Filipinos love their milk tea. Young or old, from all walks of life, it’s one of the sought-after beverages by most.  Not only that, but the whole experience of getting your beverage is a nice journey, from choosing the flavor, the sinkers, and the sugar level.

There are tons of shops that have opened all across the country, but Moonleaf has always been one of the firsts. Let’s sneak a peek at some items on the Moonleaf menu.

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Here is the latest Moonleaf Tea menu with prices in the Philippines:

Menu itemPrice

Magnumize Your Life

Magnum Choco Hazelnut Torte (tall)₱160.00
Magnum Cafe Classico (regular)₱150.00
Magnum Winter Nutcracker (tall)₱160.00

Milk Tea

Wintermelon Milk Tea (large)₱105.00
Okinawa Milk Tea (large)₱105.00
Hokkaido Milk Tea (large)₱105.00
Moonpearl Milk Tea (large)₱105.00
Jasmine Milk Tea (large)₱105.00
Hakka Milk Tea (large)₱105.00

Wintermelon Series

Wintermelon Tea w/Salted Cream (large)₱120.00
Lychee Strawberry w/Wintermelon Cream (large)₱120.00

Fruit Tea w/ Nata

Lychee Nata (large)₱105.00
Lychee w/ Yakult (large)₱105.00
Honey (large)₱105.00
Strawberry (large)₱105.00
Passionfruit (large)₱105.00
Mango (large)₱105.00

Custard Milk Tea

Banana Milk Tea (large)₱130.00
Caramel Milk Tea (large)₱130.00
Ube Milk Tea (large)₱130.00
Thai Milk Tea (large)₱130.00

Premium with Pearls

Brown Sugar Milk (large)₱140.00
Peppermint (large)₱140.00
Chocolate Banana (large)₱140.00
Chocolate Peppermint (large)₱140.00

Salted Cream

Chocolate (large)₱130.00
Matcha (large)₱130.00
Strawberry (large)₱130.00
Taro (large)₱130.00


Chocolate w/ Moon Pearls (large)₱160.00
Matcha Eggnog w/ Custard Pudding (large)₱160.00
Wintermelon w/ Moon Pearls (large)₱160.00
Strawberry w/Nata (large)₱160.00
Ube w/ Custard Pudding (large)₱160.00

Classic Tea

Jasmine Green Tea (large)₱70.00
Assam Black Tea (large)₱70.00


Cafe Latte (16oz)₱90.00
Mocha Latte (16oz)₱90.00
Hazelnut Latte (16oz)₱90.00



The Philippine branches of Moonleaf boast a wide array of classic milk tea offerings. They also offer snack options that perfectly pair with their beverages, along with heavier options if you’re really hungry. They also offer cakes as a nice dessert option. Let’s take a look at some of their bestsellers.

What’s New in Moonleaf?

Moonleaf has been in the Philippine milk tea scene for quite a long time, yet they retain their loyal following and still attract new customers. The reason they can achieve this is that they like to spice up their menu now and then.

With their commitment to giving their customers the best experience possible, Moonleaf drops new flavors and new offerings every season. This not only makes sure that you have something to look forward to at every visit, but it also means that newcomers will want to stick around for that next batch of awesome flavors.

Moonleaf constantly develops new lines of drinks - one of which is the partnership with Magnum Ice Cream
Magnum Line Of Moonleaf Tea

The Limited Edition Magnum Drink Line

Right now, the limited-edition offering for this season on the Moonleaf menu is their Magnum Drinks. There are three flavor options from this line.

The Magnum Choco Hazelnut Torte (which you can get at P160), is a full-bodied tea infused with roasted hazelnut and chocolate, then topped with Salted Cream and a whole nutty Magnum Almond bar.

At P150, you can get the Magnum Cafe Classico, which is a classic, strong, and aromatic cafe latte that’s finished off with a layer of Wintermelon Cream and topped with a whole bar of Magnum Classic ice cream.

Then there’s the Magnum Winter Nutcracker, which you can get for only P160. It’s made with fragrant and light wintermelon tea and then topped with a smooth layer of Salted Cream and a whole Magnum Almond ice cream bar.

Bestsellers in Moonleaf Tea

Moonleaf Wintermelon Milk Tea
Moonleaf Wintermelon Milk Tea

Wintermelon Milk Tea

Moonleaf’s Wintermelon Milk Tea is one of the crowd-favorites ever since Moonleaf first set up shop in the Philippines. The wintermelon brings a bright sweetness that blends well with the milk’s creamy texture. Underneath are chewy moon pearls — Moonleaf’s boba pearls — which are a welcome texture change amidst the drink’s creaminess. You can grab this beverage at P95 to P105 for the regular or large size, respectively.

There are other milk tea shops that you can choose from that has wintermelon milk tea as well! You can also try Coco Tea, Macau Tea, and Chatime.

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Moonleaf Eats

In selected branches, Moonleaf also offers snacks for the hungry ones. They have ramen, pizza, fries, and takoyaki. Our top pick for snacks though is their takoyaki!




Who doesn’t like takoyaki? Moonleaf’s takoyaki offerings are hot and freshly cooked every time. It’s topped with Moonleaf’s special sauce and other usual takoyaki accouterments, such as bonito flakes and nori. The refreshing spice and bold flavors of the takoyaki are perfect to balance the sweetness and creaminess of Moonleaf’s beverage offerings.

Moonleaf Delivery

If you’re too busy to get out and get your favorite Moonleaf beverage, or if you simply want to avoid the crowds, you may have it delivered straight to your door. Moonleaf is offered through popular delivery services like GrabFood, Foodpanda, and Pickaroo. These apps are available for both Android and iOS devices to download and use.

About Moonleaf Tea Shop in the Philippines

The first Moonleaf, which opened in 2010, was a modest store on Magiting St., a sub-street of Maginhawa, with just a couple of tables and six chairs. How it was named has an actually interesting backstory.

They started with the term “leaf,” which is the major element in milk tea, and then paired it with other words. They then landed on the word ‘Moon’, as inspired by the ‘Star’ in a certain coffee shop giant. Now, this fast-growing franchise has over 60 branches nationwide, with locations in Metro Manila, Cebu, Iloilo, to General Santos, and Zamboanga.

Talk To Moonleaf Filipino Staff

Want to know more about the Moonleaf menu in the Philippines? Send their staff a message on social media:

Otherwise, you can find a Moonleaf near you by using their store locator or send them a message through their website.

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