Macao Imperial Tea is a staple brand in the milk tea scene. With over 500 branches worldwide and more than 100 of those are in the Philippines, Macao Imperial Tea is easily one of the biggest milk tea chains.

While specializing in milk teas, Macao has an expansive menu that includes their Mpresso drinks, the bestselling cheesecake beverages, and the newly released Malunggay series. The Macao Imperial Tea menu has over ten categories alone —which begs the question, where should you start first?

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Here is the latest Macau Imperial Tea menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice


Cheesecake Panda₱150.00
Cheesecake Oreo₱140.00
Cheesecake Matcha₱155.00
Cheesecake Cocoa₱135.00
Cheesecake Taro₱130.00
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00


Cheesecake Panda₱150.00
Cheesecake Oreo₱140.00
Cheesecake Matcha₱155.00
Cheesecake Cocoa₱135.00
Cheesecake Taro₱130.00
Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea₱140.00


Brewed Lemon Iced Red Tea₱110.00
Kumquat Lemon Tea₱120.00
Cranberry Tea₱120.00

Milk Tea

Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱110.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea₱110.00
Red Bean and Pudding Milk Tea₱130.00
Black Pearl Milk Tea₱110.00

Chocolate Series

Triple Chocolate Caramel₱165.00
Triple Chocolate₱165.00
Triple Chocolate Hazelnut₱165.00
Strawberries and Cream₱165.00
Triple Chocolate Almond₱165.00
Black Forest Mpresso₱165.00
Choco Coffee Delight Mpresso₱165.00
Matcha Berry Mpresso₱165.00
Cotton Candy Mallows Mpresso₱165.00

Cream Cheese

Cream Cheese Sea Salt Jasmine Green Tea₱110.00
Cream Cheese Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱120.00
Cream Cheese Red Rose Tea₱125.00
Cream Cheese Ruby Tea₱130.00
Cream Cheese Four Seasons Tea₱130.00
Cream Cheese White Peach Oolong Tea₱135.00
Cream Cheese Milk Tea₱135.00
Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea₱140.00
Cream Cheese Uji Matcha₱150.00
Cream Cheese Cocoa₱135.00

Chestnut Cream

Chestnut Cream Jasmine Green Tea₱120.00
Chestnut Cream Osmanthus Oolong Tea₱125.00
Chestnut Cream Tea₱135.00
Chestnut Cream Cocoa₱135.00
Chestnut Cream Uji Matcha₱155.00


Yakult Green Tea₱75.00
Mango Yakult₱120.00
Lemon Yakult₱120.00

Red Bean

Red Bean and Pudding Matcha₱150.00
Red Bean and Matcha Milk Shake₱150.00


Lemon Fizz Soda₱145.00
Over the Rainbow Soda₱165.00
Blue Cucarao Soda₱145.00
Cherry Blossom Soda₱145.00
Midsummer Soda₱145.00
Green Apple Soda₱145.00


Cappuccino Mpresso₱150.00
Mocha Mpresso₱165.00
White Mocha Mpresso₱175.00
Caramel Mpresso₱175.00
Cappuccino (Iced)₱140.00
Americano (Iced)₱130.00
Latte (Iced)₱140.00
Mocha (Iced)₱155.00
White Mocha (Iced)₱165.00
Caramel Macchiato (Iced)₱165.00
Americano (Hot)₱130.00
Latte (Hot)₱140.00
Cappuccino (Hot)₱140.00
Mocha (Hot)₱155.00
White Mocha (Hot)₱165.00
Caramel Macchiato (Hot)₱165.00

Menu Updates

Not much has changed in their menu. Here are some photos of the most up to date menu at Macau Imperial:

Macau Imperial Tea Bestsellers

If you’re just starting to explore the items offered by Macao, then you can never go wrong with their bestsellers list. These are their tried-and-tested beverages that captured the heart of many Macao milk tea enthusiasts.

If you’re not fond of milk teas in general, then don’t worry —the Macao Imperial Tea menu has other items that you’ll find enjoyable!

Macao Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea

  1. Cheesecake and Pearl Milk Tea (PHP 140)
Bestseller Macao Imperial Cheesecake Pearl Milk Tea

The Macao Imperial Tea in the Philippines is renowned for its amazing cheesecake. In fact, the best Macao milk tea flavors are often topped with cheesecake.

So if you want to taste the classic Macao milk tea, then the cheesecake and pearl milk tea is the way to go. The sweet and salty hints of their cheesecake pair perfectly with the tea. Of course, no one will judge you if you ask for that extra pearls!

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  1. Cream Cheese Oreo Milk Tea (PHP 140)

The cream cheese Oreo milk tea Macao Imperial serves is also one of the best milk tea flavors that the chain offers.

This drink is all about elevating the classic milk tea by topping it with a delicious and generous scoop of cream cheese blended with Oreo. It’s the perfect drink for anyone who wants the hint of chocolate without being too overpowering.

  1. Cream Cheese Cocoa (PHP 135)

If you want a very rich and indulgent drink to satisfy your sweet tooth, then the cream cheese cocoa is your flavor of the day. With a lot of different Macao milk tea flavors available on the menu, this drink doesn’t have tea in it so non-milk tea lovers can enjoy it.

  1. Lemon Yakult (PHP 120)
Lemon Yakult

Drinks infused with Yakult became such a huge hit in the Philippines that it’s no wonder why Macao decided to follow suit.

Their Lemon Yakult is Macao’s take on the famous “YakuMon” (Yakult + Lemon) flavor pairing and it’s surprisingly refreshing and light which makes it ideal in beating the Philippine heat.

Following their lemon flavor, there’s also the crowd favorite Kumquat Lemon Tea that brings a unique taste and interesting flavor to your standard lemon juice. Both drinks are customizable so you can let your imagination run wild in turning a simple drink into a more delicious one.

  1. Over the Rainbow Soda (PHP 165)

The Over the Rainbow Soda is a curious drink that might intimidate some newcomers who aren’t familiar with the Macao Imperial Tea menu. After all, tea is in their name —so why shouldn’t you get a tea-infused drink?

But aside from their Macao milk tea, their soda range is highly patronized by Macao fans. The Over the Rainbow Soda is a layered drink of strawberry, lemon, and blue curacao that creates this unique gradient soda. Just like any other item in Macao, you can customize it with add-ons to your liking.

New Items On Macao Imperial Tea Menu

Macao Imperial continues to elevate their menu and pushes the boundaries of the milk tea scene. Just this month of August, Macao introduced their Malunggay Series drinks —a way for us to enjoy Macao without guilt!

Malunggay Milk Tea Series
Malunggay Milk Tea Series

So if you’re a little conscious about getting that cream cheese Oreo milk tea Macao Imperial is known for, then you can settle for their Malunggay Series without sacrificing the flavor and your satisfaction.

Each drink from the Malunggay Series is loaded with health benefits of Malunggay, Ginger, and Okra without any unwanted taste. To make these new items possible, Macao partnered up with M2, a local brand that specializes in Malunggay tea drinks.

Currently, Malunggay Series offers four different flavors: Milk Tea, Lemon Yakult, Iced Tea, and Berry Tea. Prices start at PHP 140 for Alto size.

A handy little tip from us is to customize your Malunggay Series drink to turn it into any of the bestselling drinks of Macao! A favorite among many is to take the classic Malunggay Milk Tea with pearl and cream cheese add-ons.

Malunggay Milk Tea
Malunggay Milk Tea

That way, you can satisfy your cravings while still gaining the health benefits to boost your immune system.

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Macau Imperial Tea Delivery

Macao Imperial Tea delivers in major cities and provinces through different food delivery platforms and services.

The perks of getting Macao Imperial delivered to your doorstep is aside from your safety and comfort, you can also enjoy frequent discounts that Macao hosts through their different delivery platforms. Macao is always generous when it comes to their deals and they always have monthly discount lineups scheduled!

As of writing, you can order Macao from their official Philippine website Macao Imperial Tea of Fredley Group, Booky, Pick A Roo, GrabFood, and Food Panda. Delivery is subject to area limitations.

About Macao Imperial Tea Philippines

Macao Imperial Tea first opened its doors in Macau with the simple goal of making the traditional Chinese milk tea culture relatable to the younger generations. Soon enough, that vision became globalized as they became one of the fastest-growing international milk tea chains.

Having over 500 stores worldwide, quality control is stringent in Macao Imperial. No matter which branch they’re serving, all of their drinks are made with high-quality tea leaves sourced directly from Macau —keeping everything as authentic as possible.

In the Philippines, Macao Imperial Tea started gaining traction back in 2017 when its first branch opened in Quezon City. Just a little over two years, Macao breached its 100th store and the rest is history.

Macao Imperial Tea was brought to the Philippines by Fredley Group of Companies under CEO Avin Ong.

Talk To Macao Imperial Tea Filipino Staff

Want to know more about the Macao Imperial Tea menu in the Philippines? Forward a message to them on social media:

Otherwise, you can find one of their stores and contact a Macao branch near you. Or you can send them a message on their website.

For any more questions you may have about the Macao Imperial Tea menu Philippines, leave a comment below.