Red Ribbon Bakeshop is one of the top baking chain restaurants in the Philippines! Full of classic cakes, pastries, and sweet confections, its dishes are made to impress any occasion.

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Here is the current Red Ribbon menu, with updated prices:

Menu itemPrice

Round Cakes

Black Forest Classic (Regular)₱621.50
Black Forest Classic (Junior)₱390.50
Black Forest Royale (Regular)₱715.00
Chocolate Indulgence (Regular)₱621.50
Chocolate Indulgence (Junior)₱390.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Regular)₱577.50
Ultimate Chocolate Cake (Junior)₱352.00
Chocolate Mousse (Regular)₱550.00
Chocolate Mousse (Junior)₱374.00
Tiramisu Meltdown (Regular)₱605.00
Ube Cake (Regular)₱528.00
Dulce de Leche (Regular)₱627.00
Caramel Crunch (Regular)₱605.00

Dedication Cakes

Chocolate Dedication Cake (Junior 8x8)₱374.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱550.00
Chocolate Dedication Cake (Large 12x12)₱770.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Junior 8x8)₱352.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱550.00
Mocha Dedication Cake (Large 12x12)₱748.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Junior 8x8)₱407.00
Rainbow Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱605.00
Graduation Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱605.00
Double Deck Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱869.00
Active Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱825.00
Dainty Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱825.00
Jolibee Dedication Cake (Regular 8x12)₱825.00


Triple Chocolate Roll (Half)₱220.00
Triple Chocolate Roll (Full)₱330.00
Mocha Roll (Half)₱203.50
Mocha Roll (Full)₱308.00
Leche Flan Roll (Half)₱214.50
Leche Flan Roll (Full)₱330.00
Ube 'n Cream Roll (Half)₱198.00
Ube 'n Cream Roll (Full)₱324.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Half)₱214.50
Chocolate Caramel Roll (Full)₱330.00
Brazo de Mercedes (Half)₱214.50
Brazo de Mercedes (Full)₱385.00
Mango Roll (Half)₱214.50
Mango Roll (Full)₱330.00


Butter Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
White Choco Almond Mamon (Singles)₱26.40
Creamy Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Mocha Mamon (8's Pack)₱176.00
Ube Mamon (Singles)₱22.00
Ube Mamon (8's Pack)₱176.00
Ensaymada (Singles)₱27.50
Salted Caramel Ensaymada (Singles)₱38.50
Strawberry Cheesecake Ensaymada (Singles)₱38.50
Choco Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Chiffon Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Double Dutch Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Choco Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Mocha Marble Cake Slice (Singles)₱26.40
Moist Choco Slice (Singles)₱23.10
Moist Choco Slice (8's Pack)₱184.80
Classic Butter Slice (Singles)₱22.00
Classic Butter Slice (8's Pack)₱176.00
Banana Crunch Slice (Singles)₱25.30
Banana Crunch Slice (8's Pack)₱202.40
Yummy Cheesy Roll (Singles)₱27.50
Yummy Cheesy Roll (8's Pack)₱220.00
Cinnamon Roll (Singles)₱28.60
Cinnamon Roll (8's Pack)₱228.80
Cream Macarons (10's Pack)₱56.10
Chocolate Crinkles (Singles)₱26.40
Chocolate Crinkles (Box of 4 Packs)₱105.60
Butter Puto (10's Pack)₱71.50
Chicken Empanada (Singles)₱27.50
Chicken Empanada (Box of 6)₱165.00
Pork Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30
Tunda Pandesal (Singles)₱25.30
Brownies (Singles)₱22.00
Brownies (10's Pack)₱220.00
Mango Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Mango Bar (10's Pack)₱220.00
Cheesy Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Cheesy Bar (10's Pack)₱220.00
Pineapple Bar (Singles)₱22.00
Pineapple Bar (10's Pack)₱220.00
Classic Polvoron (Singles)₱11.00
Classic Polvoron (8's Pack)₱80.30
Classic Polvoron (16's Box)₱157.30
Peanut Polvoron (Singles)₱7.70
Peanut Polvoron (8's Pack)₱53.90
Pinipig Polvoron (Singles)₱7.70
Pinipig Polvoron (8's Pack)₱53.90
Assorted Polvoron (26's Box)₱174.90
Macupuno Balls (12's Pack)₱52.80
Pastillas de Leche (12's Pack)₱63.80


Red Ribbon is a go-to bakeshop for delicious cakes, and other baked treats. They often have exciting new cakes for you to try like their Yema Cake and Ube Mousse Cake!

Here are some of the photos of their menu:

Best Seller Cake on the Red Ribbon Menu

Looking for a tita or lola approved cake? You can trust Red Ribbon’s Black Forest Cake to do the trick! Their signature flavor, Black Forest Cake, has layers of decadent, moist chocolate fudge cake layers with fluffy cream and chocolate cherry filling, topped with even more chocolates and cherries! You can try this out at a regular size for P621.50, or at a smaller size for only P390.50.

Red Ribbon Black Forest Cake
Red Ribbon Black Forest

There are other flavors of cakes that you may want to try, like their incredibly luscious Chocolate Indulgence Cake for P390.50, or their Ultimate Chocolate Cake for P352.50, which really packs a punch in how much chocolate it has! If you want to do away with the cake base, their creamy Chocolate Mousse is topped with cream and chocolate nibs. It’s sure to give both the kids and the elderly a smile on their face! This can be bought for P374.00 in Junior, or P550.00 in Regular size.

Of course, you might not be a chocolate person. Luckily, they also have non-chocolate premium flavors, like their Tiramisu Meltdown (P605.00), Ube Cake (P528.00), Dulce de Leche Cake (P627.00), or Caramel Crunch Cake (P605.00).

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Customized Cake

Everyone loves to celebrate – birthday, graduation, anniversary, Mother’s day. Why not celebrate with a special customized cake? Red Ribbon offers very affordable dedication cakes for you to buy so you can surprise your loved ones with a message! Say ‘I love you’ in the sweetest way!

Their signature flavor is their chocolate dedication cake, which features chocolate cake, layered and coated in chocolate frosting, finished with chocolate on top. This is available 3 sizes: Junior (8” x 8”) for P374.00, Regular (8” x 12”) for P550.00, and Large (12” x 12”) for P770.00. You can also get these cute messages on their moist mocha cake, topped with chocolates, or their rainbow cake, which has 3 layers of colorful spongecake, layered on and covered with chocolate frosting and topped with rainbow sprinkles.

4 different Red Ribbon Dedication Cakes that says Happy Birthday
Red Ribbon Dedication Cake Happy Birthday

For something extra extra special – you can even purchase 8” x 12” dedication cakes to celebrate very special occasions.

Cake Rolls

Want to surprise your friends at your next party? You might want to try their cake rolls: delectable chiffon cake lathered with delicious filling, rolled into a tube, coated with even more icing and decorated with delectable sweet toppings! They have a grand assortment of flavors to choose from, like Triple Chocolate, Mocha, or Ube ‘n Cream!

Their rolls come in two sizes, half and full. Even better, all of their rolls are affordable! Their cheapest cake roll costs less than P250, and their full sized rolls won’t cost you more than P350.

Imagine that, amazing desserts that are easy on the wallet!

Red Ribbon Pastries

It’s not just cakes that Red Ribbon Bakeshop offers, they even have a large selection of pastries that you can choose from to treat yourself, or your loved ones!

The classic snack would always be the mamon. It’s a balikbayan’s favorite! The mamon is a Filipino sponge cake baked in a way very similar to a cupcake. Red ribbon’s classic version of this is left with melted butter on top, sure to give everyone a craze for it, and only for P22.00. Another classic Filipino snack would be their ensaymada (P27.50), a fluffy bread with butter, cream, and grated cheese on top! You could eat it on its own, or with coffee or tea! This is the go-to for a great merienda!

If you want some cake without having the hassle of buying the entire cake, here’s a tip for you! Each of their cake slices only costs P26.40, but with it is the full satisfaction of Red Ribbon cake!

Red Ribbon Rewards Card

Red Ribbon has a rewards card under Happy Plus, which you can avail for P100. What’s awesome is you can use it in other establishments as well such as Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich, or Mang Inasal!

You can earn points, get free food, and avail of so many other benefits! Find out more, and register with HappyPlus!

Red Ribbon Rewards Card exclusive offers
Red Ribbon Rewards

Red Ribbon Delivery

Dial (02) 8-7777 in Metro Manila to reach the Red Ribbon Philippines delivery hotline. You can also visit  the Red Ribbon delivery website or order your cake via GrabFood.

New Red Ribbon Online Delivery App
Red Ribbon Online

Do Other Filipinos Like Red Ribbon?

Famous celebrities love Red Ribbon cakes! Just look Heart Evangelista having her Ube Mousse Cake.

Heart Evangelista eating Ube Mousse Cake while reading a magazine
Heart Evangelista with Red Ribbon Ube Mousse Cake

How about the ever so lovable Scarlet Snow Belo eating her Mango Sunrise cake!

Scarlet Snow Belo eating Red Ribbon Mango Cake
Scarlet Snow Belo with Red Ribbon Mango Cake

About Red Ribbon Philippines

Red Ribbon originally started out as a humble family business in Timog, Quezon City in the year 1979. Back then, they were just a small bakeshop that would sell their dishes in front!

In the year 1992, they decided it was time to expand, and eventually they were able to grow big, with over 200 stores all across the Philippines, some placements and even some products in commissaries in other countries, like the US!

In 2005, they were absorbed into the Tony Tan-fastfood chain that is the Jollibee Food Corporation.

Talk To Red Ribbon Staff

Red Ribbon’s also adjusted to the Filipino family of the 21st century! They’re open from 7 am to 9 pm everyday. Want to know more about the Red Ribbon menu in the Philippines? Send a message to one of their social media accounts:

Otherwise, you can find one of their Red Ribbon stores using their online store locator or send them a message directly through their website.

For any more questions you may have about the Red Ribbon menu Philippines, leave a comment below.