Since its opening more than ten years ago, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen (also known as “Mama Lou’s”) has provided a haven of healing for its patrons.  Even while it’s apparent that Mama Lou’s serves delicious cuisine, there’s plenty more to the experience there. Mama Lou’s kitchen is famous for its delectable pasta, risotto, and pizza, but the most prized dish is the love that goes into making them. Let’s dig into the delicious offerings on Mama Lou’s Menu.

Here is the latest Mama Lou’s Menu with prices in the Philippines:



Crpaccico Di Manzo375
Fried Calamari195
Chicken Wings180
Baked Italian Meatballs195
Spicy Italian Garlic Sausage250
Mozzarella Sticks180
Onion Rings160
Squid Heads195
Smoked Salmon Platter375


Clam Chowder Soup (Small)185
Clam Chowder Soup (Big)325
French Onion Soup250
Minestrone Soup (Small)175
Minestrone Soup (Big)300
Mushroom Soup (Small)165
Mushroom Soup (Big)295
Pumpkin Soup (Small)165
Pumpkin Soup (Big)300


Chef's Salad275
Friulana Salad295
Caesar Salad275
Oriental Salad325


City Sampler495
Cheese Platter495
Sausage Platter495

Al Dente Barilla Pasta

Italian Sausage Pomodoro295
Shrimp Formaggio325
Spaghetti Meatballs275
Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca295
Linguini Vongole275
Spaghetti Seafood Pomodoro295
Spaghetti Bolognese295
Spaghetti Seafood Olio315
Spaghetti Con Tuyo Filleto295
Shrimp A Limone325
Penne Pesto Al Pollo295
Vongole Olio295
Prosciutto Carciofo Fettuccini295
Creamy Salmon Linguini325
Truffle Mac and Cheese285
Seafood Alfredo325
Ravioli Spinaci325
Pasta Al Nero Di Seppia325


Risotto Tartufo Funghi325
Risotto Di Mare350
Risotto Pesto Al Pollo325
Buttered Risotto295


Pizza Margherita (Small)260
Pizza Margherita (Large)375
Mama Lou's Special (Small)350
Mama Lou's Special (Large)450
Pizza Bianca (Small)275
Pizza Bianca (Large)375
Pizza Salsiccia (Small)295
Pizza Salsiccia (Large)415
Primavera (Small)325
Primavera (Large)425
Frutti Di Mare (Small)325
Frutti Di Mare (Large)425
Hawaiian Pizza (Small)275
Hawaiian Pizza (Large)375
Napoli (Small)260
Napoli (Large)375
Pepperoni (Small)295
Pepperoni (Large)395
All Meat Pizza (Small)325
All Meat Pizza (Large)450
Tabarnes (Small)295
Tabarnes (Large)395
Proscuitto Funghi (Small)325
Proscuitto Funghi (Large)425
Quattro Formaggi (Small)325
Quattro Formaggi (Large)425
Quattro Stagioni (Small)325
Quattro Stagioni (Large)425


Chicken Piccata330
Rollo Di Pollo390
Chicken Parmigiana390
Chicken Marsala390
Chickekn Fra Diavalo390
Braised Short Ribs295
Mozzarella Burger Steak295
Fillet Mignon695
Marbled Rib Eye Steak695
Pan Fried Beef Scallopini (Al Limone Sauce)330
Pan Fried Beef Scallopini (Marsala Sauce)360
Pan Fried Beef Scallopini (Pizzaiola Sauce)330
Osso Buco Classico595
Rosemary Lamb Rack695
Grilled Lamb Chops695
Grilled Pork Chops350


Seafood Flambe395
Prawns Thermidor695
Grilled Tuna Belly325
Steamed Fish Fillet in Brodo390
Pan Fried Fish Fillet390
Salmon Grill390
Fish and Chips (Atlantic Sole)350
Seabass Ala Florentina795


Mango Crepe225
Chocolate Cake160
Apple Pie160
Italian Tiramisu160
Mama Lou's Cheesecake180
Ice Cream85


Coke Products50
Mama Lou's Iced Tea75
Bottomless Iced Tea85
Regular Iced Tea50
Bottled Water30
Soda Water95
Tonic Water95
San Pelligrino (250 ml)135
San Pelligrino (500 ml)170
Tea By the Cup60
Tea By the Pot90
Apple Juice160
Apple and Carrot Juice160
Carrot Juice160
Calamansi Juice160
Orange Juice160
Banana Fruit Shake145
Watermelon Fruit Shake145
Green and Yellow Mango Shake145
Strawberry Shake145
Pineapple Shake145
Grapes Shake145
Decaf Americano60
Espresso 60
Double Espresso85
Café Latte95
Mocha Ice Blended Coffee150
Hazelnut Ice Blended Coffee150
Cappuccino Ice Blended Coffee150
Espresso Choco Ice Blended Coffee150
Vanilla Ice Blended Coffee150
Chocolate Ice Blended Coffee150
Wine by The Glass175
San Miguel Beer40
San Miguel Light45
San Miguel Strong Ice75
San Miguel Super Dry75
San Miguel Premium85
Cerveza Negra45
Colada Surprise145
Blue Lagoon180
Tropical Sun180

Mama Lou’s Menu

The cuisine of Mama Lou’s includes elements of many different cuisines, including those from Italy, France, the United States, and fusion cuisine. Most of their supplies come from third-party vendors outside the country to create unique tastes and consistently provide diners with a great eating experience.

Mama Lou’s Best Sellers

Mama Lou’s Special Pizza

I consider this pizza as absolutely one of a kind. The addition of mangoes to Mama Lou’s “Filipinized” pizza is the primary reason for its status as her restaurant’s most popular item. It is effective. This pizza features tomato, mozzarella, prosciutto, mango, arugula, and balsamic cream. Like the rest of their pizzas, this one also comes with arugula and alfalfa. You have the option of topping the pizza with arugula and alfalfa, rolling it up, and eating it like you would a pizza roll.

Risotto Tartufo Funghi

At first glance, Mama Lou’s risotto may seem like an ordinary white and yellow risotto. But there’s so much more to it than that. The first taste will reveal a delicious secret. The richness and cheesiness of the risotto will make your tongue and heart happy. Guess what else? They bumped it up a notch with a truffle twist. When combined with the creamy foundation, the earthy and fragrant aromas created by the truffle infusion are divine. The flavor explodes in your mouth with each mouthful.

Mama Lou 21

Bacon Poutine

The best poutines in town can be found at Mama Lou’s. One of the proprietors is partly Canadian, thus they like serving this dish to their customers. Think about it: cheesy, gravy-covered French fries straight out of the deep-fryer. In addition, chunks of crispy bacon are thrown in for additional saltiness and crunch, making Mama Lou’s poutine is a harmonious blend of many tastes and textures. Their hard work is evident in every delicious mouthful, making this an absolute must-try for anybody looking for a delectable delicacy that will leave them wanting more.

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Mama Lou’s Iced Tea

It is imperative, mandatory, and required that you order Mama Lou’s Iced Tea. If you don’t, you’ll be doing yourself a huge disservice. You can taste the inherent mintiness of the tea leaves, which is only present in freshly brewed tea made with genuine tea leaves rather than powdered tea bags. Totally refreshing, and well worth paying extra for the bottomless option.

Mama Lou’s Delivery

Mama Lou’s has introduced a convenient way to enjoy their delicious food through Mama Foods Cloud Kitchen. This new delivery platform houses a range of premium brands, including Mama Lou’s, Nonna’s, Persialive, and more. Now, you can easily order from multiple cuisines and have them delivered right to your doorstep. Whether you’re in Metro Manila, select areas in Cavite, Laguna, or Rizal, they’ve got you covered, with calculated delivery fees. Simply choose your preferred branch, place your order, and either book a courier or let Mama Lou’s handle the booking on your behalf (delivery fees apply). It’s a cohesive and hassle-free solution for satisfying your cravings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a FamCard?

Mama Lou’s FamCard is their loyalty card, which rewards their frequent diners with perks such as year-round discounts for dine-in, takeout, and delivery. It also includes birthday discounts and freebies, among other perks and incentives.

How can I get a FamCard?

You can purchase the card from Mama Lou’s & Nonna’s Restaurant by visiting in person or ordering online through a message. Soon, the card will also be available for purchase through their website checkout and online stores like Lazada.

About Mama Lou’s in the Philippines

Mama Lou’s is a family-run restaurant with a rich history rooted in love and food. It began in 2010 as a kitchen in a family home in BF Homes Las Piñas. Since then, it has evolved into Mama Lou’s Group, comprising two Italian concept restaurants: Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen and Nonna’s Pasta & Pizzeria, and several other kitchens serving up different cuisines. Despite the growth, both restaurants maintain the tradition of offering guests a welcoming atmosphere and delicious home-style cuisine.

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