Burger King Store In The Philippines

Burger King Menu

Burger King Philippines has many different tasty burgers to choose from. You can get the Classic Whopper, Cheeseburger, and many more burgers on their menu.

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Starbucks Store In The Philippines

Starbucks Menu

Starbucks Philippines offers some of the best coffee, frappuccinos, drinks, and many other food for your to enjoy. It’s become a very popular coffee shop in the Philippines.

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Bonchon Chicken Store In The Philippines

BonChon Menu

BonChon Chicken is one of the Philippines favourite fried chicken restaurants. Their menu is filled with tasty meals that everyone will enjoy.

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Yellow Cab Store In The Philippines

Yellow Cab Pizza Menu

Shakeys Pizza is one of the most popular pizza restaurants in the Philippines. They make amazing pizza and chicken and have a range of pasta and group meals as well.

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Kfc Store In The Philippines

KFC Menu

KFC has some of the best fried chicken in the Philippines. But, there are many other delicious food to choose from on the Philippine’s KFC menu as well.

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Mcdonald's Store In The Philippines

McDo Menu (McDonald’s)

McDonald’s, or McDo as many Filipino call it, is one of the most popular fast food restaurants in the Philippines. They have many burgers and other food items to choose from on the menu.

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