Those searching for genuine Japanese fare in the Philippines should make a trip to Mendokoro Ramenba. This restaurant chain, affectionately called just Mendokoro by its patrons, has become well-known for its luscious and savory tonkotsu ramen, which has been lauded by both culinary reviewers and everyday diners. The ramen is excellent, but that’s not all Mendokoro Ramenba has to offer. In this article, we’ll explore the Mendokoro menu to determine whether they’re up to the standards of our picky readers.

Here is the latest Mendokoro Ramenba Menu with prices in the Philippines:


Tonkotsu Ramen

Shio 430

Hiyashi Ramen

Hiyashi Chuka490
Hiyashi TanTanMen490


Karai Tokusei560

Maze Soba

Shio Maze Soba370
Shoyu Maze Soba450
Kara Maze Soba430

Take Home Ramen Kit

Super Chashu560
Ebi Tonkotsu590

Side Dishes/Extras

Gyoza (3pcs)140
Gyoza (5pcs)230
Extra Chasu (3pcs)275
Aji Tamago80
Extra Chasu Bits(1kg)1250
Karai Tokusei520

Mendokoro Ramenba is a chain of Japanese restaurants known mostly for its tonkotsu ramen but also for its gyoza, karaage, and rice bowls. They use only the freshest ingredients and heritage methods to provide authentic Japanese food for ramen lovers and foodies in the Philippines

Mendokoro Ramenba Best Sellers

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu ramen, Mendokoro’s specialty, is the restaurant’s most famous dish. This is another reason I keep returning to the restaurant. The pork bones are simmered for several hours to extract the broth’s rich flavor and velvety texture. The ramen noodles are prepared to the ideal al dente consistency, and then the meal is finished with toppings like chashu pork, ajitama egg, and scallions. Mendokoro has several optional extras such as corn, garlic, and butter if you want to spice up your bowl even more. The Tonkotsu Ramen is a must-try for everybody, whether they are ramen experts or have never had the dish before.

Tantanmen Ramen

Tantanmen Ramen at Mendokoro is fantastic for people who like a little more heat than I do. The broth in this take on traditional tonkotsu ramen gets its fiery flavor from a combination of sesame and chili oil. The soup is finished off with a topping of ground pork, bamboo shoots, and scallions. If, for some reason, you need extra heat, more spice may be added. Tantanmen Ramen’s thick and savory broth, along with the powerful flavors of chili oil, makes for a delicious and filling ramen experience.

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Vegan Tantanmen

Ebi Tempura

One of Mendokoro’s most well-liked starters and sides is the restaurant’s Ebi Tempura, or deep-fried prawns covered in a light batter. Tempura has always held a special place in my heart, and Mendokoro’s didn’t disappoint. A dipping sauce of dashi, soy sauce, and mirin is provided to accompany the crunchy fried prawns. The briny flavor of the prawns is well countered by the sugary taste of the dipping sauce, making for a delicious combination that goes great with ramen.

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You should not leave Mendokoro without trying their pan-fried Japanese gyoza. The rich and savory interior of ground pork, vegetables, and spices matches the crisp, golden-brown exterior. Presented with a dipping condiment composed of soy sauce, rice vinegar, and chili oil, gyoza is a must-try treat for fans of Japanese dumplings.


Mendokoro Ramenba Delivery

Mendokoro is a restaurant that provides delivery services for the products on its menu. Based on your location, you can place orders via the restaurant’s official website or through mobile applications for meal delivery, such as GrabFood and FoodPanda. The delivery rates may change based on the area and the required quantity of the minimum order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there vegetarian-friendly items on the Mendokoro menu?

Vegetarians may rest assured knowing that Mendokoro Philippines has something for them to eat. There is a vegetarian ramen option with various veggies, tofu, and mushrooms in a light broth. Vegetarians may also enjoy edamame and Japanese-style pickles as starters at Mendokoro. Customers should inform wait staff about food allergies or preferences to ensure their meals are prepared properly.

What’s the best time to visit Mendokoro?

Lunch and supper are traditionally the busiest times at Mendokoro since that’s when most people are there. Diners who would prefer a less crowded establishment should consider coming during the middle of the day or late at night. It’s best to avoid the busiest times unless you don’t mind waiting for a table and thrive in a crowded environment. It’s important to remember that Mendokoro does not take reservations, so diners must be patient if they want to eat there at peak times.

About Mendokoro Ramenba in the Philippines

Elbert Cuenca and Ryan Cruz, who made a name for themselves in the ramen industry with the famous restaurant Ramen Yushoken in Alabang’s Molito Commercial Center, have joined forces to open Mendokoro Ramenba. Elbert and Ryan opened Mendokoro Ramenba two years after Ramen Yushoken, and it is still memorable for its boat-shaped counter that allows customers to see their ramen being made.


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