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Wildflour Menu

Wildflour Menu

Unlike most restaurants out there that just become famous because of the marketing hype the owners have created around them, Wildflour that’s more than that. Their consistency, great food, and talent made them the most successful and recognizable local restaurant brands in Metro Manila. Let’s look at the Wildflour menu and see why all love it.

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Cake2Go Menu Cover

Cake2Go Menu

Cake2Go has established itself to be the premier take-out and delivery store for cakes. With 11 networks all over the metro, you can easily find a branch that can cater to your sweet treats need.

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Red Ribbon Menu Cover

Red Ribbon Menu

Red Ribbon Bakeshop is one of the top baking chain restaurants in the Philippines! Full of classic cakes, pastries, and sweet confections, its dishes are made to impress any occasion.

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Contis Menu Cover

Contis Menu

Contis Cake sells some of the tastiest cakes you can buy in the Philippines. They also have a range of delicious food on their menu including beef, chicken, pork, seafood, and more.

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