It’s no secret that the Filipino people love their milk tea. Students, workers, moms, kids, dads — all have learned to love this refreshing beverage. The experience is also a huge draw, as you can customize drinks how you want for every visit.

There have been numerous stores opened across the country, but Chatime has always been one of the very first. Let’s have a look at some of the Chatime menu selections.

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Here is the latest Chatime’s menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice

Milk Tea Classic

Chatime Milk Tea (Large)₱105.00
Chatime Milk Tea (Med)₱95.00
Jasmine Green (Large)₱105.00
Jasmine Green (Med)₱95.00
Oolong (Large)₱105.00
Oolong (Med)₱95.00
Roasted (Large)₱105.00
Roasted (Med)₱95.00

Milk Tea Premium

Coffee Milk Tea (Large)₱120.00
Coffee Milk Tea (Med)₱110.00
Taro (Large)₱120.00
Taro (Med)₱110.00
Red Bean Pearl (Large)₱120.00
Red Bean Pearl (Med)₱110.00
Matcha Red Bean (Large)₱120.00
Matcha Red Bean (Med)₱110.00

Pearl Milk Tea

Strawberry (Large)₱110.00
Strawberry (Med)₱100.00
Strawberry Chocolate (Large)₱110.00
Strawberry Chocolate (Med)₱100.00
Lychee (Large)₱110.00
Lychee (Med)₱100.00
Banana (Large)₱110.00
Banana (Med)₱100.00
Thai Milk Tea (Large)₱110.00
Thai Milk Tea (Med)₱100.00

Latte Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Tea (Large)₱115.00
Jasmine Green Tea (Med)₱105.00
Matcha (Large)₱115.00
Matcha (Med)₱105.00
Wintermelon (Large)₱115.00
Wintermelon (Med)₱105.00
Black Tea (Large)₱115.00
Black Tea (Med)₱105.00
Grass Jelly w/ Fresh Milk (Large)₱115.00
Grass Jelly w/ Fresh Milk (Med)₱105.00

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Pearl w/ Fresh Milk (Large)₱125.00
Brown Sugar Pearl w/ Fresh Milk (Med)₱115.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Large)₱125.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Med)₱115.00


Chocolate Mousse (Large)₱115.00
Chocolate Mousse (Med)₱105.00
Cocoa Smoothie (Large)₱115.00
Cocoa Smoothie (Med)₱105.00
Superior Pure Cocoa (Large)₱115.00
Superior Pure Cocoa (Med)₱105.00
Hazelnut Chocolate (Large)₱115.00
Hazelnut Chocolate (Med)₱105.00


Strawberry (Large)₱105.00
Strawberry (Med)₱95.00
Strawberry Yogurt (Large)₱105.00
Strawberry Yogurt (Med)₱95.00
Mango (Large)₱105.00
Mango (Med)₱95.00
Matcha Red Bean (Large)₱105.00
Matcha Red Bean (Med)₱95.00

Fruit Tea

Mango (Large)₱95.00
Mango (Med)₱85.00
Passionfruit (Large)₱95.00
Passionfruit (Med)₱85.00
Grapefruit (Large)₱95.00
Grapefruit (Med)₱85.00
Lychee (Large)₱95.00
Lychee (Med)₱85.00
Whitegrape (Large)₱95.00
Whitegrape (Med)₱85.00
Yogurt (Large)₱95.00
Yogurt (Med)₱85.00


House Blend (Hot)₱105.00
House Blend (Cold)₱95.00
Coffee Smoothie (Large)₱105.00
Coffee Smoothie (Med)₱95.00


Honey Lemon Aloe (Large)₱110.00
Honey Lemon Aloe (Med)₱100.00
Wintermelon (Large)₱110.00
Wintermelon (Med)₱100.00
Wintermelon Mousse (Large)₱110.00
Wintermelon Mousse (Med)₱100.00
Yogurt Lychee QQ (Large)₱110.00
Yogurt Lychee QQ (Med)₱100.00
Passionfruit QQ (Large)₱110.00
Passionfruit QQ (Med)₱100.00
Mango QQ (Large)₱110.00
Mango QQ (Med)₱100.00
Grapefruit QQ (Large)₱110.00
Grapefruit QQ (Med)₱100.00

Menu Updates

The Philippines stores of Chatime offer quite a lot of menu items. These range from standard milk tea shop offerings, but they also have smoothies and fresh teas.

Chatime’s Bestsellers

The Philippines stores of Chatime offer quite a lot of menu items. These range from standard milk tea shop offerings, but they also have smoothies and fresh teas.

Pearl Milk Tea

If you enjoy classics, then this is the beverage for you. Chatime’s Pearl Milk Tea features Chatime’s take on the classic milk tea base with freshly made boba pearls for that welcome chewiness and texture. This blank canvas is fully customizable with your preferred sinkers, sweetness level, and even how much ice you want in your drink. You can grab this from P95 to P105.

Chatime Pearl Milk Tea
Chatime Pearl Milk Tea

QQ Milk Tea

Chatime’s QQ milk tea is a delicious mix of chewy black pearls alongside tasty coconut jelly then combined with the classic Chatime milk tea base.  If you’re curious what QQ means, here’s a fun fact: “chewy chewy” sounds like QQ when Chinese people say it, hence the QQ shortcut for drinks with pearls, jelly, or other chewy sinkers! This delicious drink is priced at P100 and P110 for regular and large, respectively.

Chatime Qq Milk Tea
Chatime Qq Milk Tea

Cream Cheese Collection

Another hit off the Chatime menu is their Cream Cheese Selection. The unique thing about this beverage line is that it has a wall of cream cheese to add another layer of salty sweetness to your drink.

Some of the drinks of this line are the Cream Cheese Matcha, Cream Cheese Brown Sugar Coffee, and Cream Cheese Cookie Cocoa. These all have the aforementioned cream cheese walling, your preferred sinkers, sugar and ice level, but with different milk tea bases.

You can enjoy these drinks from P140 to P160.

Chatime Cream Cheese
Chatime Cream Cheese

Craving for other brands of cream cheese milk tea? Check out the Macau Imperial Tea menu!

Marble Collection

Chatime’s Marble Collection is their answer to the ‘tiger’ milk tea trend, and they absolutely hit the spot. The Marble Collection features a walling of perfectly caramelized brown sugar syrup — a perfect accent for many drinks.

A few examples of their drinks from this selection are the Marble Pearl Black Tea Latte, Marble Pearl Fresh Milk, and Marble Pearl Milk Tea. All of these have their own base drinks but with the previously mentioned brown sugar syrup walling.

These drinks are available from P115 to P125 for regular and large drinks, respectively.

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Chatime Milk Tea

Chatime also offers more drinks on their menu. The Classic Milk Tea line features drinks like the classic Chatime Milk Tea, Jasmine Green, Oolong, and Roasted Milk Tea. While these may be classics, they can still be spiced up since Chatime lets customers choose both ice and sugar level options, along with sinker options that range from your standard boba pearls to aloe vera bits.

Chatime Taro Milk Tea

Chatime Taro Milk Tea

The Premium Milk Tea Line boasts bolder flavors like Coffee Milk Tea, Taro, Red Bean Pearl, and Matcha Red Bean milk teas. Like most Chatime drinks, they can also be customized with your preferred sugar level, ice level, and sinkers.

Here’s a fun bucketlist! What if you try out a different milk tea branch every week and try out each of their bestsellers? There’s loads to choose from – Coco Tea, Macau Tea, and more!

Chatime Delivery

If you’re too tired to go out and grab your favorite Chatime beverage, or perhaps prefer to avoid the people, you can have it brought to your doorstep.

Chatime is available via popular delivery services such as GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo. These apps are available for download and use on both Android and iOS devices

About Chatime Philippines

Chatime was created in Taiwan in 2005 and expanded to the Philippines in 2011. In several Asian countries, the word “Cha” means “Tea,” hence “Chatime” essentially translates to “teatime.”

There are over 100 Chatime branches in the Philippines and over 2500 branches worldwide. If you buy a lot for a lot of people, Chatime also offers events and functions.

Talk To Chatime’s Filipino Staff

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