To say that Filipinos enjoy milk tea would be an understatement. The Philippines has officially adopted the beverage as an everyday feel-good staple, thanks to its cold, great taste, and fun, delectable sinkers like soft pearls, pudding, jelly, and even ice cream.

Milk tea stores have sprouted up left and right around the country, including Chachago. Let’s have a look at some of the Chachago menu items.

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Here is the latest Chachago’s menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice

Milk Tea Classic

Chatime Milk Tea (Large)₱105.00
Chatime Milk Tea (Med)₱95.00
Jasmine Green (Large)₱105.00
Jasmine Green (Med)₱95.00
Oolong (Large)₱105.00
Oolong (Med)₱95.00
Roasted (Large)₱105.00
Roasted (Med)₱95.00

Milk Tea Premium

Coffee Milk Tea (Large)₱120.00
Coffee Milk Tea (Med)₱110.00
Taro (Large)₱120.00
Taro (Med)₱110.00
Red Bean Pearl (Large)₱120.00
Red Bean Pearl (Med)₱110.00
Matcha Red Bean (Large)₱120.00
Matcha Red Bean (Med)₱110.00

Pearl Milk Tea

Strawberry (Large)₱110.00
Strawberry (Med)₱100.00
Strawberry Chocolate (Large)₱110.00
Strawberry Chocolate (Med)₱100.00
Lychee (Large)₱110.00
Lychee (Med)₱100.00
Banana (Large)₱110.00
Banana (Med)₱100.00
Thai Milk Tea (Large)₱110.00
Thai Milk Tea (Med)₱100.00

Latte Milk Tea

Jasmine Green Tea (Large)₱115.00
Jasmine Green Tea (Med)₱105.00
Matcha (Large)₱115.00
Matcha (Med)₱105.00
Wintermelon (Large)₱115.00
Wintermelon (Med)₱105.00
Black Tea (Large)₱115.00
Black Tea (Med)₱105.00
Grass Jelly w/ Fresh Milk (Large)₱115.00
Grass Jelly w/ Fresh Milk (Med)₱105.00

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar Pearl w/ Fresh Milk (Large)₱125.00
Brown Sugar Pearl w/ Fresh Milk (Med)₱115.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Large)₱125.00
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea (Med)₱115.00


Chocolate Mousse (Large)₱115.00
Chocolate Mousse (Med)₱105.00
Cocoa Smoothie (Large)₱115.00
Cocoa Smoothie (Med)₱105.00
Superior Pure Cocoa (Large)₱115.00
Superior Pure Cocoa (Med)₱105.00
Hazelnut Chocolate (Large)₱115.00
Hazelnut Chocolate (Med)₱105.00


Strawberry (Large)₱105.00
Strawberry (Med)₱95.00
Strawberry Yogurt (Large)₱105.00
Strawberry Yogurt (Med)₱95.00
Mango (Large)₱105.00
Mango (Med)₱95.00
Matcha Red Bean (Large)₱105.00
Matcha Red Bean (Med)₱95.00

Fruit Tea

Mango (Large)₱95.00
Mango (Med)₱85.00
Passionfruit (Large)₱95.00
Passionfruit (Med)₱85.00
Grapefruit (Large)₱95.00
Grapefruit (Med)₱85.00
Lychee (Large)₱95.00
Lychee (Med)₱85.00
Whitegrape (Large)₱95.00
Whitegrape (Med)₱85.00
Yogurt (Large)₱95.00
Yogurt (Med)₱85.00


House Blend (Hot)₱105.00
House Blend (Cold)₱95.00
Coffee Smoothie (Large)₱105.00
Coffee Smoothie (Med)₱95.00


Honey Lemon Aloe (Large)₱110.00
Honey Lemon Aloe (Med)₱100.00
Wintermelon (Large)₱110.00
Wintermelon (Med)₱100.00
Wintermelon Mousse (Large)₱110.00
Wintermelon Mousse (Med)₱100.00
Yogurt Lychee QQ (Large)₱110.00
Yogurt Lychee QQ (Med)₱100.00
Passionfruit QQ (Large)₱110.00
Passionfruit QQ (Med)₱100.00
Mango QQ (Large)₱110.00
Mango QQ (Med)₱100.00
Grapefruit QQ (Large)₱110.00
Grapefruit QQ (Med)₱100.00

Menu Updates

The Philippine’s Chachago menu features an extensive menu filled with the classic milk tea shop offerings, fruit teas, cold and hot beverages. They also have a variety of snacks to accompany their drink menu, along with heavier yakitori options for the hungry ones. Of course, they also have add-ons for your drinks so you can fully customize your drink exactly the way you want it. Let’s take a peek at some of their bestsellers.

Chachago’s Bestsellers

Here are some of the crowd favorites from the Chachago menu.

Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

The Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea is perhaps the best selling item on the Philippines market off the Chachago menu. It’s made from a zesty fresh milk tea base with perfectly caramelized brown sugar syrup walling for that signature look and taste. Underneath it is freshly made boba pearls, which give a welcome texture and just enough chewiness to counteract all the sweetness. It’s a steal at P120 to P140 for medium and large respectively.

Chachago Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea
Chachago Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea

You can also check out Macau Imperial Tea and Chatime’s Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea if you’re looking for other options.

Roasted Brown Sugar Cacao With Salted Cream Cheese

At P130, this tasty drink is a must-have. Instead of your usual milk and tea base, this delectable drink has cacao (or chocolate!) as its foundation. This beverage also features the standard brown sugar syrup that’s perfectly roasted and caramelized. What makes this drink unique is that it boasts a sweet-and-salty layer of foamy cream cheese to give both contrast and balance to the sweetness of the drink.

Chachago Brown Sugar Cacao
Chachago Brown Sugar Cacao

Chachago Taro With Milk

If you’re looking for something different, Chachago’s Taro With Milk drink is the beverage for you. Made with both tasty taro bits and chewy boba pearls, this beverage is a feast for the senses. This drink is also perfect for dairy lovers, as the smooth creamy milk flavor takes center stage versus the flavor of the tea, making this drink a lighter and mellower option in the Chachago menu.

Chachago Taro With Milk
Chachago Taro With Milk

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Chachago Milk Tea

Chachago Philippines offers a wide variety of milk tea to choose from. Firstly, they offer a Cream Cheese series, where drinks are topped with a frothy cream cheese layer that’s both salty and sweet.

They also have the trendy Brown Sugar series, where the beverage is walled with brown sugar syrup, the more classic Wintermelon series, and Ice Cream Specials which are topped with creamy ice cream.

Chachago Milk Tea

Chachago Milk Tea

Aside from milk tea, though, they also offer a variety of cold and hot beverages. There’s coffee, teas, and even drinks that are imbued with the flavor of Yakult. This shop also offers a Fruit Tea series with flavors such as California Mix Fruit, Passion Fruit, Citrus Lemon, and Orange Green Tea available.

Chachago Delivery

If you’re too busy to hop out and grab your preferred Chachago beverage or if you’re simply looking to skip the lines, then you can have it delivered right to your doorstep. Chachago is partnered with leading delivery services such as GrabFood, and Foodpanda. These applications are available for both download and usage for both Android and iOS devices.

About Chachago Philippines

Chachago is a beverage favorite in Taiwan and they entered the Philippines in December 2018, during the height of the Philippines’ milk tea craze.

The Chachago brand pledges to use high-quality ingredients and fresh fruit from Taiwan to create a drink. Their brand promise is that they endeavor to put themselves in the position of their customers to make sure that they are offering them the things that they most want.

In fact, their motto states that they will serve “a great variety of authen-TEAc Taiwanese drinks and Food”

Chachago opened their first branch in the Philippines in Scout Tobias cor. Scout Gandia in Laging Handa, Quezon City. Thanks to the undying milk tea craze of the Philippines, they have expanded to over 70 branches since then.

Talk To Chachago Filipino Staff

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Otherwise, you can find one of their stores and contact a Chachago’s branch near you.

For any more questions you may have about the Chachago’s menu Philippines, leave a comment below.