You may have seen a huge doughnut sign in movies like Iron Man 2; if so, you may not realize it belongs to the world-famous Randy’s Donuts. In this article, we will explore the Randy’s Donuts menu, a Los Angeles institution known for its enormous, freshly fried doughnuts, which come in various flavors, that has recently landed on Philippine shores.

Here is the latest Randy’s Donuts Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Classic Donuts

Glazed Raised105.00
Chocolate Raised105.00
Sugar Raised105.00
Maple Raised105.00
Devil's Food cake105.00
Plain Cake105.00
Cinnamon Crumb Cake105.00
Chocolate Iced Cake105.00
Vanilla Iced Cake105.00
Maple Iced Cake105.00
Cherry Iced Cake105.00
Pink Sprinkles Iced Cake105.00
Wheat and Honey Cake105.00
Powdered Sugar Cake105.00

Deluxe Donuts

Pink Raised w/ Sprinkles120.00
Glazed Twist120.00
Chocolate Twist120.00
Plain Buttermilk120.00
Glazed Buttermilk120.00
Chocolate Buttermilk120.00
Chocolate Long John120.00
Maple Long John120.00
Glazed Old Fashioned120.00
Chocolate Old Fashioned120.00
Lemon Glazed Old Fashioned120.00
Blueberry Cake120.00
Blueberry Icing120.00
Chocolate Iced Cruller120.00
Maple Iced Cruller120.00
Vanilla Iced Cruller120.00

Fancy Donuts

Apple Fritter120.00
Cinnamon Roll120.00
Bear Claw120.00
Maple Long John w/ Cream120.00
Chocolate Long John w/ Cream120.00
Coconut Raised120.00
Butter Crumb Raised120.00
Roasted Coconut Raised120.00
Lemon Jelly Filled120.00
Strawberry Jelly Filled120.00
Raspberry Jelly Filled120.00

Premium Donuts

Matcha Tea Raised120.00
Funfetti Cake w/ Ganache120.00
Red Velvet Cake w/ Ganache120.00
Fruity Pebbles Raised120.00
Froot Loops Raised120.00
S'mores Raised120.00
Texas Glazed120.00
Nutella Raised120.00
M&M Raised120.00
Orea Raised120.00
Bacon Maple Long John120.00
Maple Raised w/ Churros120.00


Classic Box of 6610.00
Classic Box of 121,220.00
Assorted Box of 6700.00
Assorted Box of 121,400.00


12 oz Brewed Coffee (Hot)85.00
12 oz Americano (Hot)95.00
12 oz Latte (Hot)95.00
12 oz Capuccino (Hot)95.00
12 oz Randy Dandy (Hot)95.00
12 oz Mocha Loca (Hot)95.00
12 oz Randy's Salty Caramelee (Hot)95.00
16 oz Randy Dandy (Cold)150.00
16 oz Mocha Loca (Cold)150.00
16 oz Randy's Salty Caramelee (Cold)150.00

Randy’s Donuts Menu

Randy’s Donuts is the place to go, whether you’re looking for a quick bite to eat to stave off hunger or a massive, stuffed doughnut the size of your hand.

Randy’s Doughnuts has been selling its famous deep-fried donuts since 1952. Customers are drawn to the chain not only by the novelty of its huge doughnut storefronts but also by the superior texture, lightness, and size of its doughnuts, which come in more than 40 unique varieties.

Randys Donuts 3
Randys Donuts 3

Randy’s Donuts Bestsellers

You can choose between Classic, Deluxe, Fancy, and Premium donuts in the Randy’s Donuts menu. Here are some of the flavors and varieties you can expect.

Classic Donuts

Some best-selling donuts are the Glazed Raised, Chocolate Raised, and Devil’s Food. But you can also get classic donuts in the following flavors:

The Glazed Raised donuts are a staple and usual favorite amongst the top donut shops, owing to their simplicity and decadence. Chocolate Raised is quite similar, but with a dash of chocolate to bump up the powdered sugar glaze. Randy’s Devil’s Food donut is basically the decadent Devil’s Food Cake you can carry around with a top layer of luscious chocolate.

Deluxe Donuts

Most love the Choco Old Fashioned and the Glazed Old Fashioned, which are, as the name suggests, old-fashioned sour cream donuts. Its craggy surface is perfect for holding the luscious chocolate and silky vanilla glazes, respectively. If that’s too sweet for you, they also have the Lemon Old Fashioned, which provides more balanced flavor notes.

Fancy Donuts

Step it up with the famous Randy’s Donut Bear Claws, a rectangular glazed donut with apple pie filling in the center. You can also try the Roasted Coconut Raised donut for a tropical and refreshing take on a sweet dessert. The Randy’s Donuts Cinnamon Roll is a must-have if you’re looking for something more familiar.

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Premium Donuts

Dial up your donut experience to 11 with the cereal-topped donuts from the Randy’s Donuts menu. You must try the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Raised, Fruit Loops Raised, and Fruity Pebbles Raised for a crunchy and nostalgic bite. If you’re going for decadence and are willing to throw the guilt out the window, there’s the Nutella Raised, M&M’s Raised, and Oreo’s Raised — perfect if you’re looking for a sugar kick like no other.

Randy’s Donuts Delivery

If you want your Randy’s Donuts craving satisfied but would like to stay at home, you can have your favorites delivered exclusively via the Pick.A.Roo app.

If you feel like trying other brands of donuts, you can also try Jco, Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Randy’s Donuts available in Grab or Foodpanda?

As mentioned above, Randy’s Donuts only delivers via the Pick.A.Roo app.

Does Randy’s Donuts stay true to its Los Angeles menu?

So far, the Randy’s Donuts Philippines menu has stayed faithful to its original menu.

Do they sell anything other than donuts?

Yes. Randy’s Donuts also serves hot and iced coffee, donut sandwiches, and cakes (which you have to pre-order.)

About Randy’s Donuts in the Philippines

In 1952, on Manchester Boulevard in Inglewood, California, the original location of the now-famous Los Angeles landmark with the massive rooftop doughnut initially opened its doors to the public. It now has sites in Los Angeles and other cities around the United States, South Korea, and Saudi Arabia.

The Bistro Group, which also franchises Italiannis, Texas Roadhouse, Denny’s, Hard Rock Café, Buffalo Wild Wings, Modern Shanghai, Fish & Co, and TGIFridays, is credited for introducing Randy’s Donuts to the Philippines.

On May 10, Randy’s Donuts held a “soft debut” in Uptown Parade in Bonifacio Global City, the country’s first location. Donut shop lineups have been constantly lengthy ever since. They’ve expanded to three other places in the Philippines, and their success continues to grow.

Randys Donut Shop
Randys Donut Shop

Talk To Randy’s Donuts Filipino Staff

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