Filipinos are often critical of the flavor of Filipino food when it is offered at a restaurant since we are used to and take pride in our traditional recipes and dishes. On the other hand, the Locavore menu is a gourmet fusion spin on traditional Filipino favorites that have won over the hearts of the locals. If you’ve become bored of the same old Filipino fare, try Locavore; it’s certain to kickstart your affection for our country’s cuisine.

Here is the latest Locavore Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Pinoy Brunch

Champorado Ni Speedy190
Duck Lugaw320
Torta (Poqui-Poqui)270
Torta (Kabute)270
Torta (Talaba)320
Torta (Alimasag)370


Salted Egg Gabi Chips350
Gabi Chips145
Singkamas, Manga at Bagoong175
Street Food Platter190
Lumpia (Fresh or Fried)275
Kare-Kare Wins275
Baked Scallops with Aligue Butter525
Pulutang Lamang Dagat395
Oyster Mangga, Bagoong255
Bacon BBQ Skewers520

Pampagana - Kinilaw

Fresh River Shrimp220
Kalibo Oyster220
Lapu - Lapu220
Kinilaw Platter370

Pampagana - Sisig

Fried Oyster Sisig370
Lechon Oyster Sisig380
Oxtail Sisig350


Pakwan 320
Ensalada ni Andres (Vegan)320


Lechon Mami250
Pares Mami250
Chori Burger320

Mga Ulam

Garlic Butter Sugpo850
Gising Gising275
Sinugbang Bangus395
Dinuguang Lechon550
Tinola Chicken350
Green Curry Bicol Express480
Kanto BBQ Rib Fingers550
Garlic Baby Squid450
Corned Bistek550
Pho Lalo670
Mac's Boneless Fried Chicken270
Ginataang Kalabasa420
Pakbet Ratatouille350
Sugpo Con Mayonesa980
Boneless Lechon Belly650
Beef Pares Stew495
Sizzling Sinigang550
Ginataang Kaldereta520
Adobong Baka sa Gata540
Crispy Pata695


Salted Egg Gabi Chips350
Grilled Bistek Omurice420
Torta (Alimasag)370
Lechon Mami250


Chorisilog Omurice495
Grilled Tocilog370
Grilled Bistek Omurice420
Crispy Corned Beefsilog420


Steamed Organic White Rice60
Steamed Organic Brown Rice70
Roasted Garlic Organic White Rice70
Roasted Garlic Organic Brown Rice80


Chili Smoked Rock Salt35
Manong's Sauce35
Sweet Chili Sauce35
Honey Vinegar35
Butter Milk Ranch35
Pickled Peppers45
Pandesal bun65
Extra Fried Egg55
Soy Marinated Egg45
Coco Jam Sauce55
Tablea Sauce35
Salted Egg Dulce de Leche45
Pickled Cucumber and Onion35
Extra Lettuce65
Extra Quail Egg55
Mac's Glaze35
Mac's Dressing35


Bicho Bicho155
Pandesal Pudding175
Sizzling Pandesal Pudding250
Leche Flan190
Turon Con Leche220
Torta Manga230
Halo Halo (Regular)230
Halo Halo (Large)400
Sorbetes (Tsoknut)160
Sorbetes (Gatas)160
Sorbetes (Keso)160
Sorbetes Sandwich230
Add Ons for Sorbetes Sandwich (1 Scoop)80

Blended Scotch

Dewar's 12 Year (Bottle)2000
Dewar's 12 Year (Shot)175
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Bottle)10000
Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Shot)600
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (Bottle)6000
Johnnie Walker Platinum Label (Shot)500
Johnnie Walker Double Black (Bottle)3500
Johnnie Walker Double Black (Shot)250
Johnnie Walker Gold Label (Bottle)3200
Johnnie Walker Gold Label (Shot)245
Johnnie Walker Black Label (Bottle)2500
Johnnie Walker Black Label (Shot)185
Chivas Regal 12 Year (Bottle)2500
Chivas Regal 12 Year (Shot)185
Chivas Regal 18 Year (Bottle)5000
Chivas Regal 18 Year (Shot360


Jim Beam (Bottle)2000
Jim Beam (Shot175
Jack Daniels (Bottle)2500
Jack Daniels (Shot)185
Jack Daniels Honey (Bottle)2500
Jack Daniels Honey (Shot)185


Remy Martin VSOP (Bottle)5000
Remy Martin VSOP (Shot)365
Hennessy VSOP (Bottle)5000
Hennessy VSOP (Shot)365


Bombay Sapphire (Bottle)2000
Bombay Sapphire (Shot)175
Hedricks (Bottle)3200
Hendricks (Shot)245


Grey Goose (Bottle)2500
Grey Goose (Shot)185
Absolute Blue (Bottle)2000
Absolute Blue (Shot)175
Absolute Kurant (Bottle)2000
Absolute Kurant (Shot)175
Belvedere (Bottle)2500
Belvedere (Shot)185


Bacardi 8 (Bottle)2300
Bacardi 8 (Shot)1800
Bacardi Superior (Bottle)1200
Bacardi Superior (Shot)130
Bacardi Gold (Bottle)1200
Bacardi (Shot)130
Bacardi Black (Bottle)1300
Bacardi Black (Shot)140
Bacardi 151 (Bottle)1500
Bacardi 151 (Shot)145
Don Papa (Bottle)2500
Don Papa (Shot)185
Malibu Coconut Rum (Bottle)1200
Malibu Coconut Rum (Shot)130


Cazadores (Bottle)1900
Cazadores (Shot)160
Jose Cuervo Gold (Bottle)2000
Jose Cuervo Gold (Shot)175
Patron Anejo (Bottle)3200
Patron Anejo (Shot)245
Patron X.O. (Bottle)2500
Patron X.O. (Shot)185


Baileys (Bottle)2000
Baileys (Shot)175
Frangelico (Bottle)1500
Frangelico (Shot)145
Tequila Rose (Bottle)2000
Tequila Rose (Shot)175
Kahlua (Bottle)1500
Kahlua (Shot)145
Disaronno (Bottle)1500
Disaronno (Shot)145
Jaegermeister (Bottle)2000
Jaegermeister (Shot)175
Absinthe (Bottle)2000
Absinthe (Shot)175
Midori (Bottle)2000
Midori (Shot)175
Campari (Bottle)2200
Campari (Shot)160
Cointreau (Bottle)2200
Cointreau (Shot)160


San Miguel Light80
San Miguel Pale Pilsen90
San Miguel Premium110
San Miguel Cerveza Negra110
Brew Kettle90
Sierra Madre (Wheat Ale)230
Fish Rider (Pale Ale)230
Pivo Praha (Classic)160
Kalinga Kolsch160
Tuff Tuko180
Exi Wounds205

Single Malt Whiskey

Macallan 12 Year (Bottle)5500
Macallan 12 Year (Shot)400
Macallan 18 Year (Bottle)6500
Macallan 18 Year (Shot)520

White Wine

Marigny Neuf Sb Organic (2012)2000
Frontera Moscato (2014)1650
Tocomal Chardonnay (2014) (Bottle)1320
Tocomal Chardonnay (2014) (Shot)275
Altas Cumbres (Viognier)1980
Altas Cumbres (Torrontes)1980

Red Wine

Marigny Neuf CS Organic (2012)2000
Casiler Del Diablo1500
Sunrise Shiraz (2012)1500
Tocomal Merlot (2014)1200
Ffinca De Los Andes (Merlot)1650

Sparkling Wine

Martini Prosecco1500
Martini Rose1500

Juices (Seasonal)

Orange 80
Orange Carafe180
Kalamansi 80
Kalamansi Carafe180
Cranberry Carafe180
Samalig "Sago't Gulaman"80
Samalig "Sago't Gulaman" Carafe180
Pineapple Carafe180
Dalandan Carafe180
House Blend Iced Tea 80
House Blend Iced Tea Carafe180
Apple Carafe180
Fresh Buko80
Fresh Buko Carafe180


Coke Light75
Coke Zero75
Ginger Ale75
Soda Water75
Tonic Water75
Bottled Water75
Red Bull75

Signature Cocktails

Sexy Sili160
Juan Bulag160

Classic Cocktails

Margarita 150
Margarita Carafe250
Side Car150
Side Car Carafe250
Pinacolada 150
Pinacolada Carafe250
Singapore Sling150
Singapore Sling Carafe250
Cosmopolitan Carafe250
Martini Carafe250
Manhattan 150
Manhattan Carafe250
Long Island 150
Long Island Carafe250
White Lady150
White Lady Carafe250
Sazerac Carafe250
Zombie Carafe250
Weng 2x150
Weng 2x Carafe250


Blow Job150
Lemon Drop150
Jager Bomb150

Iced Blended Mocktails

Cocumber Limer Cooler110
Apple Lime Cooler110
Ripe Mango110
Fresh Green Mango110

Locavore Menu

The Filipino fare at Locavore Restaurant and Bar is proudly prepared using organic ingredients sourced from growers around the Philippines.  Locavore is well-known for its innovative takes on traditional Filipino fare, an approach undoubtedly inspired by Chef Mikel Zaguirre’s training in French cuisine and his fondness for using fresh ingredients sourced throughout the nation.

Locavore Bestsellers

Below are some of the crowd-pleasers on the Locavore menu.

Oyster Sisig

Locavore’s Oyster Sisig is one of their signature dishes and top bestsellers, and rightfully so. Their Lechon & Oyster Sisig, simply and lovingly called Oyster Sisig, is made with large, crunchy oysters and is topped with a creamy sauce with a hint of heat, and shredded lechon pork is added for more complexity. It’s best finished with a squeeze of calamansi for the perfect cut of freshness. 

Oyster Sisig 1
Oyster Sisig 1

Gising Gising

Gising-gising is a staple meal in the Kapampangan cuisine, consisting of finely sliced sigarilyas (winged beans), French beans, garlic, shallot, gata, and spring onions. The extra garlic and extra sauce thickness will give you a powerful, flavorful boost. The subtle sweetness complements the subtle spice and gata flavor that seep every mouthful.

Corned Bistek

The Bistek has been reimagined as the Corned Bistek, with a few conceptual tweaks here and there. The citrus undertone and salty soy in the Locavore version of the recipe made it special and revitalizing. Superb-grade string beans were utilized, as indicated by the crispiness of each mouthful. This dish is a stretch, but I liked it by the final bite.

Sizzling Sinigang 

The Sizzling Sinigang may be the most intriguing and unforgettable thing on the menu at Locavore. It’s a thick, zesty gravy on a pan of delicious, fall-off-the-bone beef, french beans, cherry tomatoes, onions, and garlic. Regarding appearance, however, it was more roast beef than the sinigang we’re used to. However, it’s the same heartwarming taste I’ve grown to love, just in a new, snazzier get-up.

Sizzling Sinigang 1
Sizzling Sinigang 1

Bacon BBQ Skewers

Large, juicy sticks that are evocative of traditional Filipino barbeque, when one skewer and a bowl of rice was enough to satisfy a person’s hunger. You could easily feed seven people with these skewers because of their generous servings, but you won’t be able to stop at just a few bites of the sweet and sticky glaze.

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Boneless Lechon Belly

The carnivore in me was so happy with this dish. The Cebu Lechon-inspired flavors of Locavore’s Boneless Lechon Belly are spot on. The skin was amazingly crisp and greatly retained the seasoning flavor. It had a lot of character and, as the saying goes, was dangerously sinful. As a bonus, dunking it in vinegar will make the flavor more robust.

Boneless Lechon Belly 1
Boneless Lechon Belly 1

Locavore Delivery

f you want to enjoy Locavore’s Filipino reinventions but do it in the comfort of your home, you can order online. You may find Locavore in third-party delivery apps like foodpanda and Grabfood. Note that the restaurant’s availability depends on your location.

For other Filipino restaurants, you can also try Mesa or Manam! But for that classic Filipino food, you can also check out the ever staple, Gerry Grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Locavore have branches in BGC or Eastwood?

Yes, there are Locavore BGC and Locavore Eastwood branches. You can also find Locavore joints in Pasig (Kapitolyo), Makati (Salcedo), and Pasay (S Maison). 

What does Locavore mean?

A ‘locavore’ is one who favors eating food grown, farmed, and produced in their locality. One of Locavore’s distinguishing characteristics is its commitment to using only fresh, locally sourced ingredients in its meals. The company’s dedication to providing clients with organic food continues with its relationships with nearby farmers and producers.

About Locavore in the Philippines

Locavore was created by four couples, including the renowned Speedy and Alta Lyttle, with the support of a youthful, risk-taking chef named Kel Zagguire. They want to retain the heartiness of traditional Filipino cuisine while appealing to a wider range of diners by updating some of the country’s signature dishes.

Locavore’s Kapitolyo location attracted regulars searching for a quality eatery soon after it opened. The diverse clientele of Locavore ensures that it is constantly bustling with activity, whether it is from office employees on their lunch breaks, foodies on the prowl, or a barkada cooling down after a night of adventuring.

Talk To Locavore Filipino Staff

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