CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Philippines offers some of the best milk tea and fruit tea you can enjoy. It’s become a very popular milk tea shop in the Philippines – with several branches all over.

Here is the latest Coco tea menu with updated prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice


CoCo Milk Tea Large₱95.00
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Pearl Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Panda Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Panda Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea Large₱100.00

Milk Tea

CoCo Milk Tea Regular₱85.00
CoCo Milk Tea Large₱95.00
Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Pearl Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Taro Milk Tea Regular₱100.00
Taro Milk Tea Large₱110.00
Panda Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Panda Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Jasmine Milk Tea Regular₱85.00
Jasmine Milk Tea Large₱95.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Grass Jelly Milk Tea Large₱100.00
White Pearl Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
White Pearl Milk Tea Large₱100.00
2 Ladies Regular₱90.00
2 Ladies Large₱100.00
3 Buddies Regular₱100.00
3 Buddies Large₱110.00


QQ Milk Tea Regular₱110.00
QQ Milk Tea Large₱120.00
3Q Milk Tea Regular₱120.00
3Q Milk Tea Large₱130.00
QQ Taro Milk Tea Regular₱120.00
QQ Taro Milk Tea Large₱130.00
QQ Taro Latte Regular₱120.00
QQ Taro Latte Large₱130.00


Passion Fruit Slush Regular₱100.00
Passion Fruit Slush Large₱115.00
Lemon Yakult Slush Regular₱95.00
Lemon Yakult Slush Large₱110.00
Matcha Slush with Salty Cream Regular₱110.00
Matcha Slush with Salty Cream Large₱120.00
Taro Slush Regular₱110.00
Taro Slush Large₱120.00


Honey Lemon with Aloe Regular₱90.00
Honey Lemon with Aloe Large₱100.00
Lemon Calamansi with Aloe Regular₱90.00
Lemon Calamansi with Aloe Large₱100.00
Winter Melon Juice Regular₱80.00
Winter Melon Juice Large₱90.00
Winter Melon with Grass Jelly Regular₱90.00
Winter Melon with Grass Jelly Large₱100.00
Lemon Winter Melon Regular₱90.00
Lemon Winter Melon Large₱100.00
Green Tea Yakult Regular₱85.00
Lemon Yakult Regular₱95.00

Fresh Tea

Ceylon Black Tea Regular₱60.00
Ceylon Black Tea Large₱70.00
Jasmine Green Tea Regular₱60.00
Jasmine Green Tea Large₱70.00
Mountain Tea Regular₱65.00
Mountain Tea Large₱75.00
Winter Melon Mountain Tea Regular₱80.00
Winter Melon Mountain Tea Large₱90.00
Honey Mountain Tea Regular₱80.00
Honey Mountain Tea Large₱90.00

Fruit Tea

Passion Fruit Tea Burst Regular₱90.00
Passion Fruit Tea Burst Large₱100.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea Regular₱85.00
Passion Fruit Green Tea Large₱95.00
Passion Fruit Mountain Tea Regular₱85.00
Passion Fruit Mountain Tea Large₱95.00
Lemon Black Tea Regular₱85.00
Lemon Black Tea Large₱95.00
Lemon Dunk Large₱100.00

Cream And Latte

Salty Cream Milk Tea Regular₱90.00
Salty Cream Milk Tea Large₱100.00
Salty Cream Black Tea Regular₱80.00
Salty Cream Black Tea Large₱90.00
Salty Cream Chocolate Regular₱100.00
Salty Cream Chocolate Large₱110.00
Salty Cream Mountain Tea Regular₱85.00
Salty Cream Mountain Tea Large₱95.00
Salty Cream Winter Melon Tea Regular₱90.00
Salty Cream Winter Melon Tea Large₱100.00
Black Tea Latte Regular₱90.00
Black Tea Latte Large₱100.00
Winter Melon Latte Regular₱90.00
Winter Melon Latte Large₱100.00
Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱95.00
Matcha Tea Latte Large₱105.00
Taro Latte Regular₱100.00
Taro Latte Large₱110.00
Pearl Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱100.00
Pearl Matcha Tea Latte Large₱110.00
Panda Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱105.00
Panda Matcha Tea Latte Large₱115.00
Salty Cream Matcha Tea Latte Regular₱110.00
Salty Cream Matcha Tea Latte Large₱120.00


CoCo Chocolate Regular₱90.00
CoCo Chocolate Large₱100.00
Chocolate with Pearl Regular₱95.00
Chocolate with Pearl Large₱105.00
Chocolate with Pudding and Pearl Regular₱100.00
Chocolate with Pudding and Pearl Large₱110.00


CoCo Black Coffee Regular₱90.00
CoCo Black Coffee Large₱100.00
CoCo Coffee Regular₱100.00
CoCo Coffee Large₱110.00
CoCo Coffee with Pearl Regular₱110.00
CoCo Coffee with Pearl Large₱120.00
Salty Cream Coffee Regular₱110.00
Salty Cream Coffee Large₱120.00

Menu Updates

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice has become one of the top milk tea shops in the Philippines. Expect a line when you decide to visit one of their branches. Coco Milk tea menu have a lot of milk tea and fruit tea options like their classic mainstays, Panda Milk Tea. They also release new types of limited edition drinks – something to get excited about!

One of their new topping offerings is their QQ Taro Balls and Sweet Potato Balls. Their sweet and chewy balls are a great alternative to your classic pearls and sago. And why not try something different, right?

CoCo QQ Taro and Sweet Potato Balls
CoCo QQ Taro and Sweet Potato Balls

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CoCo also has a new limited offering – a delicious mix of caramel and dark chocolate. With the Caramel Chocolate drink, bittersweet chocolate balances out with the sweet caramel – a perfect combination for the sweet tooth. The regular cup of Caramel Chocolate drink costs ₱95.00 while the large cup costs ₱105.00

CoCo Tea dripping Caramel on Caramel Chocolate Drink
CoCo Caramel Chocolate Drink

If you’re looking for coffee based drinks, check out the classic Starbucks menu.

Best Milk Tea on CoCo Tea Menu

There’s a wide variety of milk teas to choose from on the CoCo menu, and you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your taste. One of the most popular items on the menu is their Panda Milk Tea. It’s a refreshingly simple milk tea drink with two kinds of pearls that give it a fun texture. 

CoCo Tea 3 Classic Drinks - the 3 buddies milk tea, 2 ladies milk tea, and panda milk tea
CoCo Tea Classic Drinks

Another classic bestseller is their 3 Buddies Milk Tea. This is for the topping lovers! The 3 Buddies refer to the 3 toppings this drink has – pudding, grass jelly, and black pearls. 

If you’re looking for a more refreshing drink, you can try the Passion Fruit Tea Burst. It’s a mix of fresh Passion Fruit with Green Tea combined with the medley of Pearl and Coconut Jelly.

For Matcha lovers, you can also try the Matcha Slush With Salty Cream. The bitter sweet Matcha Green Tea is balanced out by the saltiness of the velvety rich cream.

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About CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Philippines

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice first opened at Tamsui, Taiwan in 1997. First globally branching out in 2007 in China, they have expanded all over the world like from the USA, Japan, to the UK. Now, CoCo has over 4,000 stores worldwide and the largest milk tea chain in the world. 

 It was only in 2013 that CoCo was brought to the Philippines and it was a success. Their first branch opened at Techno Plaza in Eastwood, Quezon City and is now in different locations nationwide.

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice store
CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice store

Talk To CoCo Tea Filipino Staff

Want to know more about the CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice menu in the Philippines? Send their staff a message on social media:

Otherwise, you can find a CoCo near you by using their store locator or send them a message through their website.

For the tech savy, you can also delivery via Grab!

For any more questions you have about the CoCo tea menu, leave a comment below.