Dunkin’ Donuts, a popular American coffeehouse and donut brand, has been a favorite of Filipinos for over 40 years.

In January of last year, Dunkin Donuts began a global rebranding effort by unveiling its new logo: Dunkin. Dropping the “Donut” (and the formality) to become more personal with its customers, this legendary brand was ready to be addressed by its first name.

Here are some items you can get from the Dunkin’ Donuts Philippines Menu.

Here is the latest Dunkin Donuts menu with prices in the Philippines:



Ham & Cheese₱75.00
Bacon Cheesy Mushroom₱75.00
Spanish Sausage₱75.00


Ham & Cheese₱120.00
Bacon Cheesy Mushroom₱120.00
Spanish Sausage₱120.00


Ham/Bacon/Spanish Sausage₱30.00

Hot Beverages

Brewed Coffee (Medium)₱60.00
Brewed Coffee (Large)₱75.00
Hot Chocolate₱65.00
Choco Java (Medium)₱75.00
Choco Java (Large)₱90.00
Café Americano (Medium)₱85.00
Café Americano (Large)₱95.00
Flavored Cappuccino (Caramel, Mocha)₱100.00
Flavored Latte (Caramel, Mocha)₱100.00
Espresso (Medium)₱60.00
Espresso (Large)₱70.00
Brewed Tea (Large)₱60.00
D'Coffee Box (Large)₱270.00

Iced Beverages

Iced Coffee (Medium)₱65.00
Iced Coffee (Large)₱80.00
Iced Coffee (Extra Large)₱95.00
Flavored Iced Coffee (Almond, Hazelnut) (Medium)₱80.00
Flavored Iced Coffee (Almond, Hazelnut) (Large)₱95.00
Flavored Iced Coffee (Almond, Hazelnut) (Extra Large)₱145.00
Iced Coffee with Pearls (Medium)₱85.00
Iced Coffee with Pearls (Large)₱100.00
Iced Coffee with Pearls (Extra Large)₱105.00
Iced Choco Java (Medium)₱85.00
Iced Choco Java (Large)₱100.00
Iced Latte (Medium)₱90.00
Iced Latte (Large)₱100.00
Icy Coolers (Orange, Tea) (Medium)₱60.00
Icy Coolers (Orange, Tea) (Large)₱70.00
Icy Choco (Medium)₱55.00
Icy Choco (Large)₱70.00
Icy Choco (Extra Large)₱95.00
Icy Choco w/ Pearls (Medium)₱75.00
Icy Choco w/ Pearls (Large)₱90.00
Icy Choco w/ Pearls (Extra Large)₱105.00
Purified Water₱20.00
Iced Brewed Tea (Black, Green) (Extra Large)₱70.00
Popping Tea: Fruit Tea (Mango, Strawberry) (Extra Large)₱105.00
Popping Tea: Milk Tea (Classic, Taro, Okinawa) (Extra Large)₱125.00
Kiddie Pearl Milk (Strawberry, Chocolate, Mango, Taro) (Extra Large)₱125.00


Café Mocha (Medium)₱125.00
Café Mocha (Large)₱145.00
Chocolate (Medium)₱125.00
Chocolate (Large)₱145.00
Rocky Road (Medium)₱175.00
Rocky Road (Large)₱200.00
Caramel Macchiato (Medium)₱175.00
Caramel Macchiato (Large)₱200.00


Extra Pearls₱20.00
Extra Popping Pearls₱20.00

Classic Donuts

Per piece₱25.00
Half Dozen₱150.00

Premium Donuts

Per piece₱40.00
Half Dozen₱240.00

Classic Munchkins

Per piece₱8.00
Little Bunch₱199.00

Premium Munchkins

Per piece₱12.00
Mini Bucket₱100.00
Little Bunch₱299.00

Assorted Munchkins

Mini Bucket₱85.00
Little Bunch₱249.00

Other Treats

Choco Wacko (per piece)₱50.00
Dunkin' Yan (8 pcs)₱60.00
Choco Bang (6 pcs)₱70.00

Coffee Treat Combos

Coffee Treat Combo 1 (1 Classic Donut + 1 Large Hot Coffee or Large Iced Coffee)₱99.00
Coffee Treat Combo 2 (1 Premium Donut + 1 Large Hot Coffee or Large Iced Coffee)₱109.00
Coffee Treat Combo 3 (1 Premium Donut + 1 Classic Donut + 1 Large Hot Coffee or Large Iced Coffee)₱120.00
Coffee Treat Combo 4 (1 Bunwich + 1 Large Hot Coffee or Large Iced Coffee)₱140.00
Upgrade to Extra Large Iced Coffee:₱15.00

Choco Treat Combos

Choco Treat Combo 1 (1 Dunkin' Yan + 1 Hot Choco or Large Icy Choco)₱120.00
Choco Treat Combo 2 (3 Premium Munchkins + 3 Classic Munchkins + 1 Hot Choco or Large Icy Choco)₱120.00
Upgrade to Extra Large Icy Choco:₱15.00

Coffee Bars

Mocha Latte₱42.00
Caramel Macchiato₱42.00

Dunkin Donuts has long been an institution and top-of-mind choice regarding these delectable delicacies. It offers a vast assortment of donuts, munchkins, and even savory sandwiches—called the Bunwich—to pair with its array of coffees and drinks.

Dunkin Donuts is constantly updating its menu to kick things up to keep up with the constantly shifting trends and the growing number of competitors (each with its special gimmicks, promotions, and flavors).

If you wish to check out other donut brands, check out JCo Donuts, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and the newest Randy’s Donuts.

Dunkin Donuts Best Sellers

Of course, the long-standing best-seller from the Dunkin Donuts Philippines Menu is the donuts. The delectable donuts are available in two flavor types— classics and premiums; both are available in 6 or 12.

The classic flavors start at P299 for a dozen to P598 for 24 2 dozen.  Premium donuts come up at P240 to P480 for a half-dozen and one dozen boxes, respectively.

Dunkin Donuts
Dunkin Donuts

However, Dunkin Donuts occasionally offers delicious bundles that combine classic and premium donuts in a bundle. Keep in mind that prices may vary.

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Dunkin Donuts Donut
Dunkin Donuts Donut

Dunkin Donuts Flavors

At any given time, the Dunkin Donuts Philippines menu can have more or less 20 different flavors of donuts, including special and playful flavors and variants that they release occasionally.

Some of the most popular flavors include the Chocolate Frosted Donuts, a fan favorite because it strikes the ideal blend of fluffy pastry and more prominent chocolate icing. It’s probably fair to say that Dunkin’ has this down to a science. The Bavarian Filled and Boston Kreme donuts are also contenders in the favorites arena.

However, the flavor that took the Philippines by storm is the Choco Butternut. This doughnut is probably one of every donut lover’s favorite flavors and has inspired many other desserts.

Dunkin Donuts Choco Butternut
Dunkin Donuts Choco Butternut

Dunkin Donuts Munchkins

Since we can remember, the world-famous Dunkin’ Munchkins have been a fan favorite.

Munchkins first appeared on Dunkin’ Donuts menus in the early 1970s and have long been a special feature of the Dunkin Donuts Philippines menu. They were designed to use the leftover dough from doughnut centers and rapidly became a fan favorite.

You can get the famous Munchkins for P304 for a 40-piece bucket of Classic-flavored munchkins and P454 for a 40-piece bucket of the Premium variety.

There are also smaller sizes available like the 4-piece and 8-piece bucket, but it might not be enough for the average Munchkin enjoyer. Fun fact: five munchkins are the raw weight equivalent of one doughnut.

Dunkin Donuts Delivery And Drive Thru

If you want to have your favorites from the Dunkin Donuts Philippines menu delivered, there are many ways to get it straight to your home.

Dunkin Donuts delivery is available on major delivery services, such as GrabFood and Foodpanda. There is also a standalone Dunkin’ PH app with delivery options and loyalty rewards through a point-based system.

Additionally, Dunkin Donuts has drive-through options for cars and a bike-thru lane since the Philippines is slowly embracing bicycles as a transportation alternative.

Dunkin Donuts Biker Lane

Dunkin Donuts Branches

There are more than 11,300 Dunkin’ locations all over the world. This includes more than 8,500 restaurants in 41 states in the United States of America and more than 3,200 overseas restaurants in 36 countries.

Dunkin’ Donuts, the largest chain of donut shops, coffee shops, and bakeries worldwide, started its first store in the Philippines in Makati Commercial Center. Since then, the company has expanded to approximately 900 locations across the Philippines, providing millions of Filipinos with delicious donuts, originally brewed coffee, and other delectable treats.

About Dunkin Donuts in the Philippines

Under the capable direction of the Philippine Franchisee Golden Donuts Incorporated, Dunkin’ Donuts launched its first shop in the Philippines in 1980 at Quad Park in Makati City. Since then, Dunkin’ Donuts has had remarkable expansion throughout the nation, helping it spread its signature sweet treats to every corner of the archipelago.

Dunkin Donut Branch
Dunkin Donut Branch

Golden Donuts Inc., which the Prieto family owns, is the master franchise holder for Dunkin’ Donuts in the Philippines. However, JFC (Jollibee Food Corporation) has formed a joint venture with the Chinese company Jasmine Asset Holding to open a swarm of Dunkin’ Donuts locations in China.

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