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Mama lou's

Mama Lou’s Menu

Since its opening more than ten years ago, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen (also known as “Mama Lou’s”) has provided a haven of healing for its patrons.  Even while it’s apparent that Mama Lou’s serves delicious cuisine, there’s plenty more to the experience there. Mama Lou’s kitchen is famous for its delectable pasta, risotto, and pizza, but the most prized dish is the love that goes into making them. Let’s dig into the delicious offerings on Mama Lou’s Menu.

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Italianni's Menu

Italianni’s Menu

Anyone interested in sampling a true slice of Italy’s gastronomic history need to look no further than Italianni’s. The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and friendly service transport diners straight to the heart of Italy. Italianni’s pulls together the finest of Italian cuisine and serves it in a manner that tempts the senses by placing a premium on high-quality ingredients. Get ready for a taste of Italy that will leave you wanting more from Italianni’s Menu.

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Cibo Cover Photo

Cibo Menu

Cibo is your best bet for authentic Italian cuisine in the middle of Manila. Over the last twenty years, this Italian restaurant franchise has been a mainstay in the hearts and stomachs of diners throughout the nation. Cibo’s menu is full of classic Italian meals produced with high-quality ingredients, making it a popular choice among tourists as well as locals. Read on to learn more about some of our favorite dishes from the Cibo menu.

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