For more than 15 years, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar have been serving the cravings of the Filipino people for the explosive flavors of Southern African cuisine.

The idea behind this homegrown restaurant? It’s all about the flair for international flavors but still recognizable and familiar to the local palate. Coming from its namesake, Peri-Peri is hailed for its charcoal peri-peri chicken, BBQ ribs, and the signature Peri-Peri sauces.

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Here is the latest Peri Peri Chicken menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice


Chicken Tenders Salad₱251.00
Sebastian Salad₱225.00
Shrimp Salad₱303.00


BBQ Chicken₱125.00
Philly Cheese Steak₱188.00



Peri Pica Pica

Peri-Peri Dynamite (Regular)₱105.00
Peri-Peri Dynamite (To Share)₱275.00
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin (Regular)₱105.00
Salted Egg Crispy Chicken Skin (To Share)₱275.00
Salted Egg Potato Chips (Regular)₱105.00
Salted Egg Potato Chips (To Share)₱275.00
Jalapeño Fries (Regular)₱105.00
Jalapeño Fries (To Share)₱275.00


Chorizo Bolognese (Solo)₱235.00
Chorizo Bolognese (To Share)₱450.00
Carbonara (Solo)₱268.00
Carbonara (To Share)₱525.00
Shrimp Aglio Olio (Solo)₱294.00
Shrimp Aglio Olio (To Share)₱599.00
Pasta Tartufo (Solo)₱315.00
Pasta Tartufo (To Share)₱725.00
Bacon Mac & Cheese (Solo)₱250.00
Bacon Mac & Cheese (To Share)₱550.00
Beefy Meatball Spaghetti (Solo)₱268.00
Beefy Meatball Spaghetti (To Share)₱550.00

Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken

Half Chicken₱310.00
Whole Chicken₱595.00
Whole Chicken with 4 Sides₱775.00

Peri-Peri BBQ Back Ribs

Half BBQ Ribs₱692.00
Half BBQ Ribs with 2 Sides₱797.00
Whole BBQ Ribs₱1,311.00
Whole BBQ Ribs with 4 Sides₱1,490.00

Peri Plates

Quarter Chicken with 1 Side₱255.00
Quarter Chicken with 2 Sides₱299.00
Half Chicken with 1 Side₱399.00
Half Chicken with 2 Sides₱439.00
Quarter Ribs with 1 Side₱385.00
Quarter Ribs with 2 Sides₱455.00
Chicken and Rib Plate with 1 Side₱539.00

Special Plates

Plato Porco₱278.00
Chick 'n Pasta₱285.00
Grilled Honey Porked Belly₱314.00
Fillet 'o Fire₱299.00
Honey BBQ Chicken Fillet₱299.00
BBQ Bourbon Riblet Plate₱326.00

Peri-Peri Grupo

Chicken Group Meal₱820.00
Rib Group Meal₱1,499.00
Chicken and Rib Group Meal₱1,999.00


Corns and Carrots (Regular)₱55.00
Corns and Carrots (Large)₱140.00
Coleslaw (Regular)₱55.00
Coleslaw (Large)₱140.00
Tortilla (Regular)₱55.00
Tortilla (Large)₱140.00
Mashed Potato (Regular)₱55.00
Mashed Potato (Large)₱140.00
Fries (Regular)₱55.00
Fries (Large)₱140.00
Bacon Mac and Cheese (Regular)₱55.00
Bacon Mac and Cheese (Large)₱140.00
Honey Glazed Marble Potato (Regular)₱55.00
Honey Glazed Marble Potato (Large)₱140.00
Fruit Medley (Regular)₱55.00
Fruit Medley (Large)₱140.00


Spanish Rice₱65.00
Java Rice₱50.00
Steamed Rice₱40.00


House Blend Ice Tea (Glass)₱70.00
House Blend Ice Tea (Bottomless)₱120.00
House Blend Ice Tea (Carafe)₱170.00
House Blend Ice Tea (1L Bottle)₱119.00
Cocumber Lemonade (Glass)₱70.00
Cocumber Lemonade (Bottomless)₱120.00
Cocumber Lemonade (Carafe)₱170.00
Cocumber Lemonade (1L Bottle)₱119.00
Soda (Glass)₱70.00
Soda (Bottomless)₱120.00
Soda (Pitcher)₱170.00
Soda (In can)₱79.00
Soda (Coke 1.5L)₱110.00
Drip Coffee₱70.00
Mineral Water₱53.00
Hot Tea₱45.00

Menu Updates

Not much has changed in their menu. Here are some photos of the most up to date menu at Peri Peri:

Peri Peri Menu
Peri Peri Menu

Peri-Peri Chicken Bestsellers

Despite the expansive menu, the restaurant still stays true to their specialty and that is the peri-peri chicken. Their flavor mastery pays off as their chicken remains to be the restaurant’s bestseller along with other notable items on their menu.

Are you dining in for the first time? Make sure to not skip on these Peri-Peri bestsellers:

  1. Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken
Peri Peri Chicken
Peri Peri Chicken

Peri Peri’s Chicken are pretty affordable for the great tasting meal that you get. A half chicken is priced at P210, the whole chicken is priced at P595 (if with sides, P775), and peri plates starts at P255.

You can’t go to Peri-Peri and skip their classic charcoal chicken.

The Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken is spatchcocked, marinated overnight in a beautiful blend of peri-peri chili, herbs, and spices, and charcoal-grilled to perfection. It’s a true centerpiece of the table and it’s great for sharing with a group.

But if you prefer getting solo plates, the Peri Plates are served with java rice and natas, with a price point starting at P255. You can choose from quarter or half chicken, quarter ribs, or a little bit of both.

True to the nature of being a sauce bar, you can also take a pick at any or all of their eight signature sauces. Don’t worry —the charcoal chicken pairs wonderfully with each of them! It’s only a matter a preference. A lover of sauces, I recommend you try them all first before choosing your fave!

Don’t feel like having Peri Peri chicken? What about Kenny Roger’s roasted chicken or Bonchon’s Korean fried chicken?

  1. Chicken Wrap

Not up for a full meal? You can still enjoy the delights of Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken with their Rappa menu! The Chicken Wrap is priced at P170 but if you want a full healthy meal, they have a Healthy Eats Meal which is P295 for a fish or chicken Rappa, side salad, and served with a quarter of the Peri Peri Charcoal Chicken.

The Rappa is a lighter meal by taking their best meats and wrapping it in a whole wheat pita with lettuce and special ranch sauce. All their wraps come with a side of spiced thick-cut fries that will leave your lips tingling with flavor. Aside from their chicken bestseller, the Rappa menu also offers fish, and beef.

  1. Peri Pica-Pica and Entradas

It’s always a good idea to prime your meal with some great appetizers. Peri-Peri offers seven pica-pica items to date and the best items to get are their salted egg crispy chicken skin and chicken poppers.

Starting with the chicken skin, this is Peri-Peri’s take on the trendy salted egg flavor. It’s light —neither heavy nor greasy, and full of crisp spices that make it perfect for dipping on their signature sauces or eating it on its own. Peri peri’s Salted egg crispy chicken skin is priced at P110 for solo and P275 for sharing.

The chicken poppers are a great choice too if you want something neutral to snack on while waiting for your main course. They’re battered and fried to golden perfection with an amazing dip on the side. The chicken poppers are of the same price – P110 (regular) and P275 (sharing). But if you want to explore the different available Pica Picas, you can also try their Loaded Pic Sampler for P295!

For their Entrada, their bestseller is the Mozarella Sticks! You can’t go wrong with it. Fried sticks with mozzarella cheesy goodness. Priced at P170, the Mozzarella sticks are a classic appetizer dish.

  1. Pasta

Peri-Peri brought the flavor game to their pasta too. The restaurant offers seven different pasta dishes, the bestsellers being chorizo Bolognese and pasta Tartufo.

The chorizo Bolognese brings a hint of kick to the traditional Italian Bolognese. By no means it’s the kind of pasta that your grandma makes, but it’s delicious nonetheless. The chorizo pairs well with the meat sauce that perfectly coats the al dente pasta. The Chorizo Bolognese is priced at P245 for solo and P460 for sharing.

Pasta Tartufo is Peri-Peri’s version of truffle pasta and it’s worth the taste. The truffle flavor is there without being overpowering. It’s a great dish to accompany your chicken. Priced at P320 for solo and P725 for sharing.

All their pasta dishes come in solo and to share sizes. The servings are generous too.

Peri-Peri Sauces

It’s not the Peri-Peri exPERIence without their signature sauces. After all, this is where their house is founded on. Here’s an overview of their famous Peri-Peri sauces:

  • Mesquite BBQ —tangy, sweet, and smoky
  • Garlick Brew —spicy and garlicky
  • Hoisin Sesame —Asian-style sweet and tangy sauce with a hint of spice
  • Harissa Exotica —chile sauce blended with exotic spices
  • Sweet Soy —teriyaki
  • Chilli Peppah —hot & fiery
  • Honey Pinakurat —a unique take on the Filipino spiced vinegar
  • Cajun Remoulade —spiced dip, similar to aioli

If you’re a fan of spicy flavors and you can stand the heat, try the Harissa Exotica. The heat can’t be taken by most but hey, if you’re a spicy lover, make sure to try it!

For the non spicy lovers, you can try the Cajun Remoulade, Hoisin Sesame, or the Sweet Soy. Despite the lack of spiciness, all the sauces are still very flavorful so make sure to try them out with your Chicken! Check out the levels of spicy of these Peri Peri sauces in their guide below:

Peri Peri Sauce Spicy levels
Peri Peri Sauce Spice Meter taken from Peri Peri’s Menu

In true Peri-Peri fashion, you can try all of their eight signature sauces with your charcoal chicken —an endless flavor possibilities courtesy of Peri-Peri when you dine in their restaurant! In fact, you can now even buy a bottle of your favorite Peri Peri sauce for only P155.

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Peri Peri Ready to Cook

With the rise of ready to cook meals of restaurants, Peri Peri too now has their own ready to cook meal you can buy online to take home and cook anytime! Peri Peri offers ready to Cook BBQ Back Ribs which you can buy from Shopee!

Peri Peri Ready To Cook Bbq Back Ribs
Peri Peri Ready To Cook Bbq Back Ribs
Peri Peri Ready To Cook Bbq Back Ribs Picture
Peri Peri Ready To Cook Bbq Back Ribs Picture

Peri Peri Chicken Delivery

While it is unfortunate that Peri-Peri has limited stores, you can still enjoy their signature dishes right at the comfort of your own home through their delivery services.

Powered by Booky, you can easily get your charcoal chicken fix by placing your order online through their merchant portal. You can also call up Peri Peri’s Delivery Hotline – 7374-7374 (PERI-PERI) or 0917-7747374

Delivery is limited to certain locations and subject to price changes.

Peri Peri Rewards

Peri-Peri is covered by the same rewards card system used by Shakey’s. By availing of any of their SuperCard, you can also access exclusive promos offered by the pizza chain. The SuperCard is offered in two tiers:

  • SuperCard Classic (P599) — Peri-Peri’s Welcome Treat, point system, delivery exclusive, free items with minimum spending, Shakey’s Perks, birthday treat
  • SuperCard Gold (P899) — Peri-Peri’s SUPER Welcome Treat, exclusive SUPER coupons point system, delivery exclusive, free items with minimum spending, Shakey’s Perks, birthday treat
Shakeys Supercard Gold
Shakeys Supercard Gold

The big difference between the two cards is the coupon you get from Peri-Peri and Shakey’s The Gold card offers five SUPER coupons included:

  1. 30% off on total bill min. P1000
  2. Free Pasta Tartufo
  3. Free Quarter BBQ Back Ribs
  4. B1T1 on R&B Milk Tea
  5. P200 off min. P1000

About Peri-Peri Chicken Philippines

Peri-Peri Chicken & Sauce Bar is owned by the savvy entrepreneur Bryan Tiu who started his restaurant journey at the mere age of 18.

Having gone through the process of owning a Domino’s Pizza franchise and founding Teriyaki Boy, Tiu continued his business by opening Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar. He envisioned it to be a restaurant that offers something beyond what others are already providing —and it was a huge success.

Eventually, Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures Inc. acquired Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken which launched the restaurant into an even more famous name in the food scene.

With over 30 branches situated in the bustling cities of Metro Manila, Laguna, Pampanga, and Cebu —Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken and Sauce Bar continues to be the leading peri-peri chicken restaurant in the country.

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Otherwise, you can find one of their stores and contact a Peri Peri branch near you. Or you can send them a message on their website. or Lazada shop.

For any more questions you may have about the Peri Peri Chicken menu Philippines, leave a comment below.