Have you ever craved a taste of the Middle East in our neighborhood? Well, let me introduce you to a hidden gem that’s been satisfying appetites since 2006 – Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub! Picture this: a small kiosk in Ortigas Home Depot, mouthwatering Middle Eastern delights that won’t break the bank.

Here is the latest Uncle Moe’s Menu with prices in the Philippines:



Hummus - garbanzos + sesame puree + olive oil190.00
Moutabal - eggplant + sesame puree + olive oil190.00
Tapenade - black olives + capers + anchovies190.00
Ox Brain230.00
Keema Nachos290.00


Beef Manakeesh - beef + white cheese + special cilantro sauce265.00
Chicken Manakeesh - chicken + cheese + chilli chutney + tomato sauce + anchovies265.00
Special Beef Shawarma - shawarma beef + keema + smoked cream cheese + sautéed onions + chilli265.00


Cheesy Keema Shawarma - single160.00
Cheesy Keema Shawarma - double280.00
Beef Shawarma235.00
Chicken Shawarma235.00
All-Beef Shawarma265.00
All-Chicken Shawarma265.00
Beef Shawarma Rice260.00
Beef Shawarma Rice - All Beef275.00
Chicken Shawarma Rice260.00
Chicken Shawarma Rice - All Chicken275.00

Other Menus

Moussaka Melt - Ground beef and eggplant in tomato sauce baked w/ béchamel and cheese on top, lasagna style!215.00
Kofta Balls - Ground beef kebab stuffed w/ cheese in tomato sauce325.00
Moroccan Fish Fillet - Pan-fried fish in tomato sauce and black olive puree280.00
Chicken Curry - choices of:
A. Pita Bread250.00
B. Buttered Rice270.00
Keema - choices of:
A. Pita Bread195.00
B. Buttered Rice220.00
Beef Kebab - 3 pieces of beef served w/ salsa - choices of:
A. Pita Bread240.00
B. Buttered Rice255.00
Chicken Kebab - 3 sticks of chicken served w/ salsa - choices of:
A. Pita Bread240.00
B. Buttered Rice255.00
Kebab Platter - 2 sticks of chicken & 2 pieces of beef served w/ salsa - choices of:
A. Pita Bread275.00
B. Buttered Rice295.00


Beef Kebab (2 pcs)130.00
Chicken Kebab - (2 sticks)130.00
Pita Bread35.00
Buttered Rice55.00
Extra Butter15.00
Tomato Salsa20.00


Bottled Water40.00
Super Dry / Premium / Cerveza Negra110.00
Beer Bucket of 6 - San Mig Light, Pale, Red Horse480.00

Ready To Eat Trays

Pita - Good for 3 - 4 pax
Beef Kebab Tray545.00
Chicken Kebab Tray545.00
Mixed Kebab Tray545.00
Keema Tray525.00
Rice - Good for 3 - 4 pax
Beef Kebab Tray600.00
Chicken Kebab Tray600.00
Mixed Kebab Tray600.00
Keema Tray580.00
Beef Shawarma Rice730.00
All-Beef Shawarma Rice840.00
Chicken Shawarma Rice730.00
All-Chicken Shawarma Rice840.00
Kofta Balls Tray ( a la carte )875.00

Unli Kebabs

Unli Kebabs500.00

They’ve got everything from delicious kofta balls to succulent kebabs and flavorful shawarma rice. And trust me, the real magic lies in their signature garlic and spicy sauces that take the whole experience to a new level! You’re missing out on something extraordinary if you haven’t tried it yet.

Best Sellers of Uncle Moe’s

Below are some of the crowd-favorites on Uncle Moe’s menu.

Beef Kebab

Prepare to savor the tantalizing flavors of their all-time best-seller – the Beef Kebab! Tender, juicy cubes of premium beef marinated in a perfect blend of aromatic spices, grilled to perfection, and served with fresh veggies. 

Each mouthwatering bite is a symphony of smoky goodness and savory delight. Whether you are a meat lover or simply looking for a satisfying treat, their Beef Kebab will leave your taste buds dancing with joy.

Fora different take on a kebab, you can also try Behrouz’s kebab!

All-Beef Shawarma

Indulge in the irresistible allure of their All-Beef Shawarma – a culinary masterpiece that’s become an absolute sensation You can enjoy thinly sliced, succulent beef, slow-cooked to juicy perfection and infused with exotic spices. 

Wrapped in soft, warm pita bread and garnished with crisp veggies, it’s a flavor explosion that’ll take your taste buds joyride. One bite, and you’ll understand why this delectable creation is the talk of the town!

Another restaurant that offers shawarmas? Check out Turk’s!

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Chicken Kebab

If you’re in the mood for a delightful chicken affair, look no further than their Chicken Kebab – a true crowd-pleaser! Succulent chunks of marinated chicken, grilled to juicy perfection and seasoned with a blend of secret spices, will keep you coming back for more. 

Served alongside a fresh medley of vegetables, every bite is an exquisite balance of tenderness and zest. No wonder this classic favorite has won the hearts of many with its delightful taste and unbeatable charm. Say hello to your new go-to chicken delight!

Uncle Moe’s Delivery

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub takes customer satisfaction to a new level with its reliable and efficient delivery service. Bringing the flavors of the Middle East right to your doorstep, their delivery service ensures you can enjoy their mouthwatering menu from the comfort of your home or office.

Uncle Moe’s Branches

Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub has taken the city by storm with its delectable Middle Eastern delights, and they’re expanding their reach with over ten branches conveniently located throughout the region.

About Uncle Moe’s in the Philippines

In 2006, the journey of Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub began as a humble kiosk nestled in Ortigas Home Depot. Their passion for sharing the rich flavors of the Middle East led them to offer a delectable array of affordable delights, including crowd-favorites like kofta balls, kebabs, and shawarma rice. 

What sets their dishes apart is the irresistible combination of their signature garlic and spicy sauces, adding that extra oomph to every bite. From a modest kiosk to a beloved culinary destination, Uncle Moe’s Shawarma Hub continues to charm taste buds and leave a lasting impression with its authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.

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