Cake2Go has established itself to be the premier take-out and delivery store for cakes. With 11 networks all over the metro, you can easily find a branch that can cater to your sweet treats need.

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Here is the latest Cake2Go menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPriceDescription

Best Sellers

Devil's Food Cheesecake₱910.00Layers of chocolate fudge cake, cheesecake and chocolate buttercream filling topped with chocolate buttercream icing
Red Velvet Cheesecake₱920.00Layers of red velvet cake and baked cheesecake held together by yummy cream cheese frosting
T-Overload₱880.00Layers of White Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Toblerone mousse on a bed of chocolate fudge cake
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake₱810.00Made with a graham crust, cheesecake, and topped with a yummy dulce de leche sauce
Classic Ube₱790.00Ube sponge cake base and ube cream filling

Cakes 2 Comfort

Mom's Chocoholic Fudge Cake₱780.00Chocolate fudge cake and a custard filling topped with decadent chocolate icing
Nutty Chocolate Surprise₱780.00Brownie crust topped with Chocnut mousse and garnished with a rich chocolate ganache
Cookies & Cream Express₱780.00Chocolate fudge cake base filled with a white chocolate mousse filling and enveloped in a Oreo cream icing
Nestle's Crunch Cake₱780.00Chocolate fudge cake, chocolate buttercream filling and topped with Nestle's Crunch bars
Bugs' Carrot Cake₱750.00Vanilla cream cheese frosting on the inside and decorated with vanilla cream cheese icing on the outside
Quattro Leches₱770.00Vanilla sponge cake soaked in 3 kinds of milk sealed with whipped cream and topped with a dulce de leche sauce

Twists 2 Perfection

Mango Meringue Symphony₱820.00Mangoes, meringue, cashew nuts, and a chocolate mousse filling held together by whipped cream icing
Nutella Choco Torte₱860.00Chocolate fudge cake and Nutella cream cheese frosting filling and decorated with crushed chocolate cereal and Nutella cream cheese frosting icing
Salted Caramel Espresso Tiramisu₱870.00Layers of tiramisu cake, espresso whipped cream cheese mixture, salted caramel sauce, and chocolate ganache
Hershey's Reese's Tiramisu₱890.00Combination of Hershey's Reese's cream cheese mixed with a decadent chocolate sponge cake and topped with cocoa powder and Hershey's Reese's cups
Hershey's Kisses Tiramisu₱890.00Chocolate sponge cake, cream cheese whipped cream mixture, and topped with whipped cream, cocoa powder, and Hershey's Kisses
Hershey's Cookies & Cream Tiramisu₱890.00Layers of chocolate spongecake, Hershey's Cookies & Cream cream cheese mixture topped with cocoa powder and Hershey's Cookies & Cream bars.
Chocolate Sansrival₱780.00Layers of meringue, Cadbury chocolate, and cashew nuts held together by a yummy vanilla butter cream filling and premium milk chocolate ganache.
Brazo de Sansrival₱800.00Meringue layers filled with yema custard filling and topped off with rich buttercream icing & cashew nuts.
Black Forest Cheesecake₱840.00Layers of chocolate spongecake and dark chocolate cheesecake topped with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and Maraschino cherries!

New 2 Taste

Carrot Cheesecake₱800.00Layers of carrot cake and baked cheesecake and enveloped in a yummy vanilla cream cheese frosting!
Coffee Butter Crunch Cake₱770.00Butter cake base topped with a delicious coffee buttercream and garnished with a bittersweet choco crunch.
C-Bliss₱870.00Perfect slice of cookie crust, Cadbury chocolate mousse, and whipped cream.

Menu Updates

Cakes are part of any celebrations here in the Philippines. It may be a birthday, anniversary, or celebration of milestones. Every celebration is special when a cake is served at the table. It symbolizes that there is something to celebrate about.

Here are some photos of the most up to date menu at Cake2Go:

Bestseller Cakes On Cake2Go Menu

Cake2Go is known for its cakes that are best eaten when frozen which many loyal customers keep coming back for. Cake2Go’s cake diameter size is about 8 inches and around 3-4 inches in height.

Are you a fan of cheesecake? Why not try their Red Velvet Cheesecake (₱920.00). It’s one of Cake2Go’s bestsellers! Their Red Velvet Cheesecake is made of beautiful layers of red velvet cake and baked cheesecake. The layers are held together by their delicious cream cheese frosting that will satisfy your cheesecake cravings.

Parts of a Red Velvet Cheesecake At Cake2go Philippines
Parts of a Red Velvet Cheesecake At Cake2go Philippines

If you are after a classic flavor, you can also try their Classic Ube (₱790.00). Definitely, a Pinoy favorite, their take on this classic flavor will keep you coming back for more. Made out of yummy ube sponge cake base and ube cream filling, it is a perfect cake for all the ube lovers out there.

If you’re looking for something new and unique, you can try their newest flavor which is the Choco Espresso Genoise Cake (₱750.00) . Made with a classic Italian sponge cake base that is lightly soaked in coffee liquor, then topped with espresso buttercream and enveloped in a dark chocolate ganache, it is definitely a must-try for you coffee lovers out there. Tiramisu in cake form!

Philippines' Cake2go Choco Espresso Genoise Cake on a red background
Cake2go Choco Espresso Genoise Cake

For cakes, you can also check out Contis cake menu and Mary Grace cake menu.

Special Cakes of Cakes2Go

Aside from the classic flavors that Cakes2Go that offers, they also offer a combination of flavors that you will surely love. They have concocted these flavors to perfection and created a sweet masterpiece that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Ever heard of a Black Forest Cheesecake? Then you should try the combination created by Cakes2Go. This is their take on the classic cult favorite. Black Forest Cheesecake (₱840.00) is made of yummy layers of chocolate sponge cake and dark chocolate cheesecake. Topped with a bittersweet chocolate ganache and Maraschino, you will enjoy this different take on your classic favorites.

For the sweet tooth tita, how about a combination of Brazo de Mercedes and Sansrival? She’ll love it! Cake2Go’s Brazo de Sansrival (₱800.00) is made of meringue layers filled with the yema custard filling and topped off with rich buttercream icing and cashew nuts. You don’t have to choose between your two classic favorites, just buy the whole cake.

Of course, we don’t always have special occasions to buy a cake for, don’t worry, Cake2Go also has single cakes which are smaller. So it works when you’re just having a sweets craving on a random day! Take your pick, they have Angel Mousse Singles (₱130.00), Bugs’ Carrot Cake Singles (₱130.00), Fudge Mousse Singles (₱130.00), and Mochachino Singles (₱130.00).

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Cake Storage

Cake2Go offers 2 kinds of cakes – the refrigerated and the frozen type. When stored properly, Cake2Go’s cake shelf life can be stored for 1 week. It’s best that cakes are consumed immediately. But if you have leftovers, here’s a tip to preserve the cake’s quality, cover the sliced portions of the cake with a cling wrap or foil!

6 different kinds of Cake2go Cakes
Cake2go Cakes Philippines

Cakes2Go Delivery

Before ordering, it is always best to check with their branch if the cakes you want are available. For some locations, they have an in-house delivery service, and the charge is 125 PHP, a flat rate. The maximum radius for them is 5km from any of the branches below:

● Banawe
● Congressional
● Shaw
● Katipunan
● Makati
● Pasig
You could also order via GrabFood, however, availability in the app can be limited. You could also use courier services such as Grab Express or Lalamove to deliver the cakes to you, depending on what is the most convenient for you.

They accept cash or Gcash if you are buying from the store or delivery. They also accept Paypal and bank transfers for website transactions.

About Cake2Go Philippines

Cake2Go is a premier take-out and delivery cake store. With their multiple branches all over the metro, they can reach you and deliver your cake needs to satisfy your cake cravings for any occasion. They aim to give you the best and hassle-free service when you are looking for a cake. All you need to do is to choose from their menu, contact them, and it will be delivered to you. Contact the branch near you and check their bestsellers, and experience their best tasting cake flavors.

Talk To Cake2Go Filipino Staff

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