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Krispy Kreme Menu

Krispy Kreme Menu

One of the most well-known brands in the Philippines is Krispy Kreme. Many  Filipino families commemorate every event with a different type of Krispy Kreme doughnut. People are willing to stand in line for long periods to receive their orders. They’d hover uncomfortably over other (eating) customers in their desire to get a table.

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Moonleaf Menu Cover

Moonleaf Tea Menu

Filipinos love their milk tea. Young or old, from all walks of life, it’s one of the sought-after beverages by most.  Not only that, but the whole experience of getting your beverage is a nice journey, from choosing the flavor, the sinkers, and the sugar level.

There are tons of shops that have opened all across the country, but Moonleaf has always been one of the firsts. Let’s sneak a peek at some items on the Moonleaf menu.

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Jco Menu Cover

JCo Menu

JCo Donuts & Coffee, colloquially known just as JCo, is a delicious donut and coffee brand that can be seen at most major locations. Here’s a quick peek at what the JCo Donuts menu has to offer for its customers.

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Chachago Menu Cover

Chachago Menu

To say that Filipinos enjoy milk tea would be an understatement. The Philippines has officially adopted the beverage as an everyday feel-good staple, thanks to its cold, great taste, and fun, delectable sinkers like soft pearls, pudding, jelly, and even ice cream.

Milk tea stores have sprouted up left and right around the country, including Chachago. Let’s have a look at some of the Chachago menu items.

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Chatime Menu Cover

Chatime Menu

It’s no secret that the Filipino people love their milk tea. Students, workers, moms, kids, dads — all have learned to love this refreshing beverage. The experience is also a huge draw, as you can customize drinks how you want for every visit.

There have been numerous stores opened across the country, but Chatime has always been one of the very first. Let’s have a look at some of the Chatime menu selections.

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Lola Nena

Lola Nena’s Menu

Lola Nena’s has been operating since 2012 and has many locations all around the metro. It has a reputation for producing irresistible sweets and has become the “go-to” spot for many individuals to satiate their merienda cravings. Here’s a quick peek at what’s in store at Lola Nena’s Menu.

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