness is not overpowering, and it is possible to devour a whole cup in a single sitting without being bloated.

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Koomi Delivery

If you need yogurt but don’t feel like leaving the house, you may have Koomi delivered straight to your door. You may use major food delivery apps such as GrabFood and foodpanda to place an order for your Koomi favorites. When using the app, you just need to locate the Koomi restaurant that is most convenient for you and then wait for your order to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there health benefits to drinking Koomi?

To make yogurt, milk must be fermented with good bacteria. Because of its numerous health advantages, yogurt is a staple of most diets. It’s a good source of minerals and vitamins, including calcium, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins B6 and B12. There are probiotics in there, too, which are good for maintaining digestive health.

Koomi Store
Koomi Store

About Koomi in the Philippines

Australian business Koomi, with headquarters in Sydney, introduced their natural drinking yogurt to the Philippines a year ago so locals may indulge in it without feeling guilty.

The first Koomi shop in the Philippines was inaugurated at the Podium in April 2019 by Mr. John – Michael Hilton of the Visum Ventures Group.

Koomikadas, known for being spontaneous, imaginative, upbeat, and fascinating, quickly became the brand’s most devoted fans. More significantly, this group of health nuts knows where to get their fill of guilt-free, tasty beverages, pastries, and frozen yogurt.

Since August 2022, Filipinos have enjoyed #GuiltlessGoodness at one hundred different Koomi locations.

Koomi Menu Signage
Koomi Menu Signage

Talk To Koomi Filipino Staff

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